Shawna is a female customer created by Shawnaisus.

Flipdeck Info

Shawna is a very laid back young girl residing on the beautiful beaches of Calypso Island. Despite being picky about her meals, Shawna is very laid-back, out-going, and loves to celebrate any holiday that others enjoy celebrating. Although Shawna is generally very bubbly and playful, she has ambitions for the future. For the last two years, Shawna has been thinking strongly about going into the floral industry, but she is finding it hard to take first step, as she can't stand the thought of leaving the wonderful island she calls home and her best friend, Captain Cori.

Items unlocked with her


Papa's Squeezeria

Papa Lucci 4: When Hot Dogs Attack!

Shawna can be rescued in Level 7: Sauce Cave. She has the Wall Jump skill and needs Dash to be rescued.

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