Papa's Burgeria 2 is Created by Some Snowy, Mainly updates the ingredients, festival ingredients, customers etc of Papa's Burgeria.


New Customer


  • Order Station
  • Grill Station
  • Build Station
  • Salad Station(New Station)

Salad Introduce

Players need to select salad topping from the salad machine, then directly click the green arrow to spray out salad topping, repeat the above action twice, then select salad sauce from the salad machine, and click the green arrow to spray out salad sauce



Burger Buns


Bold for toppings also used in the Salad Station


Bold for Sauce also used in the Salad Station

Salad Topping

Salad Sauce


New Holidays is Hold


Holiday Ingredients

Holiday Rank/Day Ingredient
Munchmore Anniversary Logos New Rank 6
Rank 6
Day 2
Rank 7
Rank 8
Fried Buns
Mixed Patty
Munchmore Lettuce
Wild Onion Sauce
Warp Coin Cheese
Cherry Blossom Festival New Logo Rank 11
Rank 11
Day 2
Rank 12
Rank 13
Crepe Buns
Unagi Patty
Wasabi Mayo
Logo-Big Top Carnival Rank 16
Rank 16
Day 2
Rank 17
Rank 18
Saucy Buns
Cheese Beef Patty
Chocolate Bacon
Caramel Apple Sauce
Carnival Corn Kernels
Summer luau logo Rank 21
Rank 21
Day 2
Rank 22
Rank 23
Hawaiian Buns
Hawaiian Barbecue Patty
Sliced Pineapple
Calypso Sauce
Starlight BBQ Updated Rank 26
Rank 26
Day 2
Rank 27
Rank 28
Star Buns
Assorted Patty
Pulled Pork
Lone Star Pit Sauce
Star Fried Egg
Portallini Feast New Logos! Rank 31
Rank 31
Day 2
Rank 32
Rank 33
Venetian Panino Buns
Shrimp Patty
Marinara Sauce
Maple Mornings New Logo Rank 36
Rank 36
Day 2
Rank 37
Rank 38
Oatmeal Buns
Sausage Patty
Scrambled Eggs
Honey Mustard Sauce
Mashed Potato
Halloween Updated Logo Rank 41
Rank 41
Day 2
Rank 42
Rank 43
Ecto Buns
Zombie Green Patty
Halloween Cheddar Fondue
Pumpkin Slice
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