Papa's Freezeria To Go! is a mobile game port of the original Papa's Freezeria, available for iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Android phones. It was one of the first app-gamerias released by Flipline, and it's understandable: The original edition was one of the fan favorites among the gamerias, so fans would really want it out soon.

However, because it was released very early, it was behind most of the other To Go!/HD apps in terms of content. From holidays and specials, to stickers and alternate outfits. All of these came to the mobile games long after Freezeria To Go! was released. In this article, A-Panda Kedavra (me) shows an idea of what would Papa's Freezeria To Go! would look like if it had all these additions.

(Disclaimer: These are all only ideas. They are not official nor will they ever be.)


  • All the customers that debuted after Papa's Freezeria To Go! are added in this update.
  • Holidays and holiday-exclusive ingredients!
  • Several new standard ingredients!
  • Stickers and alternate outfits!
  • Specials!





Italicized ingredient names means it's new in this update.




A syrup with an * means it's also a drizzle

Whipped Creams



A drizzle with an * means it's also a syrup

Placeable Toppings

Holiday Ingredients

Ingredients are unlocked in this order: Syrup/Drizzle, Mixable, Shaker, Placeable Topping, Whipped Cream.

Holiday Rank/Day Ingredient
Pirate bash logo Rank 6
Day 2
Rank 7
Day 4
Day 6
Scallywag Syrup
Jolly Rogers
Black Pearl Crisps
Gummy Kraken
Sunken Treasure Whip
Halloween Logo Rank 11
Day 2
Rank 12
Day 4
Day 6
Tiger Tail Syrup
Spooky Sprinkles
Sugar Skull
Ecto Whip
Thanksgiving Logo Rank 16
Day 2
Rank 17
Day 4
Day 6
Candy Corn Syrup
Autumn Leaves Sprinkles
Chocolate Acorn
Pumpkin Spice Cream
Christmas logo Rank 21
Day 2
Rank 22
Day 4
Day 6
Wintergreen Syrup
Santa Cookie Dough
Snowflake Sprinkles
Candy Present
Peppermint Swirl Cream
New year logo Rank 26
Day 2
Rank 27
Day 4
Day 6
Flavor X Syrup
Licorice Allsorts
Countdown Crunch
Yum n' M Cookies
Rainbow Meringue
Valentine's Day Updated Logo Rank 31
Day 2
Rank 32
Day 4
Day 6
Razzle Dazzle Syrup
Cupidberry Derps
Chocolate Strawberry
Bubblegum Cream
Lucky Lucky Matsuri Updated Logo Rank 36
Day 2
Rank 37
Day 4
Day 6
Iyokan Syrup
Grass Jelly
Sugar Bells
Azuki Paste
Easter logo2 Rank 41
Day 2
Rank 42
Day 4
Day 6
Cotton Candy Syrup
Jelly Beans
Marshmallow Cheeps
Candy Egg
Citrus Swirl Cream
Cherry Blossom Fest Logo Rank 46
Day 2
Rank 47
Day 4
Day 6
Matcha Syrup
Hakuto Peaches
Raindrop Cake Cream
Logo-Big Top Carnival Rank 51
Day 2
Rank 52
Day 4
Day 6
Caramel Apple Syrup
Chocolate Bananas
Lollipop Bits
Saltwater Taffy
PB&J Whip
Starlight Jubilee Updated Logo Rank 56
Day 2
Rank 57
Day 4
Day 6
Powsicle Syrup
Crackle Crumbs
White Chocolate Star
Rocket Whip
Neptunefeastimroved Rank 61
Day 2
Rank 62
Day 4
Day 6
Ambrosia Syrup
Sweetish Fish
Ocean King Chiffon

Removed (Standard) Ingredients


Mixable Syrups


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