Character Special Skill Weapon*
Matty Dashing (Melee)
Dashing Spatula (Melee)
Want Dasing Dog Squeak Toys (Thrown)
Muddle Surfing Ear Buds (Whip)
Ailyn Surfing Drumsticks (Melee)
Makew Surfing Hair Dryer Whip (Whip)
Surfing Bananazooka (Shot)
Ground Pund Guitar (Melee)
Ground Pound Crushida Pepper Bombs (Thrown)
Ground Pound Surf Board (Melee)
Ground Pound Microphone (Whip)
Wall Climb Karate (Melee)
Jen Wall Climb Blueberry Shooter (Shot)
Barber Q. Wall Climb Gummy Onions (Thrown)
Hellen Jump Down Plunger (Melee)
Purp Jump Down Skateboard (Melee)
Connor Jump Down Basketball (Thrown)
Peggy Double Jump Lasso (Whip)
Locki Double Jump Money Bag (Melee)
Greg Double Jump Yo-Yo (Whip)
Yippy Crawling Rainbow Cookies (Thrown)
John Banging Anchor (Whip)
Rita Banging Chili Bombs (Thrown)
France Gliding Roman Candle (Shot)
Violet Gliding Beaker Bombs (Thrown)
Gliding Balloon Whip (Whip)
Papa Lucci Gliding Pizza Paddle/Beach Umbrella (Melee)
Weene Gliding X-Wand (Shot)
  • Weapons are classed under four types: Melee, Whip, Thrown, and Shot. Melee attacks close range, Whip can reach farther than Melee and strike more than two enemies, Thrown attacks are thrown either down or up, Shot attacks shoot; Some Ranged (thrown and shot) attacks differ. e.g.: Beaker bombs split into three when impacted, Roman candle stuns enemies and Crushida pepper bombs explode on impact .
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