Pirate Bash
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Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Starlight Jubilee (Magicalria)
Comet Con (Sweeteria)
Flipline Fan Customers Wikia Anniversary (Theateria To Go!)
Sugarplex Film Fest (Suberia)
Portallini Feast (Saladeria 2)
Summer Luau (Beacheria)
BavariaFest (Wingeria V.I.P.)
Dance Studios Festival (Magicalria)
Halloween (Sweeteria, Suberia, Theateria To Go!, Saladeria 2, Beacheria, Wingeria V.I.P.))
Unlocked With
Deply (All except Suberia and Saladeria 2)

Captain Cori (Suberia)
Calypso (Saladeria 2)
Kimmy Dora (Wingeria V.I.P.)

Pirate Bash is a holiday in:

Customers who like this holiday


Papa's Magicalria

  • Anchor Solvent (Unlocked with Deply on Rank 51)
  • Gradient Blue Color (Day 2 of Pirate Bash)
  • Viking Longship Bottle (Unlocked with Cecille on Rank 52)
  • Dolphin Powder (Day 4 of Pirate Bash)
  • Pirate's hook (Unlocked with Issac on Rank 53)
  • Shark fin Style (Day 6 of Pirate Bash)

Papa's Sweeteria

Papa's Theateria To Go!

Papa's Saladeria 2

  • Prawns (Unlocked on Rank 61 with Calypso)
  • Seaweed (Unlocked on Day 2 of Pirate Bash)
  • Blueberry Juice (Unlocked on Rank 62 with Sidney)
  • Rum Habanero Sauce (Unlocked on Day 4 of Pirate Bash)
  • Caviar (Unlocked on Day 6 of Pirate Bash)

Papa's Beacheria

Holiday Costumes


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