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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Updated Logo.png
Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
New Year (all except Freezeria DELUXE and Goods Mia)
Lunar New Year (Freezeria DELUXE)
TBD (Goods Mia)
St. Paddy's Day (all except Curry Mia!, Papa's/Mama's Frogurteria, Scooperia Refined, Burritoria (NixoKnight) and Freezeria 2 Go!)
Holi (Curry Mia!, Papa's/Mama's Frogurteria, Scooperia Refined and Freezeria 2 Go!)
Lucky Lucky Matsuri (Burritoria (NixoKnight))
Unlocked With
Rob C. (Cheeseria 2)
Prudence and Pickle (Squeezeria)
Evie (Cookieria)
Nestor (Cakeria/HD, Brownie Mia!, Nachoria)
Jackson (Popsicleria, Roasteria)
Monica (Magicalria, Waffle Mia!)
Shawna (Donuteria 2)
Cupid (Saladeria, Boutiqueria, Parkeria, Papa's/Mama's Frogurteria, Breakfasteria)
Rafael (Sushiria Deluxe)
Samurai (Curry Mia!)
Marissa (Meateria)
Lovie (Pizzeria Deluxe, Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
Fowlwing (Scooperia Refined)
Scarlett (Burritoria (NixoKnight), Freezeria 2 Go!)

Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated in various games. The following characters make their first appearance as well:

Customers who favor this holiday

  • Monica (Magicalria, Waffle Mia!, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined, Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
  • Lilli (Magicalria, Hamburgeria)
  • Chloe (Magicalria)
  • Juniper (Magicalria)
  • Kylie (Magicalria)
  • Macy (Magicalria)
  • Marco (Magicalria)
  • Mary (Magicalria)
  • Blossom (Waffle Mia!)
  • Fowlwing (Waffle Mia!, Sushiria Deluxe, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined, Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
  • Peach (Waffle Mia!)
  • Trinity (Waffle Mia! Curry Mia!)
  • Tori (Waffle Mia!)
  • Mosia Pol (Waffle Mia!)
  • Alicia (Hamburgeria)
  • Buta (Hamburgeria, Parkeria)
  • Ethan (Hamburgeria)
  • Kassie (Hamburgeria)
  • Mandy (Hamburgeria)
  • Cupid (Saladeria, Boutiqueria, Parkeria)
  • Zoey (Parkeria)
  • Phineas (Parkeria)
  • Rafael (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Samantha (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Tess (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Ursula (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Vincent (Sushiria Deluxe, Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
  • Celica (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Alden (Curry Mia!)
  • Erika (Curry Mia!)
  • Samurai (Curry Mia!)
  • Nestor (Curry Mia!, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined)
  • Jackson (Curry Mia!, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined, Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
  • Papa Lewis (Curry Mia!)
  • Lovie (Pizzeria Deluxe, Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
  • Cinbara (Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined)
  • Robin (Pizzeria Deluxe)
  • Squall (Pizzeria Deluxe)
  • Jeffe (Scooperia Refined)
  • Crystal (Scooperia Refined)
  • Denmark (Scooperia Refined)
  • Buru (Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
  • Klein (Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
  • Nori (Sushiria Deluxe Refined)

Holiday Ingredients

Papa's Parkeria

Papa's Boutiqueria

  • Hearts Tank (Rank 51)
  • Heart Hat (Rank 52)
  • Cowboy H(e)a(r)t (Rank 53)
  • Heart Shoes (Rank 54)
  • Holiday Heart T-shirt (Rank 55)

Papa's Cakeria

Papa's Cakeria HD

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe

Papa's Curry Mia!

Papa's Pizzeria Deluxe

Papa's Scooperia Refined

Papa's Frogurteria

Papa's Burritoria

  • Beet Tortilla (Unlocked with Scarlett on Rank 6)
  • Anticucho (Unlocked on Day 2 of Valentine's Day)
  • Sundried Tomatoes (Unlocked with Vicky on Rank 7)
  • Strawberry Vinaigrette (Unlocked on Day 4 of Valentine's Day)
  • Heart Crisp (Unlocked with Amy on Rank 8)

Mama's Breakfasteria

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe Refined

Mama's Frogurteria

Holiday Costumes

Mama's Holiday Exclusive Music

  • Deadly Love
  • By My Side
  • Tonight