Papa House is a "The Big Brother" like reality show.

It is produced by Jyappeul Production, and the hosts are Zoey and Deniecent.

Voting History

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 ...
Abby Elsie
Tania Bart
Eggy Bart
Ritchelle Madeline
Elsie Bart
Madeline Ritchelle
Shelly Bart
Milo Melissa
Melissa Milo
Bart Elsie (Evicted Day 8)

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1st Wave

Note: Everyone except for Abby (Who was submitted) was chosen with the random page button

  1. Abby - The Sweet Tooth of the House
  2. Tania - The Alternative Mom of the House
  3. Eggy - The Easter Bunny of the House
  4. Ritchelle - The Fashionista of the House
  5. Bart - The Santa Fan of the House
  6. Elsie - The Responsible Mom of the House
  7. Madeline - The Fashionally Stubborn Girl of the House
  8. Shelly - The Pink Girl of the House
  9. Milo - The Homeland Fan of the House
  10. Melissa - The Nature Lover of the House


Episode Name # Premiere Live?
Papa House I 1 4.11.2019 ✖️
First Day 2 4.11.2019 ✖️
Let's Go! 3 4.18.2019 ✖️/✔️
It ain't neat no more 4 5.2.2019 ✖️/✔️


Week 1

Every one entered the villa, and said their intention for the prize:

I will spend all of the money on candy!


I think I will spend it on my family and pets, as long as I can.


I don't know, I have a lot of ideas. From Pesto Park to a Sapphire Tarantula.


Clothes! And also, I have an advantage of experience from HFE+.


I will seduce Santa with my very own reindeers.


First of all, I will be very happy to win, and if I will, I will be thankfully gifting the kids of mine with some fun presents.


Not winter jackets, for sure!


I will buy more pink clothes and another three-stories mansion.


I'll extend my Netflix subscription.


Maybe a sweet garden. Or-A SPICY GARDEN! Mmm, onions...


Day 2

The contestants started living together as roommates.

Arguments, Conflicts & Fights

  • Abby and Elsie are arguing if it's good for people to eat too many candies. (Relationship - Poor)

(Abby eating candy)

Oh sweetheart, It's not good for you to eat that much candy, I will never give my kids that amount of unhealthy treats!


That's fine, let them each as much a they want, sugar makes them happy.


As a police officer that is really irresponsible from you.


  • Melissa and Milo are fighting after Melissa said that Milo is an unlucky undude just like Milo from Milo Murphy's Law (Which in there Melissa is Milo's best friend) (Relationship - Very Poor)

(As they are make breakfast)

My gosh, this omelette is so burnt. Everything can go wrong, just like for Milo Murphy


Oh yeah, and you're the "queen of everything".


You said it, not me.


Oh dear, go back to these dishes.


  • Ritchelle and Madeline are arguing about winter jackets. (Relationship - Very Poor (From Madeline's Side), Pretty Poor (From Ritchelle's Side))
Why don't you like winter jackets? They're like so hot! Litterally!


Ew, get away from me...


  • Elsie and Bart were arguing about seducing people.
I'm really disappointed that someone like you is into seducing people, that is really inappropriate.


Alliances & Relationships

  • Ritchelle & Shelly - Good Alliance and fashionistical friendship.
  • Tania, Eggy & Madeline - Very Good Alliance and animaloving friendship.

Week 2

Week to was a quiet week without any missions or eliminations

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