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Papa's Cookieria is a game where you can bake lots of cookies for lots of new customers! The chefs are Poppy and Issac. It is located in the small but sweet town of Baketown. It was the first game created by Cure Kohaku.


Poppy and Issac are walking around together in Baketown. Suddenly, they see a new Papa Lucci restaurant, Papa's Cookieria! But it is not open yet because there are no workers, but Papa Lucci is having a lottery, except the two winners, one male and one female, will get to work at Papa's Cookieria! Poppy gets a female customer ticket, and Issac gets a male customer ticket.

On the day the lottery winners are announced, the number is 2135569, which is Poppy and Issac's number! The doorbell then rings at their houses, and Papa Lucci arrives with uniforms and info about Papa's Cookieria. Poppy and Issac then realize that this would be harder than they thought, but they have no choice, so they start working the next day.



  • Zoei (Day 2)
  • Sever (Day 3)
  • Tyler (Day 4)
  • Haeo (Day 5)
  • Petey (Day 6)
  • Violet (Day 7)
  • J.J. (Food Critic, Day 8)


  • Order Station
  • Batter Station
  • Baking Station
  • Topping Station






Today's Specials

  • Chocolate Delight
  • Yummy Candy
  • Sweet Nuts
  • Sugar Cookie Surprise
  • Blue Fruit
  • Garden Cookies
  • White Cherry
  • Sweet Cloud
  • Rainy Dessert
  • Yellow Oatmeal
  • Ba-na-na
  • Snow Chocolate
  • Lucky Greens
  • Firey Red
  • Summer Beach
  • Nighttime Snack
  • Morning Snack

Holiday Ingredients

New Year

Valentine's Day

St. Paddy's Day


Cherry Blossom Festival

Summer Luau

Starlight Jubilee

Comet Con

September Fest





  • Papa's Cookieria was created in March 2016 and finished in summer 2016. However, Kohaku sometimes edits the page to fix mistakes or add something new.
  • Papa's Cookieria is the fourth gameria that has sweets as the food, after Papa's Freezeria, Papa's Cupcakeria, and Papa's Bakeria. However, it would be the fifth if you counted Papa's Pancakeria.
  • Papa's Cookieria was created on March 15, 2016, a day after Papa's Bakeria was released.
  • This is Cure Kohaku's first project ever on this wiki.