NOTICE: If you would like to use this character in your game, story, etc., please LET CURE KOHAKU know first. For games, she'll help pick out Yume's order. Thank you!

Yume is a female customer created by Cure Kohaku, and is her persona.


  • Hometown: Oniontown
  • Loves: Bubble Tea
  • Hates: Spiders
  • Occupation: High School Student

Yume's a bubbly girl who is an anime fanatic and especially loves magical girls. She is a busy high school student, but in her spare time, she writes her own stories, draws digital art, plays video games, and goes out to eat some of her favorite foods. Yume hides several secrets that she refuses to tell anyone except her boyfriend, Asahi, who she's been dating.


Yume has fair skin and shoulder-length, wavy light brown hair. She wears a small teal bow in her hair, and wears pink eyeshadow. She wears a long-sleeved teal hoodie, a blue skirt, and pink-and-white sneakers. Around her neck is a small necklace with a single white bead, and she wears white armbands under her sweatshirt.

During Summer Luau, Yume wears a teal tank top with small blue waves on the bottom, with a short-sleeved yellow jacket over it. She wears white wristbands, teal sunglasses, and a tan straw hat. She wears dark blue shorts and teal-and-yellow shoes. Her eyeshadow is now gone.

During Halloween, Yume dresses up as a magical girl.


Items unlocked with her


  • Her birthday is July 12.
  • She's based off of Cure Kohaku herself.
  • Yume is a Japanese name meaning "dream".


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