Royal Dinner
Royal Dinner.png
Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Valentine's Day (Hamburgeria)
BavariaFest (Sushiria 2)
Easter (Hamburgeria)
Cauldrounation Day (Sushiria 2)
Unlocked With
Freddy (Hamburgeria)
Amber (Sushiria 2)
Alfred (Cakeria Ultimate)

Royal Dinner is a new holiday in Papa's Hamburgeria

Customers who favored this holiday


Papa's Hamburgeria

  • Top Down Brown Sauce (Unlocked with Freddy on Rank 46)
  • Wagyu (Day 2 of Royal Dinner)
  • Truffles (Unlocked with Amanda on Rank 47)
  • Thick Gold Burger Bun (Unlocked with Maria on Rank 48)

Papa's Sushiria 2

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