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Sugarplex Film Fest
Sugarplex Filmfest PP.png
Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Greekfest (Nachoria/HD/To Go!)
Starlight Jubilee (Cakeria To Go!, Cerealria HD, Marketria)
Starlight BBQ (Suberia)
Cherry Blossom Festival (Skeweria)
Mythic Fair (Drinkeria)
Maple Mornings (Nachoria/To Go!, Cerealria HD)
September Fest (Cakeria To Go!)
Big Top Carnival (Suberia)
Comet Con (Marketria)
Gondola 500 (Nachoria HD)
Fishing Month (Skeweria)
Cat's Day (Drinkeria)
Unlocked With
Zein (Nachoria/HD/To Go!)
Yuan (Roasteria)
Cecille (Cakeria To Go!)
Lawrence (Suberia)
Fumiya (Cerealria HD)
Minetta (Marketria)
Rita (Skeweria)
Boopsy & Bill (Drinkeria)

Sugarplex Film Fest is a holiday celebrated in several gamerias:

Customers Who Favor This Holiday


Papa's Nachoria

Papa's Roasteria

  • Sauerkraut (Unlocked with Yuan at Rank 61)
  • Roasted Salty Root Beer Cake (Unlocked at 2nd Day of the fest)
  • Popcorn Bed, Spicy Dr. Cherry Sauce (Unlocked with Joshua at Rank 62)
  • Fizzo Gold (Unlocked with Hell at Rank 63)

Papa's Suberia

  • Hollywood Bread (Unlocked on Rank 6 with Lawrence)
  • Cream Cheese (Unlocked on Day 2 of Sugarplex Film Fest)
  • Popcorn (Unlocked on Rank 8 with Allan)
  • Butterzinger Cookie (Unlocked on Day 4 of Sugarplex Film Fest)
  • Nacho Cheese Sauce (Unlocked on Rank 9 with Skyler)

Papa's Nachoria HD/To Go!


Holiday Costumes