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Summer Luau
Summer Luau Logo.png
Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Closer Day (Cheeseria 2)
Blooming Flowers Festival (Squeezeria, Theateria)
Cherry Blossom Festival (Cookieria, Sandwicheria, Nachoria, Parkeria, Papa's/Mama's Frogurteria, Cerealria HD, Breakfasteria, and Buneria)
Cinco de Mayo (Cakeria, Popsicleria, Roasteria, Donuteria 2/To Go!, Curry Mia!, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined, Burritoria (NixoKnight), Sushiria Deluxe Refined, Crêperia and Cheeseria SE)
Fashion ShowTime! (Magicalria, Boutiqueria)
Labor Day (Brownie Mia!)
Chilifest (Stirfryeria)
McDonald's Day (Cakeria HD, Waffle Mia!, Sushiria 2)
Fry Fest (Fry Mia!)
OnionFest (Wingeria V.I.P. and Potageria)
Fashion Frenzy (Goods Mia)
Apocalypse (Drinkeria)
Starlight Jubilee (All except Nachoria, Curry Mia!, Stirfryeria, Falafelia, Sushiria 2/HD, Sushiria Deluxe Refined, Hamburgeria, Goods Mia, Buneria, Potageria, Cheeseria SE, the savoury version of Crêperia, Mama's Frogurteria and Drinkeria)
Greekfest (Nachoria)
Starlight BBQ (Sushiria 2, Curry Mia!, Stirfryeria, Burritoria (NixoKnight), Sushiria Deluxe Refined, Wingeria V.I.P., savoury Crêperia)
Starlight Buffalo (Hamburgeria)
Grōōvstock (Goods Mia)
National Chocolate Day (Buneria)
New Year (Cheeseria SE, Potageria)
Lux de Flamma (Mama's Frogurteria, Drinkeria)
Unlocked With
Leonard (Cheeseria 2)
Alicia (Squeezeria)
Savannah (Cookieria, Waffle Mia!, Donuteria 2, Torte Mia!)
Caden (Theateria/To Go!), Cakeria, Popsicleria, Magicalria)
Cure Kohaku (Roasteria. Brownie Mia!, Cakeria HD, Nachoria)
Mo (Theateria HD, Pancakeria 2)
Deniecent (Boutiqueria, Parkeria, Papa's/Mama's Frogurteria, Breakfasteria)
Mae (Freezeria DELUXE, Curry Mia!, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined, (C/M)ocktailera, Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
Lachesis (Sushiria Deluxe)
Myrrh (Pastaria Deluxe)
Yandel (Cerealria HD)
Utah (Burritoria (NixoKnight), Buneria and Potageria)
Angela (Wingeria V.I.P.)
Kahuna (Cheeseria SE)
LePete (Drinkeria)

Summer Luau is a holiday in the Papa Louie time-management games.

Customers who like this holiday

Ingredients unlocked during this holiday

Papa's Frogurteria

Papa's Parkeria

Papa's Boutiqueria

  • Wave Tank (Rank 11 with Deniecent)
  • Crocs (Rank 11)
  • Coconut T-shirt (Rank 12)
  • Hawaiian T-shirt (Rank 12)
  • Hawaiian Flowers Necklace (Rank 12)
  • Hay Hat (Rank 13)
  • Crop Top (Rank 14)
  • Striped Crop Top (Rank 14)
  • Sun Glasses (Rank 15)
  • Beach Bag (Rank 15)

Papa's Cheeseria 2

  • Pineapple (unlocked at Rank 51 with Leonard)
  • Hawaiian Roll (unlocked on Day 2 of Summer Luau)
  • Mango Cream Cheese (unlocked at Rank 52 with Matthew)
  • Calypso Sauce (unlocked on the day after reaching Rank 37)

Papa's Cookieria

Papa's Cakeria

Papa's Cakeria (Meandcrazy)

  • Unknown (Unlocked with TBA at unknown rank)

Papa's Donuteria 2/To Go!

Papa's Curry Mia!

Papa's Stirfryeria

Papa's Pizzeria Deluxe

Papa's Scooperia Refined

Papa's Burritoria (NixoKnight)

  • Coconut Tortilla (Unlocked with Utah on Rank 26)
  • Ahi Tuna (Unlocked on Day 2 of Summer Luau)
  • Pineapple Salsa (Unlocked with Chuck on Rank 27)
  • Calypso Sauce (Unlocked on Day 4 of Summer Luau)
  • Sweet Maui Onion Chips (Unlocked with Nevada on Rank 28)

Papa's (C/M)ocktaileria

Mama's Breakfasteria

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe Refined

Papa's Crêperia

Mama's Frogurteria

Holiday Costumes

Mama's Holiday Exclusive Music

  • Beach Party
  • Summertime, Summer Time!
  • Sunscreen Project No. 3



  • Ironically, all of Fanofkinopio's games celebrate this holiday during Winter (Suðri).
    • However, this is because where Fanofkinopio lives is Winter by the time June comes by.
  • Papa’s Goods Mia is the only game in which this holiday is not celebrated in June, in which it is celebrated in August. This is because June is a Spring month in Creamville.