Papa's Salad Mia! is a hated -Eria released in ???


In ???, Flipline released a sneak peek about Papa's Salad Mia!

No order

Here's how it goes. James: I want just plain salad. Chef: OK! Here it is. James: NO! I don't want that. 30 POINTS. 0$00 TIPS.

After then, it was released.

Shortly after, this was hated because of something: James wanted a just plain salad, then rages. Even Facebook comments are saying stuff like "WHAT???" "I can't order James correctly, so SCREW YOU!" or "Sucks! Waiting for the To-Go and HD version."

For this, this is the final -Eria and there will not be another -Eria, as soon as Flipline apologizes and confirms that the next -Erias are going to not get weird stuff.


  • There will not be an HD version or a To-Go! version, due to the hate and outrage.
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