Spark is a male customer created by JK55556. He first appeared in Papa's Scooperia Deluxe.


  • Hometown - Nachoville
  • Loves - Clocks
  • Hates - Plaque
  • Occupation - Microbiologist

Spark is one of ten microbiologists working in the microbiology division of the Federal Agency of Biological Sciences. He specializes in the studying of bacteria, especially the influenza virus, which is notorious for causing many deaths each winter. In his free time, Spark can be found in the Mystic Viewpoint National Park studying the various animals and plants that can be found there.


Papa's Scooperia Deluxe


  • When JK55556 was originally creating this customer, he was debating whether he should have orange (because his name is Spark) or lime green clothes. (because he favors St. Paddy's Day in Scooperia Deluxe)
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