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  • I was born on September 3
  • My occupation is High School Student, Munchmore Environmentalist, Ethologist & Adventurer.
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  • Bio Livin' life on my own terms!
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Hello! I'm RudyTheRockstar aka Drazel. You can talk to me about anything, I'll be glad to converse with you.

I live in The Rudy's Palace near Greasy Gear Garage, 1211 Waffle Street, The Maple Mt foothills, Powder Point.


People on the discord often call me as Drazel. I've been using that name since two weeks, and now I'm in love with that name. This name is a combination of Drakson and Liezel [both are my favorite characters] Idk why but I feel that it is a Dragon based name.

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The best place to contact me is on my Message Wall. Mail me on:

You can talk to me on discord as well: RudyTheRockstar#8398

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Quotes I Love!

  • "Be The Reason, For Someone's Smile!"
  • "Truth is like a surgery. It hurts but cures. Lie is like a pain killer. It gives instant relief but has side effects forever."

Flipline Addicts

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Flipline Addicts is a discord server founded in August 2020, where users enjoy a variety of fan games and tournaments. It has accumulated more than 50 users. It was founded by PastaIsLife101 and RudyTheRockstar.

Everyone is welcome to our server.

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|-| My Friends! = Note: The usernames are arranged alphabetically.

Username Name Where did we meet? Other Names
AnimatronixXD Instagram
Cuong1982 FSW Drama Watcher
Cutterfish12345 FSFW Me
Dlsja FSW
Fanofkinopio Andy FSFW
Guave200 Samey FSFW
IshaanWikiMaster Ishaan FSW
JK55556 FSW Canyon/Cryptonite
JoelPalencia12 Lorenz FSFW Joel
Jyappeul FSFW
Lapis Lacooli Lacooli FSW Lapis
LuisAngel01 Luis FSFW
Masterafly FSW
Matty FSW BloodyBlink
PastaIsLife101 Blake Discord Chemically Formatted
The_music_star Forum Stormzee

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