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No more elements will be added Papa & Mama Louie Adventures. Trophy 1f3c6.png

Papa & Mama Louie Adventures is the fourth game made by Jyappeul and the first game that wasn't a gameria. The game had stopped updating due to the release of Card Thrasher Mobile.


  • 1.0, 9.24.2018 (Official Release)
  • 1.1, 10.6.2018 (Added Holiday Costumes, Improvement)
  • 1.2, 1.11.2018 (Added More Holiday Costumes)
  • 1.2.1 (Added Mardi Gras)
  • 1.3 (Better Distribution of Rarities and Weapon Types by adding new ones; Mythic; Projectile)


Rarity Colors:

► Lime - Common

► Red - Uncommon

► Light Blue - Rare

► Purple - Epic

► Gold - Legendary

► Spring Green - Mythic

► Hot Pink - Apocalyptic

Character Super Power Unlocked By Unlocked With
Zoey X Start X
Deniecent X Start X
Conny Invisibility Rockin' In The Battle Field (Achievement) Rocks (Weapon)
Jonny Speed (x2) Unlock December Candle (Weapon)
Phineas Defense (x2) Unlock February Love Letter (Interactive Item)
Mason Teleportation Back In Time (Mission) Back To The Future (Mission)
Moddie Driving A Car Welcome To The Museum! (Achievement) Car
Kingsburg Beerman Welcome To The Factory! (Achievement) Beer (Food)
Mr. Kingsburg || || ||
Ginna Throwing Cherry Bombs Ewww... (Mission) Fizzo (Food), Cherry Bombs (Weapon)
Mabel Double Jump Around The World 2-Canada (Mission) Maple Syrup (Food, Interactive Item)
Jonas Double Jump Around The World 3-Australia (Mission) Bone/s (Weapons)
Deeplum Spookness The Mailman (Mission) Plums (Weapon)
Penny Spookness, Attack (x2) Breaking The Pumpkin At The Beach Flower Hair Clip (Clothing, +2 Defence)
Puffy Spookness Steal Clothes From The Store Pink Dress (Clothing, +4 Defence), Sunglasses (Clothing, -40% to be nauseous)
Joanna Using a Face-Pie twice in a row In Your Face! (Achievement) Face-Pie (Weapon)
Kegan Get money x7 faster The Sneaky Leprechaun (Mission) Instant Cash (Interactive Item)
Eggy Jump Boost (x2) Easter Eggs!!! (Mission) Easter Eggs (Weapon, Interactive Item)
Daniel Speed (x2.5) Fireworks (Mission) Fireworks (Weapon)
Kitty Attack (+15), Spookness Eye-Doll Kitten (Mission) Kitty-Cat Gloves (Weapon)
Hans Corkhole Recognize Far Enemies 100* (Achievement) Handcuffs (Interactive Items)
Dakota Attack (x2) on throwing weapons, Speed (x3) #Sportz!!! (Mission) Basketball (Weapon), Baseball Bat (Weapon), Golf Club (Weapon)
Kattenass Attack (+50), Speed (x4) Hooooo (Secret Mission) Warrior Suit (Clothing, +25 Defence)
Santa Claus Jr. Riding Santa's Sled Santa Today (Secret Mission) Santa's Sled
Kirby Riding a Rocket Missle Muscles (Secret Mission) Rocket
Cupid Using Cupid's Bow And Arrows, Flying Lovely! (Secret Mission) Cupid's Bow And Arrows (Weapon)
Mama Louie Attack (x10, +100), Defence (x10, +100), Using a Spatula End the official game Spatula (Weapon)
Papa Louie || || ||
  • Papa Louie, Mama Louie, Cupid, Kirby, Santa Claus Jr. and Kattenass don't exist on Multiplayer.


Name What It Does (Singleplayer) What It Does (Multiplayer) Character(s) Has It Cost In The Shop More Info
Spookness Enemies get far from you. = Deeplum, Penny, Puffy, Kitty $50 Kitty has Spookness only when she tries to attack.
Double Jump You can jump again before you reach the ground. = Jonas, Mabel $100 You need to complete all 5 "Around The World" missions to buy it in the shop.
Invisibility No one can see you. Players cannot see you. Conny $150 This is the only superpower that different on Multiplayer
Teleportation Teleport 0-3 meters away. = Mason $200 In singleplayer you can teleport to marked places on the map.
Beerman Drinking Beer makes you Speed x1.5 and Attack x2. = Kingsburg, Mr. Kingsburg $200 Players who don't have Beerman get nauseous.
Recognize Far Enemies = = Hans Corkhole $225
Usables = X X The Player getting it is the only way to use the item.
Drive a Car Moddie
Throwing Cherry Bombs Ginna
Using a Face-Pie twice in a row Joanna
Riding Santa's Sled Santa Claus Jr.
Riding a Rocket Kirby
Using Cupid's Bow and Arrows Cupid
Using a Spatula Mama Louie, Papa Louie
Flying Cupid It might not a usable, but it counts as one because 8^



► Green - Common

► Red - Uncommon

► Light Blue - Rare

► Purple - Epic

► Gold - Legendary

► Spring Green - Mythic

► Pink - Apocalyptic

Interactive Items

Photo Name How To Get It How To Use It (SP) How To Use It (MP) What It Does (SP) What It Does (MP) More Info
Love Letter Unlock February Left Press On A Creature = Makes The Creature Friendly =
Maple Syrup Around The World 2-Canada (Mission) Left Press = If on a creature-Makes it sticky until it touches water; If not-If a creature/the player touches this place it will make it slow for the time it is on the place If on a creature/a player-Makes it sticky until it touches water; If not-If a creature/players touches this place it will make it slow for the time it is on the place
Instant Cash The Sneaky Leprechaun (Mission) Right Press; Use = Gives Instant Cash >> = Can be bought with real-life money after unlocking Kegan, also: Every "Instant Cash" is different.
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs!!! (Mission) || = Giving a random amplifier (Example: x2 Speed, x3 Jump Boost, etc.) for time (1 min, 2 sec, etc. ) = Can be bought with real-life money
Handcuffs 100* (Achievement) Left Click on a creature Left Click on a player The creature will hardly be trying to attack (Depends on which one) The layer will be disabled to use attack


