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Papa's Bubble Tea Mia! Deluxe is the sixteenth gameria created by Fanofkinopio for the FanofkinopiOS, and a remake of the abandoned game Papa's Bubble Tea Mia!. New features include a Fry Station where popcorn chicken is made and double the holidays, customers and ingredients (like Papa's Sushiria Deluxe Refined). For the first time since Papa's Cupcakeria Deluxe, the Custom Worker is not an option. Instead, Chelsea is the only playable worker in the game.
The game will release on the 31 September 2021.


Unlike most gamerias, the story builds up after each holiday is unlocked, and is more dialogue-oriented.

StartRank 6Rank 16Rank 26Rank 36Rank 46Rank 56Rank 66Rank 76Rank 86Rank 96Rank 106Rank 116Rank 121Hide
Chelsea was hired at a different Papa's Bubble Tea Mia!, located near the Rosa Blu Opera House. Papa Lewis offers VIP tickets to her and five other people to the Speranza Opera Troupe's show, featuring legendary opera singer Belladonna, and also a tour backstage. Due to being Chelsea's longtime friends, Benny, Jan, Lila, Paul and Zhao are invited.

Chelsea: Ah... that was a splendid performance. The way she hit those notes spot-on, her ethereal voice resonating in our hearts...(But an opera-themed story again? Can he be more creative?)
Benny: We've got to thank Papa Lewis for these tickets. You're so lucky you work at Papa's Bubble Tea Mia!. You get all this cool stuff.
Chelsea: Well, it's not ALWAYS cool. The other day the bubble tea machine broke, and customers were yelling at me for a good twenty minutes! Uh...Lila...are you alright? Your face is red.
Lila: Uh-y-yes! Just a speck of dust in my eye, that's all. Yeah, t-that's all!
Paul: Anyways, what do we do now that the show's over?
Zhao: Didn't they say we get a backstage tour?
Paul: Oh, right! I completely forgot about that. Let's-
???: AAAAAHHH!!!
Chelsea: That came from backstage! What's going on? Come on, we need to look!

Chelsea: Is everything all right? Everything seems to be fine though...
Opera Troupe Leader: Fine? FINE??!! WE'VE BEEN MARKED BY LAPIS!!
Jan: Who?
Opera Troupe Leader: You don't know who she is? She is wind and shadow! A dauntless and audacious thief the likes of which you have never seen!
Lila: A thief? Why would she announce that before robbing this place? Seems weird.
Chelsea: What does the card she left say?

One week from tonight, under the full moon's light, I come for the Noble Flower.

Chelsea: The Noble Flower? This thief steals flowers?
???: Not quite. I think she's referring to me.
Chelsea: Ah! You were the singer in tonight's opera!
Belladonna: Yes, my name is Belladonna, but you may call me Bella. I'm the lead singer of the Speranza Opera Troupe.
Lila: Unnngh...
Jan: Lila? Are you alright?
Lila: Y-yes! Yes I am! It's just...so weird to meet a famous person.
Chelsea: ...Anyway, are you saying that the thief would steal YOU?!
Belladonna: Unfortunately so. Oh, what will I do?
Zhao: Lapis STEALS PEOPLE?! What?!
Opera Troupe Leader: We can't Bella be captured! You must do something...er, what are your names?
Chelsea: I'm Chelsea. Just a worker at the nearby bubble tea shop.
Opera Troupe Leader: Wait, is it Papa's Bubble Tea Mia?
Chelsea: Yep, that's the store.
Opera Troupe Leader: Great, because Papa Lewis and I are great friends. He told me that he will protect Bella at all costs. That's why he even gave tickets to you.
Chelsea: Ah... how kind.
Opera Troupe Leader: So, I will call Papa Lewis and tell him to hide her in his secret house. The Opera Troupe will also relocate there as well. Are we clear?
Opera Troupe: Yes sir, we will relocate.
Opera Troupe Leader: Great! I will call Papa Lewis... Hello? Huh? YOU'RE IN HAWAII?! HAVING A HOLIDAY?! While LAPIS has marked us?!
Benny: ...
Opera Troupe Leader: Well, looks like we have nowhere to hide her. Oh, Bella!
Chelsea: Don't worry, we will protect her. We will keep her in Papa's Bubble Tea Mia!. At the back, away from everyone, and Zhao, Benny, Lila, Jan and Paul will protect her!
Together: Right!
Chelsea: And on the day Lapis said she will come after Bella, we will keep an eye out for her 24/7. There will be no way she'll capture Bella.
Belladonna: Oh, how kind of you. Thank you so much!
Chelsea: And also, there's a massive space at the back. It's soundproof too, so no customers would hear. Your entire opera troupe can use that space to continue rehearsing too.
Opera Troupe Leader: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! How could I possibly repay you?

