Papa Louie 5: When Cupcakes Attack! is the second game created by Cure Kohaku. It is the fifth Papa Louie platformer game.



A bunch of customers are getting on a plane to Frostfield. When they arrive, everyone heads straight to Papa's Cupcakeria. But when they reach the restaurant, there is a note on the door saying...

Dear Customers,

I have invaded Papa's Cupcakeria and captured Papa Lucci. I have also cancelled your flight back home. The only way you can get home is if you can avoid getting captured right now!

-Radley Madish

Suddenly, a bunch of new cupcake baddies appear out of nowhere, and capture everyone except Poppy. She then notices a Warp Key, and a portal appears to Level 1, Frosting Fields. Poppy grabs her jacket from her bag, and jumps through the portal.


The skills are: No Skill, Swim Boost, Gliding, Dash, Ground Pound, and Invincible (new skill)

No Skill

  • Poppy (start) Weapon: Jacket (whip)
  • Issac (Level 1, Frosting Fields) Weapon: Baseballs (throw)
  • Heather (Level 1, Frosting Fields) Weapon: Shamrock Shooter (shoot)
  • Jackson (Level 1, Frosting Fields) Weapon: Donuts (throw)
  • Ethan (Level 2, Batter Bay) Weapon: Backpack (melee)
  • Daisy (new customer, Level 2, Batter Bay) Weapon: Daisy Shooter (shoot)
  • Boomer (Level 6, Topping Trail) Weapon: Baseball Cap (melee)

Swim Boost

  • Savannah (Level 2, Batter Bay) Weapon: Hair Scarf (melee)
  • Caden (Level 3, Sprinkle Street) Weapon: Sun Hat (melee)
  • Yasmin (Level 6, Topping Trail) Weapon: Seashells (throw)
  • Mason (Level 8, Holiday Hills) Weapon: Star Toys (throw)


  • Flora (Level 3, Sprinkle Street) Weapon: Sweater (whip)
  • Aiden (Level 3, Sprinkle Street) Weapon: Cape (whip)
  • Leo (Level 4, Chocolate Center) Weapon: Black Confetti Shooter (shoot)
  • Kevin (new customer, Level 7, Cherry Corners) Weapon: Belt (whip)


  • Lizzy (Level 5, Drizzle Dreamway) Weapon: Bracelets (throw)
  • Lilly (Level 8, Holiday Hills) Weapon: Arm Warmers (whip)
  • Danny (Level 4, Chocolate Center) Weapon: Woolies Sheep Shooter (shoot)
  • Liza (new customer, Level 8, Holiday Hills) Weapon: Cloud Cakes (throw)

Ground Pound

  • Freddy (Level 4, Chocolate Center) Weapon: Shark Toys (throw)
  • Arabella (Level 7, Cherry Corners) Weapon: Hairbrush (melee)
  • Greyson (new customer, Level 5, Drizzle Dreamway) Weapon: Watch (whip)
  • Stuart (new customer, Level 8, Holiday Hills) Weapon: Guitar (melee)
  • Xander (X-Zone) Weapon: X-Wand (melee and shoot)


  • Kylie (Level 5, Drizzle Dreamway) Weapon: Headband (whip)
  • Dennis (Level 7, Cherry Corners) Weapon: Oniontown Crusher Toys (throw)
  • Charlotte (Level 6, Topping Trail) Weapon: Headphones (whip)
  • Papa Lucci (Level 9, Radley's Sweet Space) Weapon: Pizza Paddle (melee)

Clean Ups

Customers with clean ups are:

The clean up look is on their page.

Levels and Missions

Level 1: Frosting Fields

  • Rescue Issac
  • Rescue Heather
  • Rescue Jackson (needs Swim Boost)
  • Collect 5 Cupcake Charms
  • Defeat 3 Cupcake Crushers
  • Find 100 coins (needs Dash)

Level 2: Batter Bay

  • Rescue Savannah
  • Rescue Daisy (needs Swim Boost)
  • Rescue Ethan (needs Gliding)
  • Find 5 Cherry Charms
  • Defeat 5 Cupcake Crushers (needs Dash)
  • Find 100 coins (needs Swim Boost)
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