This article focuses on what are and aren't "valid reasons" for editing Fanofkinopio's pages. If you have any questions please ask Fanofkinopio.

All pages by Fanofkinopio will have the following message that will stalk follow you around regardless if you're on the top/bottom of the page: NOTE: Please read this to understand valid and invalid reasons for editing this page. Thank you and and have fun on the wiki! Therefore, there should be no excuse if you attempt to break an invalid reason.

These rules also apply to all templates and subpages created by Fanofkinopio.

You may edit, but only for...

  • Spelling/grammatical errors that is incorrect in both Australian/British and American English. (e.g. It's fluffy ears look cute. → Its fluffy ears look cute.)
  • Reverting vandalism
  • Removing unnecessary content/trivia (see below)
  • Adding relevant trivia
  • Fixing a broken link that links to an already made page on this wiki
  • Adding content such as "Items unlocked with him/her" or "Favourite Holidays"
  • Adding confirmed holiday ingredients to the holiday page
  • Fixing a broken table/template/whatever on the page
  • Changing links that redirect from a Toadandysugar page
  • Adding necessary categories

You may not edit for the following reasons:

  • Vandalism
    • This includes spamming letters and/or words, blanking a page, unnecessary trivia/content (e.g. "He orders two cherries" or stating in the trivia something that appeared earlier on the page), random categories, profanity, duplicate pictures etc..
  • Changing Australian/British English to American English (e.g. Changing flavour to flavor).
  • Adding customer orders from one of Fanofkinopio's games without permission.
  • Adding unapproved customers to a gameria.
  • Listing extra ingredients/specials/holidays etc. without permission.
  • Changing FFCW abbrieviations to FSFW. Despite the wiki name change, I will still call this wiki (abbrieviated) as FFCW on pages and message walls unless you joined this wiki after 8th March 2019 (this part only applies to messages).
  • Deliberately making grammatical errors.


  • All other rules of FFCW apply to Fanofkinopio's pages.
  • Fanofkinopio will always assume good faith for your edits (unless you are a sockpuppet, troller etc.). However, more than two infractions will result in possible rule breaks.
    • Pretty much the only rule that isn't in the FFCW rules is the American/Australian rule and the FFCW rule. However, they are not very hard to breach as it is mainly the ingredients pages/games with ingredients that don't have American English and FSF also isn't difficult to breach.
  • No copy-pasting-changing-to-suit-my-needs of Fanofkinopio's work anywhere, unless you have been given permission BY FANOFKINOPIO to do so. This includes: a game but change the customer names and nothing else, copying and pasting Template:Fanofkinopio's Fanons without permission (I did JK's navbox, but only because he asked for it), any of my notices (e.g. Completed Fanon, Discontinued etc).
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