Hello eveyone! Its me, Clony. For the next sneak peek, i decided to hold a event. Today I'll reveal the storyline of Papa's Slushiria! But what's the event, you ask? I'm talking about (Drumroll, please)...

A Comment Event!


It's simple, I'll reveal a part of the storyline when this blog reaches a required amount of comments, which must be #SlushCrime. Now, when someone comments more than once, yes, they will count. BUT, the maximum amount of comments from the same person is 10. Also, the main antagonist is no other than Guy Mortadello, looking for revenge.

Good luck, I'm going to eat a pizza. :)


Intro: Guy's Revenge

Part 1

The worker just moved to Icy Cove. People come here no matter where they are to this legendary beach famous for its perfect tans. So its no wonder he/she was lucky enough to buy the last condo (They sell out quickly!). But your happy stay will soon take a surprising turn...

Part 2

He/She is sleeping, but at 5:00 am the worker hears some giggles, glass breaking, a man screaming, some more giggles, and someone running away with a bag of cash. It sounded like it came from Papa's Slushiria, a restaurant Papa Louie opened the day before you moved to Icy Cove. The worker goes to see what happend, and what he/she finds is suprising...

Part 3

Revealed at 15 comments

Part 4

Revealed at 20 comments

Part 5

Revealed at 30 comments


Mid-game (Rank 35): The Ballad of Mr. Montego Part 1

Revealed at 40 comments

Ending Part 1: The Ballad of Mr. Montego Part 2

Revealed at 50 comments

Ending Part 2: Order in the Court!

Revealed at 75 comments

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