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Stephanie is a Female customer created by Geillade12.

Info Edit

Hometown: Whiskview
Loves: Key Lime Pie
Hates: Cocky People
Occupation: Baby Sister

Nomination HistoryEdit

Week Votes/Percent Reason Final Position
1 No Nominations
2 37.5% None Nominated
2 points
3 Immune -
4 Immune -
5 Immune -

Trivia Edit

  • Her dress shirt and skirt (except for the fringe) are based on the dress Katy Perry uses on Last Friday Night after her transformation.
  • It is Korean.
  • She's along with: Sanny, Nikki, Georgia and Hwan are the only female characters of Geillade12 that have been dyed hair.
  • Her favorite color is Lime.

Gallery Edit