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Not to be confused with Zoei

Zoey is Papa's Boutiqueria's worker with Daniel. She is Deniecent's best friend.

Zoey's also one of the Beach Buckers story's main characters.

At Papa's Falafelia, she's a Holiday Customer (Valentine's Day) so she unlocked on Rank 16.

At Papa's Parkeria, Zoey unlocked at Day 2.

At Papa & Mama Louie Adventures she unlocked at start.

Survivor: Madamadamadamada

She is a contestant on Meandcrazy's gameshow's first season, Survivor: Madamadamadamada. She was placed on the Alapapa tribe.


Episode 1

Zoey started the game on the Alapapa tribe. Right off the bat Charlie and Mallory were pissed off by Zoey's bossy attitude during the shelter building. Kaitekai bonded with Zoey, however, and so did Raina. Alapapa lost the first immunity challenge largely thanks to Charlie. At tribal council, Charlie threw Zoey's name up on the chopping block. This angered Zoey even more and she told Raina, Kaitekai and Elliot to vote for Charlie. Kaitekai and Elliot obeyed, however Raina did not immediately obey, creating a 3-3 tie between Zoey and Charlie. On the revote Raina flipped back to Zoey's side and voted out Charlie.

Episode 2

Alapapa came back from tribal council after voting out Charlie. Zoey got mad at Mallory for voting against her, which caused Mallory to get angry and target Zoey in retaliation. Raina saw this fight as an opportunity to blindside Mallory shall they go to tribal council. At the reward/immunity challenge, Zoey was the last swimmer for Alapapa. They finished first place on the challenge because Mallory was able to solve the puzzle quicker than Jill or Eggy. Alapapa got the chance to send someone to Exile Island and they chose Eggy. Back at camp, Mallory was excited about being the cause of win for Alapapa. Zoey, however, did not like her actions and agreed with Raina to target Mallory shall they go to tribal council.

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Zoey's Voting History
Episode Zoey's Votes Votes Against Zoey
1 Charlie; Ineligible Charlie, Mallory, Raina;


2 Alapapa Tribe Immune

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