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Papa's Wingeria 2.0 is a remake of Papa's Wingeria available for PC, iPads and Android tablets. The game was first announced 09/22/2018, and released 11/03/2018.


  • 09/22/2018: The Sequel to Papa's Wingeria?!?!
  • 09/29/2018: Sneak Peek: Specials and Stickers!
  • 10/06/2018: Sneak Peek: New Holiday!!!!!
  • 10/13/2018: Sneak Peek: Hot Apricot Sauce!!
  • 10/20/2018: Sneak Peek: Stations!!!!!!!!
  • 10/27/2018: Sneak Peek: The Release Date
  • 11/03/2018: Papa's Wingeria 2.0 Is Here!!!!

New Features

  • There are 10 deep fryers in Fry Station, so you put one set of meats in one fryer instead of entire order.
  • New Holiday: Pepper Parade, celebrated in September.
  • Specials and Stickers.


See here.

Foodini's Minigames

  • Pizza Pachinko (Sunday)
  • Rico's Chiliworks (Monday)
  • Hallway Hunt (Tuesday)
  • Saucy Shot (Wednesday)
  • Mitch's Mess (Thursday)
  • Pop Dart (Friday)
  • Burgerzilla (Saturday)




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