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Papa's Floweria is a game created by Cure Kohaku. It is different than most papa's gamerias because instead of making food, you prepare flowers for the customer in a basket, vase, or wrapping. The workers are Adam, Natalie, and the Custom Worker.

Locals Edit

Bold means that local is a closer.

Supplies (Ingredients) Edit

Flowers Edit

  • Tulips (start)
  • Orchids (start)
  • Poppies (start)
  • Lillies (unlocked at Rank 3 with Lilli)
  • Roses (unlocked at Rank 5 with Rose)
  • Violets (unlocked at Rank 10 with Violet)
  • Sunflowers (unlocked at Rank 14 with Charlotte)
  • Hibiscuses (unlocked at Rank 19 with Caden)
  • Petunias (unlocked at Rank 30 with Danielle)
  • Cherry Blossoms (unlocked at Rank 42 with Blossom)
  • Daisies (unlocked at Rank 51 with Daisy)
  • Lavenders (unlocked at Rank 64 with Papa Lucci)

Colors Edit

  • Pink (start)
  • Red (start)
  • White (start)
  • Purple (unlocked at Rank 2 with Poppy)
  • Blue (unlocked at Rank 7 with Yoshi)
  • Green (unlocked at Rank 9 with Liam)
  • Yellow (unlocked at Rank 13 with Wester)
  • Orange (unlocked at Rank 27 with Lucas)
  • Indigo (unlocked at Rank 45 with Sam)
  • Fuchsia (unlocked at Rank 60 with Lizzy)

Baskets Edit

  • Straw Basket (start)
  • Pink Basket (start)
  • Blue Basket (unlocked at Rank 2 with Nickomaine)
  • Orange Basket (unlocked at Rank 8 with Diamond)
  • Black Basket (unlocked at Rank 17 with Albert)
  • Red Basket (unlocked at Rank 28 with Boomer)
  • Green Basket (unlocked at Rank 46 with Lisa)
  • Purple Basket (unlocked at Rank 50 with Aliah)

Vases Edit

  • Glass Vase (start)
  • White Vase (start)
  • Cream Vase (start)
  • Pink Vase (unlocked at Rank 6 with Anita)
  • Orange Vase (unlocked at Rank 11 with CoolProDude)
  • Yellow Vase (unlocked at Rank 15 with Andy)
  • Blue Vase (unlocked at Rank 23 with Bobby)
  • Brown Vase (unlocked at Rank 47 with Brandon)

Wrapping Edit

  • White Wrapping (start)
  • Pink Wrapping (start)
  • Yellow Wrapping (unlocked at Rank 4 with Brittany)
  • Red Wrapping (unlocked at Rank 12 with Chinatsu)
  • Cyan Wrapping (unlocked at Rank 18 with Issac)
  • Lavender Wrapping (unlocked at Rank 29 with Danny)
  • Peach Wrapping (unlocked at Rank 40 with Peach)
  • Green Wrapping (unlocked at Rank 54 with Luigi)

Holidays Edit

Trivia Edit