Photo Name Damage Energy How To Get It Type More Info Rarity
Warrior Sword 2.5 2 Start Melee Common
Bow & Arrows 1.5 1 Start Projectile Common
Whipping Rope 0.5 0.5 Start Whip Common
Steel Dagger 2 0.75 After Tutorial Melee Common
Stones 2 1 Rockin' In The Battle Field (Achievement) with Conny Throwable Common
Kitchen Knife 1.5 1 In Any House's Kitchen Melee Common
Candle 1.5 0.5 Unlock December (with Jonny) Melee Common
Small Pistol 2.5 2 Kill 'Em! (Achievement) Shot Uncommon
Giant Pin 2, >>> 0.5 Sew & Sue (Mission) Melee Every 10 uses it does 3 Damage instead Uncommon
Bone 1.5 1 Around The World 3-Australia (Mission) with Jonas Melee Uncommon
Bones 1 0.5 Around The World 3-Australia (Mission) with Jonas Throwable Uncommon
Plums 1 0 The Mailman (Mission) Throwable Uncommon
Pepper Spray 1 0 Rob 5 Kitchens (Achievement) Spray After 50 uses: +1, after another 50 uses: +1 and so on. Uncommon
Spinach >>> 0 Rob 10 Kitchens, Ruin 2 Gardens (Achievements) Thrown It damages specific characters (Multiplayer) and enemies. Uncommon
Perfume >>> 0 F-A-shion! (Mission) Spray || Rare
Broccoli >>> 1 Rob 15 Kitchens, Ruin 5 Gardens (Achievements) Melee || Rare
Cherry Bombs 2 0.5 Ewww... (Mission) With Ginna Throwable (Explosive) Can be used by Ginna only. Rare
Paint Spray 0.2 0 Rob an Art Shop (Achievement) Spray Rare
Small Gun 3 3 Kill 'Em II! (Mission) Shot Epic
Giant Plastic Straw 2 1 Rob 20 Kitchens (Achievement) Melee Epic
Wooden Sign 3 2 Break a Path Sign Melee Epic
Crown 2 0.5 Break into The Royal Palace (Mission) Melee/Throwable Epic
Ruby 10 1 Royal Palace: Done! (Mission) Throwable Doesn't exist on Multiplayer Legendary
Sapphire 10 1 Royal Palace: Done! (Mission) Throwable || Legendary
Emerald 10 1 Royal Palace: Done! (Mission) Throwable || Legendary
Opal 50 12 Royal Palace: Done! (Mission) Done 25 Times Throwable || Mythic
Cupid's Bow and Arrows Auto-Kill X Lovely! (Secret Mission) Projectile || Apocalyptic
Spatula || X End the official Singleplayer-Storymode game. Melee || Apocalyptic


You can buy clothing in the shop or wait for them to unlock. Some of the unlockable clothing are power boosters.

Holiday Costumes

I each month you will get holiday clothings: exclusively for this month. You can change some of the clothing with some that you already have. (In Singleplayer: The month changes every 5 Ranks; In Multiplayer: The month in the game is the current month in real life.)

Month; Holiday Male Costume Female Costume
January (New Year)
New YearM.jpg
New YearF.jpg
February (Valentine's Day)
Valentine's DayM.jpg
Valentine's DayF.jpg
February (Mardi Gras)
Mardi GrasM.jpg
Mardi GrasF.jpg
March (St. Paddy's Day)
St Paddy's DayM.jpg
St Paddy's DayF.jpg
March (Holi)
March (Lucky Lucky Matsuri)
Lucky MatsuriM.jpg
Lucky MatsuriF.jpg
April (Easter)
April (Romano Wedding)
Romano WeddingM.jpg
Romano WeddingF.jpg
May (Cherry Blossom Festival)
Cherry BlossomM.jpg
Cherry BlossomF.jpg
May (Cinco de Mayo)
Cinco de MayoM.jpg
Cinco de MayoF.jpg
May (Onionfest)
June (Summer Luau)
Summer LuauM.jpg
Summer LuauF.jpg
July (Starlight Jubilee)
Starlight JubileeM.jpg
Starlight JubileeF.jpg
August (Comet Con)
Comet ConM.jpg
Comet ConF.jpg
August (Baseball Season)
Baseball SeasonM.jpg
Baseball SeasonF.jpg
August (Sky Ninja Returns)
Sky Ninja ReturnM.jpg
Sky Ninja ReturnF.jpg
August (Neptune's Feast)
Neptune's FeastM.jpg
Neptune's FeastF.jpg
August (Portallini Feast)
Portallini FeastM.jpg
Portallini FeastF.jpg
August (SugarPlex Film Fest)
SugarPlex FilmsM.jpg
SugarPlex FilmsF.jpg
August (BavariaFest)
September (Grōōvstock)
September (Big Top Carnival)
Big Top CarnivalM.jpg
Big Top CarnivalF.jpg
September (Maple Mornings)
Maple MorningsM.jpg
Maple MorningsF.jpg
September (Pirate Bash)
Pirate BashM.jpg
Pirate BashF.jpg
September (Gondola 500)
Gondola 500M.jpg
Gondola 500F.jpg
October (Halloween)
November (Thanksgiving)
December (Christmas)


More Coming Soon...

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