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FullSizeRender (3).jpg This project Sweet and Salty Travels can be considered a completed fanon, but new updates and elements will be added to this project over time.

Sweet and Salty Travels, often abbreviated to S&S Travels or SST, is a game created by Fanofkinopio, published on mobile devices for free, with in-app purchases. James and Mia, Fanofkinopio's two submissions from RudyTheRockstar's Fanon Customers Championship tournament will debut in this game. The game is part one of a two-part celebration celebrating 3 years since Fanofkinopio has joined FFCW (now known as Flipline Studios Fanon Wiki).


Sweet and Salty Travels is an action role-playing game using touch controls, where characters attack enemies (predominantly from the Papa Louie games) with melee or ranged attacks of different elements that are weaker and stronger against other ones. Characters can also unleash special skills known as a Frenzy after filling up a gauge, which can severely damage enemies for a short period of time. The game is available in single player and multiplayer modes.

Characters are obtained through events, the main campaign or through summoning. Summoning follows a gacha system with three rarities of characters: 3 star, 4 star and 5 star. Players can summon once through a currency known as Crystals, where 120 Crystals earns one summon and 1,200 Crystals earns 10 summons. Summons can also be done through the use of Summon Tickets or Tenfold Summon Tickets, items that can perform summons without spending Crystals. After 100 summons without a 5 star, a 5 star character will be obtained in the next summoning session.

Characters can be upgraded through a level up system (max level is 80) by defeating enemies or using shards as well as unlocking buffs by progressing through chains, where each chain enhances HP/Strength or upgrades a skill. A chain can only be unlocked in order and each adventurer has 50 chains. The last 5 chains can only be unlocked by using Star Triangles.

Weapons can also be crafted in the armoury. These can increase a character's might and often provide useful buffs to the user. They can be upgraded with shards.


There are 5 elements in the game: Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark. The elements form a rock-paper-scissors kind of element advantage, with fire beating wind, wind beating water and water beating fire. Additionally, light is effective against dark and dark is also effective against light.


Image Name Description
SST Crystal.png Crystal A crystal used to summon characters to join your barracks! 120 Crystals are required to perform one summon, and 1,200 Crystals are required to perform ten summons.
Gem.png Gem Gems are used to promote characters to the next highest rarity. 2,000 Gems are required to promote a 3 star to a 4 star and 20,000 Gems are required to promote a 4 star to a 5 star.
Fire Orb.png
Water Orb.png
Wind Orb.png
Light Orb.png
Dark Orb.png
Orbs Used to upgrade characters, with the orb's colour matching the character's element colour. The primary currency in the game.
SST Gold.png Gold Used for a variety of things, including upgrading characters, forging weapons, purchasing items and more.
Gold Shard.png
Silver Shard.png
Old Shard.png
Shards Shards can be used to level up weapons and characters. Old Shards grant 150 EXP, Silver Shards grant 1,500 EXP and Gold Shards grant 3,500 EXP.
Star Triangle.png Star Triangle Star Triangles are used to unlock the last 5 chains of a character.


Image Name Description
Easter Basket.png Easter Basket Restores 30 Stamina, for use when entering a battle.
Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket Performs 1 summon without the use of crystals.
Tenfold Summon Ticket.png Tenfold Summon Ticket Performs 10 summons without the use of crystals
More coming soon


In the shop, players can purchase items or bundles for real money. Daily, an item summon can be performed for free, giving ten random items. Afterwards, item summons will cost Crystals.

Types of battle maps

  • Story: Follow the main story whilst earning Crystals and obtaining free characters.
  • Event: Battles or a series of battle maps that only appear for a short period of time.
  • Upgrade: These maps allow characters to obtain upgrade items such as gems, gold and shards.
  • Arena: In live online play, players can battle each other to defeat as many enemies as they can within the time limit. Ranks and rewards are available through this mode.


This game will receive constant updates over time, adding new characters, events and gameplay changes (so far).

v1.7.0: 1 January 2021

  • Happy New Year! An exclusive log-in bonus and exclusive New Year's events is now live!
  • New limited time characters (Ebisu and Daikokuten) and alts (Bob, Marilyn and Laine) celebrating the new year have arrived! Obtain them from the new summoning banner: Foretold Fortunes!
  • New event: Foretold Fortunes!
  • Reworked the Arena. and buffed older units.

v1.6.0: 21 December 2020

  • A limited time Christmas character (Mia) and two permanent Christmas characters (Felix and Noelle) have joined the battle! Obtain them from the new summoning banner: Holiday Cheerers!
  • Part 2 of Ornamental Race is now live!

v1.5.0: 3 December 2020

  • Limited time characters celebrating the festive season have arrived (Aikila, Chance, Eryn and Hoshi)! Obtain them from the new summoning banner: Spreading Smiles and Gifts!
  • New Event: Ornamental Race!
  • Characters from now on will contain two skills instead of three and three passives instead of two. Older characters will still retain their three skills and two passives.
  • Enjoy the fourteen-day calendar which will reward gifts per day! (Lasts until 25th December)
  • BIG SURPRISE awaiting on Christmas Day for all players!

v1.4.0: 9 November 2020

  • New permanent characters have joined the battle (Mitsuba, Scott, Shawn and Young Lewis)! Obtain them from the new summoning banner: Recipe for Disaster!
  • The Customerpalooza Panic event will be here for five more days!
  • A new event, Recipe for Disaster, will come after the Customerpalooza Panic event ends!
  • Added more sorting options for teams and weapons.

v1.3.0: 30 October 2020

  • New permanent characters have joined the battle as a part of a 5 star focus banner (Kerry, Tyler and Beth)! Obtain them from the new summoning banner: Customerpalooza Panic!
  • New event: Customerpalooza Panic!

v1.2.0: 8 October 2020

  • New limited Halloween characters have arrived (Bob, Tammy, James, Onna and Otoko)! Obtain them from the new summoning banner: Trick or Retreat!
  • New event: Trick or Retreat!
  • New permanent characters coming soon!

v1.1.0: 9 September 2020

  • New limited time Maple Mornings characters have arrived (Madeline, Katie and Celeste)! Obtain them from the new summoning banner: A Sticky Situation of Syrup!
  • A new event, Maple Mountain's Menace is here!
  • Monthly bundles have been added to the shop.

v1.0.0: 24 July 2020

  • Game released


  • This is the first game by Fanofkinopio to follow seasons like the North Pole.
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