Papa's Stirfryeria is the first of Papa Louie's cooking games created by Fortune's Wings Studios in partnership with Flipline Studios. It will come out on October 17th, 2018. The workers are Hugo and Trishna, and players can create their own Custom Workers as well. The game takes place on the campus of Umami University.


Hey, everyone! We're pleased to announce that Papa Louie's next cooking extravaganza to hit computers, tablets, and mobile phones is... Papa's Stirfryeria!!! This time around, we're teaming up with Fortune's Wings Studios to create the most fun-filled Gameria yet! So put on your toque... fire up the grill... bring out the rice and noodles... and get ready to make some delicious Stir Fries!


You are among the crowd of people eager to witness the unveiling of Papa Louie's first culinary school at Umami University. However, there is some trouble. After Papa Louie cuts the ribbon and the curtains fall, the main building is covered in graffiti. In dismay and confusion, the crowd disperses and everyone walks away. However, Papa Louie is not defeated. He searches the shrinking crowd for a person who can run the Stirfryeria until there is enough money for a formal re-opening of Umami University. His eyes fall upon you, and before you can say "mistake", you are handed the Stirfryeria Uniform and the keys to the restaurant, much to your dismay.


  • Order Station
  • Mix Station
  • Grill Station
  • Dumpling Station


9.25.18. -- Papa's Stirfryeria is announced!!! [1]

9.27.18. -- Workers Hugo and Trishna! [2]

9.29.18. -- Umami University and Release Date! [3]

10.1.18. -- Arrow and Tyson enter the fray! [4]

10.3.18. -- Specials! [5]

10.5.18. -- Jojo's Three Ribbons! [6]

10.7.18. -- The Mix Station! [7]

10.9.18. -- New Holiday Incoming!! [8]

10.11.18. -- The Grill Station! [9]

10.13.18. -- Art from the Game! [10]

10.15.18. -- The Dumpling Station! [11]

10.17.18. -- Papa's Stirfryeria is now live!!! [12]

New Features

Outside seating is a new feature in this game. Replacing the dining room or delivery service in past games is a beautiful outside patio, from which customers can see the cozy surroundings of the Umami University campus. A second hired worker (Hugo, Trishna, or a Custom Worker) will bring you orders from customers who are sitting outside. Adding another level of complexity to the new outside seating is the fact that the patio can be decorated separately from the inside of the restaurant. You can add round tables, flowers and trees, and other outdoors-exclusive furniture, and you can even paint the exterior of the restaurant a different color.

Critic Quests are another new feature in this game. Everyone's favorite Food Critic, Jojo, is back in a big way. As always, he'll show up at the end of the week with a Blue Ribbon that gives extra Tips. At the end of every day, you will get a copy of the Tastyville Times newspaper. In the "Help Wanted" column, there will be a series of small tasks including "Serve 5 orders with Steak" and "Sit 3 customers outside". If you complete a lot of these tasks, you'll catch Jojo's attention, and that week he may show up with a Red Ribbon or a Yellow Ribbon. Red Ribbons increase the amount of Points from a good order, and Yellow Ribbons give certain customers extra Customer Stars.



Bold denotes a Closer


Bold denotes a Local


New holidays are in bold

Standard Ingredients





Sauces and Breadings

Dumpling Shells

Dumpling Fillings

Dumpling Dips

Holiday Ingredients

Each holiday comes with 6 unlockable ingredients: a noodle/rice, a mixable, a meat, a sauce/breading, a dumpling shell, and a dumpling filling.


New Year

Winter Olympics




Summer Luau

Starlight BBQ

Big Top Carnival

Portallini Feast




Special Name Perk Special Prize
Ancho Snow +1 Ticket Ski Goggles
Arroz Incognito 2 x Tips Ninja Mask
Beef and Beans 150% Points Cinco Swirl Wall
Bomb in a Blanket +1 Ticket Stunt Helmet
Brown-Out 2 x Tips Brown Mittens
Butterball Bay +2 Tickets Sandals
Chick & Noodles +2 Tickets Black Wall Paint
Chicken Run 190% Points Winged Shoes
Corn Field 2 x Tips Cinco Table
Crackler Crop 2 x Tips Chandelier
Devil's Mount +1 Customer Star Devil Horns
Duck Migration 160% Points Plaid Pants
El Ranchero 190% Points Sombrero
Firebreather Beef +1 Ticket Dragon Wings
Fly and Fry 2.5 x Tips Foodini Bowtie
Garden of Shiso +1 Ticket Garden Apron
Glass Shooter 2.2 x Tips Plaid Kilt
Hawaii Hurricane +1 Customer Star Wave Shorts
Kimchi Cavalry 2 x Tips Knight Helmet
Korean King 2 x Tips Pirate Table
Lobster Gospel 1.5 x Tips Valentine Table
Lobster Lo Mein +1 Customer Star Anchor Belt
Oil Onion Udon 2.3 x Tips Purple Planks
Pampered Pig 160% Points Chili Crate
Philly Fisherman +1 Customer Star Fisherman Hat
Phoenix Fry 155% Points Lava Lamp
Ribbon Dancer 185% Points Ice Skates
Riverbed Rice +1 Customer Star Teal Sleeves
Seaside Swim 2.3 x Tips Turtle Hat
Sergeant Stirfry +1 Customer Star Sarge Hat
Steak Tempura 155% Points Blossom Table
Sunrise Shrimp 140% Points Parka
Tamer's Whip +1 Customer Star Fan
The Flowerbed 2.1 x Tips Crocs
The Forester 2 x Tips Waffle Table
The Kimchick +2 Tickets Tall Speaker
The R&R&R 170% Points Dune Grass Shirt
The Smokestack +1 Customer Star Biker Jacket
Tofu Trails 180% Points Hiking Boots
Tropical Twist 200% Points Straw Hat


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