Rosie is a female customer created by JK55556. She first appeared in Papa's Scooperia Deluxe.


  • Hometown - Coffoota
  • Loves - Fridges
  • Hates - Plastic Utensils
  • Occupation - Scientist

Rosie is a hardworking scientist who spends her time testing different chemicals and substances at the Federal Bureau of Material Analysis in Sealand. Her discoveries and findings help uncover new information about the many secrets of the planet. In her spare time, Rosie loves to mountain climb at the Rocks R Us Resort in Coffoota.

Experience as a contestant in Hashtags 2019

  • Status: Evicted
  • Place: 12th Place
  • Title: “Mount Climber Scientist from Coffoota


Papa's Scooperia Deluxe

Items unlocked with her

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