Rita is a female customer made by Matty0502. She first appeared in Papa's X-eria, as a closer.


Rita is a young adult. She has a red hair. She wears a red Marinara shirt, a red skirt with a red belt, and light red and orange laced shoes.

Style H


During Halloween, Rita is dressed as a Marinara Sauce. She wears her regular clothes, but she wears a big Marinara bottle, which covers all of her body, except her eyes.

Pizza Fest

During Pizza Fest, Rita is dressed as a Pizza Monster. She wears a vivid yellow mascot suit, it has visible side stitches, and a pair of large pale red buttons pinned atop her head for the Pizza Monster's "eyes".


  • She is the first customer to have more than one holiday outfit.
  • Rita is the only customer (Made by Matty) which had a beta design. She had a long hair, a smile, a Marinara tee, red arm warmers, fuchsia and black striped pants, a red belt and black and white moccasins.

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