Survivor: Mystery Vases is the second season of Fanofkinopio's Flipverse Survivor. 20 contestants will be marooned on an island, competing against each other to win the grand prize of $1,000,000.


  • Mystery Vases: At the start of every immunity challenge, the winning team from the previous immunity challenge will be given two vases and have a chance to choose one. One will contain an advantage in the current immunity challenge and the other will contain a disadvantage in the current immunity challenge.
  • Hidden Immunity Idol: A Hidden Immunity Idol is hidden somewhere on both camps (and the camp after the merge). Can only be used at a tribal council before the votes are read, and will negate all votes against the Hidden Immunity Idol user. Lasts for one tribal council only.
  • Vote Steal: This advantage can be played at a tribal council before voting. As the name implies, the user can steal a vote from someone else so they can vote twice.
  • Tribe Expansion: When there are 15 contestants remaining, a third tribe will be introduced and five random members will join the new tribe.
  • Merge and Jury: Like the previous season, there will be a merge when ten castaways remain with seven jury members.


Castaway Original Tribe Expanded Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes Against
Sandra Joh Label.png Sandra Joh
22, Ioro, TI
Beach Volleyball Player
Urðr 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Adam Cary Label.png Adam Cary
21, Sugar, MS
Law Student
Angela Tan Label.png Angela Tan
35, Sugar, MS
Bethany Creek Label.png Bethany Creek
26, New Fork City, FT
Year 5 teacher
Bianca Fraser Label.png Bianca Fraser
34, Calphy, DK
Derrick Greenlake Label.png Derrick Greenlake
41, Faye, MS
Devin Blaker Label.png Devin Blaker
27, Ioro, TI
Professional Video Gamer
Fiona Lim Label.png Fiona Lim
23, Kyandy, FT
Medical Student
John Frederick Label.png John Frederick
52, Sugar, MS
Relay Swimmer
Percy Smith Label.png Percy Smith
39, Calphy, DK
English Teacher
Sarah Gally Label.png Sarah Gally
34, New Fork City, FT
Yoga Instructor
Andy Survivor Label.png Andy
Andy's Palace, FT
Urðr 1
Charlie Bay Label.png Charlie Bay
26, Sugar, MS
Animal Trainer
Eric Lee Label.png Eric Lee
37, Ioro, TI
Newspaper Agent
Jamie Turn Label.png Jamie Turn
24, Sugar, Denka
Lily Tran Label.png Lily Tran
31, New Saigon, FT
Finance Manager
Urðr 4
Lucy Spencer Label.png Lucy Spencer
24, New Fork City, FT
Professional Dancer
Phillip Jackson Label.png Phillip Jackson
61, Sugar, MS
Store Clerk
Sakura Hana Label.png Sakura Hana
23, Sugar, MS
Calligraphy Artist
Selena O'Neill Label.png Selena O'Neill
28, Ioro, TI
Swimming Instructor

Season Summary

Episode Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"Small But Deadly" Urðr Skuld Sandra Joh 5-4-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3

Voting History

Survivor: Mystery Vases Voting History
Tribes Original Tribes
Episode #: 1
Voted Out: Sandra Joh BW.png
Vote: 5-4-1
Adam -
Andy Sandra
Angela -
Bethany -
Bianca -
Charlie Sandra
Derrick -
Devin -
Eric Sandra
Fiona -
Jamie Lily
John -
Lily Sandra
Lucy Lily
Percy -
Phillip Andy
Sakura Sandra
Sarah -
Selena Lily
Sandra Lily
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