Tia is a female customer created by JK55556. She lives in the rocky town of Rockville and works part-time at the Whimsical Wedding Center in Sealand. Her main job is the female worker in Papa's Squeezeria.

Survivor: Madamadamadamada

She is a contestant on Meandcrazy's gameshow's first season, Survivor: Madamadamadamada. She was placed on the Maddi tribe.


Episode 1

Tia started on the Maddi tribe. When her tribe was putting the shelter together, Jill noticed that Ikebana was missing. She and Jill went to check out if Ikebana was looking for the idol. They were confirmed by Ikebana being spooked after they arrived. Jill and Tia then went to tell the men of the tribe about Ikebana's idol hunt. Maddi placed second on the first immunity challenge, keeping Tia safe. After the challenge, Jill and Tia bonded and considered making an alliance. Meanwhile, the men went to look for the idol, which would be found by Laci.

Episode 2

At the beginning, Jill and Tia form an alliance, "The Endtakers", and agree to target the lone outsider Ikebana. Meanwhile, the men are considering taking out either Jill or Tia shall they go to tribal council. Tia was seen in the swimming portion of the challenge. Maddi finished second place due to Jill solving the puzzle quicker than Eggy, sending Dream to tribal council. Back at camp, Mex apologized for his poor performance at the challenge. However, Jill and Tia did not trust him, causing the men to target them over the lone outsider Ikebana.

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Tia's Voting History
Episode Tia's Votes Votes Against Tia
1 Maddi Tribe Immune
2 Maddi Tribe Immune

Items unlocked with her

Experience as a contestant in Hashtags 2019

  • Status: Winner
  • Place: 1st
  • Title: “Banquets Sweety by JK”


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