November Wiki Updates

Brr, getting cold here :(

Games Template

The Games Template has been removed from all the games pages on the wiki. In the next few weeks, I will be adding the updated version of the template back onto the games pages. So don’t worry about the template disappearing. It will come back soon.


The favicon has been changed to a Chocolate Acorn. (credit to Jyappeul for the idea) It will stay a Chocolate Acorn until December 1. The theme has also changed to the Thanksgiving theme, which will stay until Thanksgiving is over next week.

High WAM Scores

Again, the wiki reached a WAM score that hasn’t been seen for around 2 years. On November 16, a score of 1612 was reached, which is excellent, and only 500 away from our record. 500 places is a big jump for the wiki, but it is possible. Keep up the good work on Flipline Fan Customers Wiki!

Kassie Macabre Demoted

I contacted FANDOM Staff on November 7 asking them to demote Kassie Macabre, as that was what the users on this wiki favored. Kirkburn agreed to the request, so he demoted Kassie Macabre back to a regular user. The next bureaucrat that will likely get demoted is CoolProDude10986 due to inactivity.

FCT19 Nominations

The Fandom Customers Tournament 2019 nominations have ended! 60 customers were submitted by 10 users. I have chosen the 16 customers that will represent Flipline Fan Customers Wiki in the tournament, which begins on February 4, 2019. Customers by 9 different users made it into the tournament, which is a very good mix! I have given the customers to Luis, who will finish putting together the tournament in the next few months. As February gets closer, I will be announcing more information and rules about the tournament.

Tasks for Weeklings

If you would like to participate in the Tasks for Weeklings challenge, please visit this forum thread for more information. You don’t gain or lose anything by winning or losing the challenge. It’s just for fun, so we encourage you to sign up! If it’s a success, we may do it again in the future. The challenge begins on November 24, so you have until then to sign up. Note that we’re not calling any user a weakling, the competition name is just meant to be funny.

Featured Poll

Which March holiday on the wiki do you like best?

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Random Poll

Rain or Snow?

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