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Papa's Saladeria is the 1st gameria created by user and founder JK55556. This game was released on 8/20/2016.

Description Edit

Papa's Saladeria is kicking off it's opening night with some veggie characters!

There are 4 stations in this game. The stations are: The Order Station, The Veggie Station, the Dressing Station, and the Topping Station.

The Veggie Station is where you pick out the veggies and put them into the bowl. The Dressing Station is where you add different dressings into the salad. Finally, the Topping station is where you add the croutons or pine nuts, etc.

This game has Special Recipes and Holidays! Enjoy playing this game!

Introduction Edit

Chinatsu, Carter, Yasmin, and Wilson have been hired to dress up as different vegetables and dance during the opening night. Unfortunately, all of the characters have called in sick on the day of the grand opening. What happened? Alicia, a police officer, looks at all the food they ate the past days. He finds some white powder inside all of their food. He takes it to the lab to examine it. It turns out that it is some light poison. Who committed this mysterious crime? Papa Lucci and Alicia offer a big reward to find the crook. The next day, Roboto and V.I.L.E. come in with Savannah. "Savannah!" Papa Louie cries. "She is very honest! She would not do something like that! Arrest them!" They escape, but not before they stole money from Bobby's house. All that money is going to cost a lot to replace. It's a good thing that Bobby has been hired to work at the new Papa's Saladeria!

Ending Edit

The ending of this game is at Rank 66. Alicia arrests the person who committed the crime, and then Bobby stops working at the Saladeria. The celebration is now held.

Holidays Edit

Holiday Customers Edit

Holiday Customers only appear during their holiday.

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Customers Edit

Continue after Jack unlockables.

Closers Edit

Ingredients Edit

Bowls Edit

Vegetables Edit

Dressings Edit

Croutons Edit

Toppings Edit

Specials Edit

  • Ranch-O-Rama
  • Balsamic Lite
  • Tomato Touchdown
  • Caesar Salad
  • Caprese Salad
  • Greek Green
  • Coleslaw
  • Fruity Front
  • Potato Plus
  • Pasta Primary
  • Taco Taste
  • Vinaigrette Vineyard