Raspberries are a topping in Papa's Cookieria. The topping is unlocked on Rank 18 with Rick.

In Papa's Cakeria/HD/To Go!, raspberries are a topping. The topping is unlocked on Rank 4 with MJ in Cakeria, Rank 45 with Tori in Cakeria HD, and day 4 of Valentine's Day in Papa's Cakeria To Go!.

They also make an appearance in Papa's Brownie Mia!. They are unlocked on Rank 51 with Nestor.

Raspberries are a standard fruit available in Papa's Squeezeria. The fruit is unlocked on Rank 15 with Rick.

Raspberries appear as an item in Flipline Galaxy. When given to Lizzy, they unlock medium minigames.

Raspberries is a standard mixable available in Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Refined. The mixable is unlocked on Day 170 with Julia (Cure Kohaku).

Raspberries is a standard dough mixable available in Papa's Scooperia Refined. The dough mixable is unlocked at Rank 9 with Jade.

Raspberries is a standard topping available in Papa's Bakeria Deluxe. The topping is unlocked at Rank 8 with Paulina.

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