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It's time to open this gameria

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Coffee Mia!

Papa's Coffee Mia! is the first gameria that was created by Danger1. The chefs are Quinn and Adrian. The shop is located in the town of Coffoota.


Adrian / Quinn are giving a speech opening the new site Just Quinn and Associates where Adrian / Quinn claim that all this will rise much actions and that cost them all their money and donated to the cause to the equipment and improved building, but during the speech, a bus passed him a flat tire and just crashing in leaving it in ruins Adrian / Quinn building are horrified screaming that have been ruined with all his new team shattered and actions down, then leaves the driver the uninjured bus, which turned out to be Papa Louie. He saw Adrian / Quinn to explode with rage, but eventually ended falling down in a great depression, Papa Louie try to compensate by giving them ownership of their new restaurant across the street from where inaugurated the building: Papa's Coffee Mia!


Coffee Beans

  • Regular Coffee Beans (Start)
  • Colombian Coffee Beans (Start)
  • Cinnamon Coffee Beans (Rank 15)
  • Vanilla Coffee Beans (Rank 30)
  • Red Velvet Coffee Beans (Rank 45)
  • Robusta Coffee Beans (Rank 56)
  • Arabica Coffee Beans (Rank 61)

Glass Types

  • Paper Cup (Start)
  • Plastic Cup (Start)
  • Glass (???)
  • Tea Cup (???)
  • Coffee Mug(???)
  • Bottle (???)

Grind Types

  • Normal Grind (Start)
  • Fine Grind (???)
  • Thick Grind (???)

Holiday Ingredients

Big Top Carnival

  • Chocolate Banana Coffee Beans
  • Caramel Apple Cream
  • Fair Cup

Starlight Jubilee

  • Jubilee Coffee Beans
  • Explosive Strawberry Cream
  • Rocket Cup


  • Pretzel Coffee Beans
  • Black Forest Cream
  • Beer Cup

Autumn Party

  • Cinnamon and Spices Coffee Beans
  • Peanut Butter Cream
  • Autumnal Cup


  • Witch's Brew Coffee Beans
  • Creepy Corn Candy Cream
  • Cranium Cup


  • Pumpkin Coffee Beans
  • Crème Brulée Cream
  • Turkey Cup


  • Peppermint Coffee Beans
  • Eggnog Cream
  • Santa's Cup

New Year

  • Tutti Frutti Coffee Beans
  • X Cream
  • Countdown Cup

Valentine's Day:

  • Creameo Coffee Beans
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Heart Cup

St. Paddy's Day:

  • Mint Coffee Beans
  • Irish Cream
  • Cauldron Cup


  • Chocolate Eggs Coffee Beans
  • Wild Berries Cream
  • Oval Cup

Cinco de Mayo

  • Horchata Coffee Beans
  • Chipotle and Chocolate Cream
  • Copa de Mayo



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