Papa's Pizzeria
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Creator Flipline Studios
Release Date August 7, 2007
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Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! Rock Garden Deluxe
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N/A Papa's Burgeria
Papa's Pizzeria is the first of Flipline Studios' popular restaurant time-management games. It was released on August 7, 2007.


Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone!

When Papa Louie runs off on another adventure, Delivery Boy Roy is left in charge of Papa's Pizzeria. Unfortunately for Roy, the customers are used to Papa Louie's style of fully custom pizzas. Whether it is 8 slices of pepperoni everywhere and 2 olives on the lower half, or a 10 onion pizza cooked well done and cut in 4 slices, there is no telling what they will come up with. So, master the 4 stations and work up the ranks to be the best Pizza Chef around!


One day in TastyvilleRoy finishes delivering pizzas and comes back to the restaurant. When he enters the Pizzeria and turns on the lights, he shouts for his uncle, Papa Louie, but there is no answer. Roy shouts again, but Louie is nowhere to be found. Roy spots a letter on the counter and reads it. In the letter, Papa Louie tells Roy to run the Pizzeria while he's gone. Terrified, Roy sees Kingsley at the door waving his hand.

Cheat Code

If the player makes his or her save slot name almostpapa, the player will go to Day 99, Rank 30. Every customer will be unlocked with a gold customer badge except for Sarge FanSarge Fan has a silver customer badge with three starts. Papa Louie is not unlocked until Sarge Fan has a gold customer badge, so Day 101 is the earliest day the player can unlock Papa Louie.

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