Papa Lucci 4: When Hot Dogs Attack! is the 4th platformer in the Papa Lucci series.


No Skill: Charlie (Start), September (Level 1), Chris (Level 1), Blossom (Level 1, Needs Triple Jump), Harumi (Level 2, Needs Triple Jump) and Thea (Level 2, Needs Wall Jump).

Triple Jump: Sarah (Steve) (Level 2), Jeff (Level 4, Needs Gliding) and Matt (Level 5, Needs Dash).

Dash: Mallory (Level 6), Christian II (Level 3), Brittany (Level 3, Needs Gliding) and Tony (Level 4).

Ground Pound: Issac (Level 4, Needs Wall Jump), Aiden (Level 5) and MJ (Level 3, Needs Gliding).

Gliding: Lucas (Level 5, Needs Ground Pound), Irona Pol (Level X, Needs Crawling) and Nina (Level 6, Needs Ground Pound).

Wall Jump: Johar (Level 6, Needs Crawling), Shawna (Level 7, Needs Dash), Ann (Level 8) and Doreen (Level 8, Needs Triple Jump).

Crawling: Samantha (Level 7), Rosetta (Level 7, Needs Crawling), Yandel (Level 8, Needs Ground Pound), Sasha (Level 9) and Abdul (Level 9).



Level 1: (Popcorn Peak)

Level 2: (Yellow Peaces)

  • Thea (Needs Wall Jump)

Level 3: (Mustard City)

  • MJ (Needs Gliding) (Ground Pound)

Level 4: (Creop Mostorn's Office)

  • Jeff (Needs Gliding) (Triple Jump)
  • Issac (Needs Wall Jump) (Ground Pound)

Level 5: (Burple Purple Lake)

  • Matt (Needs Dash) (Triple Jump)
  • Lucas (Needs Ground Pound) (Gliding)

Level 6: (Burple Purple Lake Base)

  • Johar (Needs Crawling) (Wall Jump)
  • Nina (Needs Ground Pound) (Gliding)

Level 7: (Sauce Cave)

  • Rosetta (Needs Crawling) (Crawling)
  • Shawna (Needs Dash) (Wall Jump)

Level 8: (Jalapeño Festival)

  • Ann (Wall Jump)
  • Yandel (Needs Ground Pound) (Crawling)
  • Doreen (Needs Triple Jump) (Wall Jump)

Level 9: (Radley's Grill)

Secret Level: (Pumpernickel Prison)


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