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Yume is a female customer created by Cure Kohaku, and is her persona.


  • Hometown: Oniontown
  • Loves: The Unordinary
  • Hates: Spiders
  • Occupation: High School Student

A quirky, strange girl who's a bit of an outcast, Yume is very moody and seems to switch from one personality to the next in a mere second. She's much more intelligent than she looks, and while she can be mischievous, Yume tries her best to be kind to everyone. Yume's an avid fan of murder mysteries, as well as playing games and drawing in her spare time.


Yume has fair skin and shoulder-length, wavy light brown hair. She wears a small teal bow in her hair, and wears pink eyeshadow. She wears a long-sleeved teal hoodie, a blue skirt, and pink-and-white sneakers. Around her neck is a small necklace with a single white bead, and she wears white armbands under her sweatshirt.

During Summer Luau, Yume wears a teal tank top with small blue waves on the bottom, with a short-sleeved yellow jacket over it. She wears white wristbands, teal sunglasses, and a tan straw hat. She wears dark blue shorts and teal-and-yellow shoes. Her eyeshadow is now gone.

During Halloween, Yume dresses up as a detective.

Survivor: Jostin

Yume got off to a strong start, forming a 5-person alliance called The Dominators with Rebecca, Toni, Leann and Ashlea. She also made a final 2 deal with Leann. When the alliance crumbled after Rebecca's, Ashlea's and Toni's blindsides, Yume and Leann aligned with Caleb D and Shiloa to form the Ice Quattro. The alliance controlled the next two votes, taking out Jola and Ryan. This led Yume to make it to the merge without any votes cast against her. After Lia's blindside, Yume and Leann got blindsided as Leann was voted out. This led Yume to realign with Christensen and take Jacqui out. After Christensen foolishly gave up immunity to Yume, she blindsided her out of the game. Yume was able to win the next two immunity challenges to get herself to the end. She was able to break up the duo of Caleb D and Shiloa with the help of Hyper Green Fan. When facing the jury, Yume carefully explained her game to the jury, who appreciated her gameplay and awarded her the win with all 7 jury votes.

Voting History

Yume's Voting History
Episode Yume's
Voted Against
1 Mackenzie -
2 Daniel -
3 Magi Tribe Immune
4 Harry -
5 Harry -
6 Magi Tribe Immune
7 Jola -
8 Ryan -
9 Ryan -
10 Lia -
11 Lia -
12 Lia -
13 Jacqui -
Jacqui -
14 Christensen Individual Immunity
15 Caleb D Individual Immunity
Shiloa Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Yume
Azulai, Caleb D, Christensen
Jacqui, Leann, Lia, Shiloa
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Items unlocked with her


  • Her birthday is on July 12.
  • She's based off of Cure Kohaku herself.
  • Yume is the first castaway in Meandcrazy's Flipverse Survivor history to receive individual immunity from another castaway.
  • Yume is currently the only castaway in Meandcrazy's Flipverse Survivor history to play a Perfect Game.
  • Yume is a Japanese name meaning "dream".

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