Songeria Showdown is an RPG and the 27th game created by Fanofkinopio. It was developed by Fanofkinopio Inc. and is available for purchase on the FanofkinopiOS console for $42.99. It was released worldwide on the 7th day of Njörun 2020.


Songeria Showdown opens its story six years before the game's main events. At a concert, Palla, Catria and Est (Three Pegasus Sisters) perform their new single. A mysterious but invisible figure causes everyone in the audience to collapse and Palla, Catria and Est vanishes without a trace. In the present, Woody and his childhood friend Laila, both with ambitions to be part of the entertainment industry, line up at a shopping centre, waiting to audition to be a part of a famous commercial. When they audition, the cameraman appears to nod and whisper to no one. Woody then spots a dark figure roaming around the shopping centre, beginning to kill everyone inside. It is then revealed that the cameraman ordered the figure, known as a Spectre, to kill as many people as possible to seal a powerful spell. The figure then walks into a clothing shop, which contains a teleporter inside. Woody and Laila follows the Spectre, taking them into another dimension. They are both attacked by evil Spectres, and their unknown potential is awakened, granting them the power to fight and defeat these Spectres. The two of them finally encounter the Spectre responsible for killing everyone in the shopping centre, who is aided by the cameraman to kill both of them. However, Woody and Laila successfully slay both of them, causing the cameraman to return to his normal self and restores order in the shopping centre. Leaving the parallel world, Woody encounters Aimee, who understands their powers and offers them both a job at Eyes for Entertainment, so they can forward their entertainment careers and can also help fight off hostile Spectres alongside famous singer Leen. They are aided by Cherie, who is a young child who lost her memories of her past.

Throughout Furu, Spectres possess many different media figureheads, most of which are singers from Papa's Songeria, with these Spectres being revealed to be servants of a greater evil. The group make new allies in the form of Bradley, Cleo and Darwin, all aspiring to become famous singers and actors. Eventually, the group obtain a ring with a green gem, which is able to point to the location, which is then revealed to be the grave of Palla. The gem is able to successfully revive her, and she tells the group that if she was able to be revived, then her sisters could also be revived. The group then search and successfully obtain the other two rings, which revives both Catria and Est. The rings then fuse with each other to form a dragonstone. They take the dragonstone to Cherie, which then restores all of her memories. She reveals to the party that she and the main army responsible for creating hostile Spectres millenniums ago fought for years on end, where she won. The opposing army saw her as a threat to the world, and attempted to kill her, but all their attempts were unsuccessful. She gave birth to twins, where one had the special power that everyone in the group had: the ability to detect and see hostile Spectres. Whilst her offspring weren't able to inherit this trait, Cherie used the soul of the twin to create vessels which all had the trait. This trait was the only way to eliminate all of the hostile Spectres. The losing army quickly found about this as a way of wiping out their race, and vowed for eternity to kill everyone with this trait. The Spectres quickly evolved to be able to release the souls of people, being able to create a spell that can permanently eliminate the trait of having the special eyes. They collected millions of souls over thousands of years to attempt to create the perfect spell, but none were successful. Cherie also reveals that the creator of these Spectres, Shadou is still alive and creating these evil Spectres, and the only way to stop them is to piece together a second dragonstone so that she can bless the party with the power of the Chosen Ones, the only force able to stop Shadou and eliminate all of the hostile Spectres.

The group successfully pieces together the dragonstone, which blesses them with the power of the Chosen Ones, and creates a secret teleporter behind the Eye of Entertainment building, which will teleport them to the realm where Shadou can be found. The group, along with Cherie successfully defeats Shadou.

If all of the gaiden chapters are completed, a secret ending is unlocked where Aimee makes Woody the new manager of Eyes of Entertainment, where he successfully opens up many franchises around the Fanon World.


Songeria Showdown is an RPG with turn-based battles and exploring dungeons. When not in dungeons, the player can explore the city of Furu, interacting with NPC locals and visit shops and buildings. Each dungeon has their own puzzles, pathways and enemies. These enemies take the form of enemies from the Papa Louie Series. In these dungeons, evil Spectres roam around, touching one triggers combat. The player controls Woody, who is armed with a sword which can stun Spectres and gain a small advantage during battle (when touched).


The combat is turn-based and mainly discovering and exploiting enemy weaknesses. Each enemy has weaknesses to a specific magic and weapon type. When two or more allies have skills with the same weapon type and is an enemy's weakness, a Chain Attack will occur, where multiple members of the group can attack at once. As the story and the characters' levels progress, powerful skills called Duets can be unlocked, where two group members can deal extremely high amounts of damage and can cause the Chain Attack cycle to repeat once more. Whilst only a maximum of three members can be in a battle party at one time, other party members can also join in Chain Attacks if they have the appropriate General skill.

Character Advancement

Each character is able to grow in strength through several ways. The most obvious is gaining experience from battles and levelling up, gaining stat changes. Another way is to learn General Skills. General skills can be command based such as instantly teleporting out of dungeons or increasing the amount of Spectres in the surrounding area. Others are passive which allow effects such as increasing the number of skill slots or allowing them to perform Chain Attacks without being active in the party.

Weapon Advancement

As the player defeats enemies, they can sometimes drop crafting equipment. These can be forged with a weapon to learn new skills to add to their Command, Passive or General skill slots. Each weapon can be enhanced a maximum of eight times, each time with a selection of five random skills to choose from.

World Exploration

The player can explore the various buildings and suburbs in Furu over the course of the game and can visit shops, businesses and story locations. The player can travel between major areas of the city by selecting a location from the world map. They can also interact with NPCs, sometimes with a request which when completed, can increase the player's renown which can be used to obtain exclusive items. Renown can be transferred between different save files.

Gaiden chapters

Gaiden chapters are special side quests offered in the game not relevant to the main story which often see more of a character's personality or skills. Each party member has three gaiden chapters to complete, as well as Aimee and Cherie. Each gaiden chapter usually unlocks bonuses such as Duets or Performances. Gaiden chapters either require no combat, hunting for specific enemies or special items within the parallel worlds or focused on fighting bosses.

The gaiden chapters also change the character's individual epilogues at the end of the game, while completing more gaiden chapters results in a better ending for Woody. Completing every gaiden chapter unlocks a special ending for Woody.

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