Papa Lucci: When Theater Attack! is the second platformer game created by JoelPalencia12. It is announced on ???.



Character Special Skill Weapon*
Neon None Cap
Meagan None Rope
Sofia None Butterflies
Ryo None Umbrella
Limo None Robot
Deply None Fish Toy
Maine Swim Boost Jacket
Yellow Swim Boost Balloon Whip
Alden Swim Boost Beach Ball
Amber Dashing Necklace
Lorenz Dashing Cookies
Paolo Dashing Baseball Bat
Angela Crawling Money Bag
Lynn Crawling Scrap
Timmy Crawling Gummy Onions
Dylan Wall Climbing Anchor
Jason Orlando Wall Climbing Punch Moves
Doreen Wall Climbing Blueberry Shooter
Harold Double Jump Skateboard
Arlhey Double Jump Airplane Toy
Andy Double Jump Earbuds
James Ground Pound Canon
Kassie Ground Pound Microphone
Chinatsu Ground Pound Fries
April Gliding Potions
Papa Lucci Gliding Hat/Paddle
Lucinda Gliding Broomstick
Zxyv Gliding X Wand


Level 1: Cake Carnival (needs 1 Warp Key)

  1. Rescue Meagan
  2. Rescue Sofia
  3. Rescue Ryo (needs Swim Boost)
  4. Find 5 Cans
  5. Defeat 4 Deadly-Cake (needs Dashing)
  6. Collect 100 Coins

Level 2: Starfruit Place (needs 3 Warp Keys)

  1. Rescue Maine
  2. Rescue Limo (needs Swim Boost)
  3. Rescue Deply (needs Crawling)
  4. Find 5 Radish Coins (needs Wall Climbing)
  5. Defeat 6 Deadly-Cake
  6. Collect 100 Coins (needs Swim Boost)

Level 3: Jubilee City (needs 6 Warp Keys)

  1. Rescue Kassie
  2. Rescue Yellow (needs Dashing)
  3. Rescue Amber (needs Gliding)
  4. Find 5 Gummy Worms (needs Dashing)
  5. Defeat 10 Deadly-Cake (needs Crawling)
  6. Collect 100 Coins (needs Wall Climbing)

Level 4: BerryTown (needs 8 Warp Keys)

  1. Rescue Lucinda
  2. Rescue James (needs Gliding)
  3. Rescue Papa Lucci (needs Double Jump)
  4. Find 5 BerryTown Locals (needs Gliding)
  5. Defeat 9 Deadly-Cake (needs Swim Boost)
  6. Collect 💯 Coins (needs Ground Pound)

Level 5: Wassalia Grotto (needs 10 Warp Keys)

  1. Rescue Harold (needs Swim Boost)
  2. Rescue Arlhey (needs Crawling)
  3. Rescue Alden
  4. Find 5 Lucci Coins (needs Double Jump)
  5. Defeat 6 Deadly-Cake (needs Ground Pound)
  6. Collect 100 Coins (needs Dashing)

Level 6: Winter Season (needs 13 Warp Keys)

  1. Rescue April
  2. Rescue Chinatsu (needs Double Jump)
  3. Rescue Angela (needs Paolo)
  4. Find 5 Sunflower (needs Crawling)
  5. Defeat 8 Deadly-Cake (needs Gliding)
  6. Collect 100 Coins (needs Wall Climbing)

Level 7: Cookie IceCream (needs 18 Warp Keys)

  1. Rescue Lynn
  2. Rescue Lorenz (needs Crawling)
  3. Rescue Timmy (needs Wall Climbing)
  4. Find 5 Goggles (needs Gliding)
  5. Defeat 7 Deadly-Cake (needs Swim Boost)
  6. Collect 100 Coins (needs Ground Pound)

Level 8: SundaeSparkle (needs 20 Warp Keys)

  1. Rescue Dylan
  2. Rescue Andy (needs Wall Climbing)
  3. Rescue Jason Orlando (needs Dashing)
  4. Find 5 Mini Kiwi-Gulper (needs Swim Boost)
  5. Defeat Deadly-Cake (needs Ground Pound)
  6. Collect 100 Coins (needs Crawling)

Level 9: Rainbowsmith (needs 24 Warp Keys)

  1. Rescue Paolo and Doreen

Level X: X Zone (needs 50 Warp Keys)



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