Hello! This is The Waffle Bot, a bot owned and operated by JK55556. This bot is used for operating the CategoryRenameAuto-Update tool, the MassCategorization tool, the AutoEditPages tool, and the many tools that AutoWikiBrowser has.

  • CategoryRenameAuto-Update - This tool lets you change the name of a category on all the pages it is on, in just a few seconds! By the rules of Flipline Studios Fanon Wiki, a bot must used to operate this tool. If you don't own a bot, you can ask someone to do it for you!
  • MassCategorization - This tool lets you add categories to pages and delete them, all in a few seconds. Again, a bot must be used to operate this.
  • AutoEditPages - This tool lets you edit many pages at once to add information to the beginning or end of the page. It also can remove templates from many pages at once. A bot must be used to operate this tool.
  • AutoWikiBrowser - This program provides a variety of tools that can be used, such as fixing grammar errors and replacing/adding/removing categories.

Please contact JK if you would like this bot to help do something quickly. Thanks!

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