Hey, everyone, we've got some news from the Flipverse's resident food critic, Jojo! In Papa's Stirfryeria as in all other games since Taco Mia, Jojo's Blue Ribbon will boost the amount of Tips you get from customers. This time, however, Jojo will be offering three kinds of ribbons to amp up your Stirfryeria experience! Read the daily paper's "Help Wanted" column to find small Critic Quests that you can do. These quests can be anything from "Serve 3 customers outside" to "Serve 5 orders with Steak" to "Get a perfect score".

If you complete enough of these Quests, it will certainly catch Jojo's attention, and soon he'll show up with either a Red Ribbon or a Yellow Ribbon in hand! The Red Ribbon increases the amount of Points you get from good orders. The Yellow Ribbon gives certain customers an extra Customer Star! So keep checking that mailbox, keep doing those Critic Quests, and embrace the power of the Three Ribbons! Papa's Stirfryeria will be available for PCs, tablets, and phones October 17th, 2018.

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