Wylan Bombolony, also known as Wylan B, is a male customer created by Flipline Studios. He made his first appearance in Papa's Sushiria.

Flipdeck Info

  • Occupation: Student
  • Loves: Rap Battles
  • Hates: Roller Coasters

Wylan B is a high school kid who grew up in Sakura Bay. He recently had to move to Powder Point with his dad who received a new job. Although they get along at home, Wylan would be mortified if his new classmates knew his dad was their principal at Cornelius Central High. In order to keep that a secret, Wylan Bombolony simply goes by the name Wylan B. To impress the kids at school, he started practicing breakdancing and freestyle rap. Unfortunately, Wylan still has a ways to go before people take him seriously.

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