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Happy Halloween Month!

Wiki Inactivity

You likely have noticed that the wiki has seen a sharp decline in activity over the past few weeks. The number of has declined greatly (until yesterday, where Fanofkinopio pleasantly surprised us). Also, the WAM score of this wiki declined to 4103 on October 1. This is the lowest score that has been recorded on this wiki since August 2018. On a good note, that shows how well this wiki has been doing over the past year, so good job!
As for the recent wiki inactivity, there's really not much we can do. Everyone's busy with something or the other, so as a result, the activity here has declined. Remember, don't feel obliged to edit here. Just make sure to let me know if you're going to be inactive for a long period of time so I don't get worried. :)
If you haven't already, please vote in this poll regarding your editing.

Here's a broad overview of what's happened on Fandom in the past two weeks:

WAM Scores since the last wiki update.

  • Sep. 21: 2389
  • Sep. 22: 2280
  • Sep. 23: 2633
  • Sep. 24: 3046
  • Sep. 25: 3297
  • Sep. 26: 3335
  • Sep. 27: 3029
  • Sep. 28: 3147
  • Sep. 29: Unknown
  • Sep. 30: 4098
  • Oct. 01: 4103
  • Oct. 02: 3833
  • Oct. 03: 3640
  • Oct. 04: 3705

AVERAGE: 3271.92 (average decrease of 784.13 compared to the two weeks from September 7 - September 20)

Represents the highest WAM score over the two weeks.
Represents the lowest WAM score over the two weeks.

FCT20 Nominations

The official nominations for the Fandom Customers Tournament 2020 will begin on November 2. Remember, to participate in the nominations, you must make ten helpful contributions to the wiki by November 2.

FCT20 Dates

Luis and I have finalized the dates for the Fandom Customers Tournament 2020. The tournament will begin on May 24, 2020, and will end on August 7, 2020. If any changes are made to these dates, we will notify you.

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