Sugarplex Film Fest
Sugarplex Filmfest PP
Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Greekfest (Nachoria)
Starlight Jubilee (Cakeria To Go!, Cerealria HD, Marketria)
Starlight BBQ (Suberia)
Maple Mornings (Nachoria, Cerealria HD)
September Fest (Cakeria To Go!)
Big Top Carnival (Suberia)
Comet Con (Marketria)
Unlocked With
Zein (Nachoria)
Yuan (Roasteria)
Cecille (Cakeria To Go!)
Lawrence (Suberia)
Fumiya (Cerealria HD)
Minetta (Marketria)

Sugarplex Film Fest is a holiday celebrated in several gamerias:

Customers Who Favor This Holiday


Papa's Nachoria

  • Parmuzen Nachos (Unlocked on Rank 6 with Zein)
  • Azukia dip (Unlocked on Day 2 of Sugarplex Film Fest)
  • Sliced Momo Bread (Unlocked on Rank 7 with DJ Jose)
  • Savoury Carlca (Unlocked on Day 4 of Sugarplex Film Fest)
  • Cruddian Chutney (Unlocked on Rank 8 with Cecille)

Papa's Roasteria

  • Sauerkraut (Unlocked with Yuan at Rank 61)
  • Roasted Salty Root Beer Cake (Unlocked at 2nd Day of the fest)
  • Popcorn Bed, Spicy Dr. Cherry Sauce (Unlocked with Joshua at Rank 62)
  • Fizzo Gold (Unlocked with Hell at Rank 63)

Papa's Suberia

  • Hollywood Bread (Unlocked on Rank 6 with Lawrence)
  • Cream Cheese (Unlocked on Day 2 of Sugarplex Film Fest)
  • Popcorn (Unlocked on Rank 8 with Allan)
  • Butterzinger Cookie (Unlocked on Day 4 of Sugarplex Film Fest)
  • Nacho Cheese Sauce (Unlocked on Rank 9 with Skyler)


Holiday Costumes

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