Papa Lucci 2- When Sandwiches Attack! is the second game created by Aeronaut59. It is the sequel to the game, Papa Lucci: When Theater Attack! by JoelPalencia12.


All of the fanon customers are going to see a play taking place at Papa's Sandwicheria. The play was going well. Suddenly, a black figure walks over to the light switch and turns the lights off. Everybody sitting in the seats were terrified. A distant cackling in the stage is heard. It is Radley Madish. He brings out JK55556,Cure Kohaku,JoelPalencia12,CoolProDude10986,and Aeronaut59 tied up and gagged. A portal opens up in the wall of the Sandwicheria and sucks in most of the customers. Logan and Juniper were the last two people to get sucked in. Now they have to rescue all of the customers and stop Radley.


  • Sandsquatch



  • Level 1: Tomato Town
  • Level 2: CheeseLands
  • Level 3: Grilled Fort
  • Level 4: Bread Airlines (Boss: Toastd)
  • Level 5: Mount Monterey
  • Level 6: Provolone Valley
  • Level 7: Pumpernickel Cave
  • Level 8: The Cave Depths
  • Level 9: Cave of Radley (Boss: Radley Madish)
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