Chelsea: Your songs are more than enough. Come on, we better start moving!
Belladonna: Wow, this place is perfect! Thank you all so much!

Chelsea: It's the least we could do for you after that stunning performance.
Benny: Hey Chelsea, we got customers! We need to go.
Chelsea: Wha-really? Sorry Bella, we gotta go.
Belladonna: (Yes, this place is TRULY perfect...)

Jan: Hopefully Bella will be alright in there.
Chelsea: She's completely protected from this Lapis thief. The entire opera troupe of 50 people are inside that room. There's no way she can be stolen, even if Lapis remotely tried.
Lila: Hope so. I just want to hear more of her songs.
Benny: Then you can stay in that room forever.
Lila: N-not funny! She's rehearsing, I can't just interrupt her!
Zhao: Anyways, I'd like one regular pearl milk tea, 25% sugar and no ice please.
Chelsea: Alright then...

Belladonna: Well, that's a wrap for today.
Chelsea: Great! And we have not seen Lapis anywhere today. Lila and Zhao went walking around the neighbourhood today to find clues of Lapis, but they haven't found or reported anything.
Belladonna: That sounds great to hear. But I still worry about what this thief will do to me in...6 days?
Chelsea: She won't even lay a finger on you with us here, so you don't need to worry.
Belladonna: Thank you all. Now, we need to head home.
Chelsea: Wait! I'll escort you back home. That way, I can keep looking if Lapis is anywhere in sight.
Belladonna: Very well then. We shall be off.

Day 7, the day Lapis foretold...

Chelsea: I've closed the bubble tea shop today. That way, no one can enter the shop and steal Bella.
Zhao: Are you sure? People really need their bubble tea. Like me, for example.
Chelsea: You shouldn't drink too much anyway. It's not good for you. Anyway, we should keep a close eye on Bella.
Together: Right!

Belladonna: Oh! Have you come to see me rehearse?
Chelsea: Well-
Lila: Y-yes! Uh, I mean, n-no-yes! W-Well, i-in other w-words-
Benny: Lila, stop making us look like idiots! What she's trying to say is we're keeping an eye out on you because Lapis so-called says she's coming today.
Belladonna: Well, that so kind-AAAAAAHHHHHH!
Chelsea: Eeek! The lights went out! Can't see, can't see! Bella, Bella, are you okay?
Belladonna: ...
Chelsea: Bella! Can you hear me?!

Zhao: Phew, the lights are back on.
Chelsea: WHAT?!
Lila: But HOW?! She was right in front of me singing! And LOOK! A BLUE ROSE!
Chelsea: This must be Lapis' doing! Search the surroundings now! All of you! Even those reading you musical scores! If she's carrying a person, she couldn't have gone far!
???: Tsk! Did you truly think your little "security measures" would be enough to stop moi?
Chelsea: Who's there?!
Lapis: Bonsoir, mes amis! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances!
Lapis: I am she who sees the impossible done... The phantom thief! The Blue Rose! Lapis! Mark my name and remember it well.

Chelsea: Urgh! What have you done to Bella?! Where is she? Everyone, grab her now!
Chelsea: Urgh! What have you done to Bella?! Where is she? Everyone, grab her now!

Lapis: Oh ho ho! Did you really think it would be that easy, mes amis?
Chelsea: What the- *cough* *wheeze*
Paul: ACK-! A *cough* smokescreen?!
Lapis: I have what I came for. Au revoir, darlings!
Chelsea: She's gone.
Paul: Grrgh! How could she have disappeared?!

Jan: We've searched far and wide, and no sign of Bella OR Lapis.
Lila: Well, she definitely has done the impossible. So what do we do now?
Opera Troupe Leader: Oh, my poor Bella...
Chelsea: We're so sorry we couldn't protect her...Now I feel so terrible.
Opera Troupe Leader: No, don't! Lapis always gets what she comes for and - wait, a calling card? What does it say?
Chelsea: If you want your noble flower back, prepare 10,000,000 tips and an elegant, stunning per...placing Bella...Oh, the text got smudged-
Benny: That's a RANSOM NOTE! How despicable of Lapis!
Chelsea: But how are we going to collect 10,000,000 tips within, like, NOW?!
Lila: I don't know. Wait, I got it!
Chelsea: What?
Lila: Shove as many customers into Papa's Bubble Tea Mia! as possible! That way, we'd REALLY get some money going.
Chelsea: Wha-how? That's impossible!
Chelsea: Wait...

Lapis: I am she who sees the impossible done... The phantom thief! The Blue Rose! Lapis! Mark my name and remember it well.

Chelsea: (Make the impossible done...Hmm...)
Zhao: Uh, Chelsea? Have you disconnected with reality?
Chelsea: You know what? Let's do it.
Jan: But how? We don't even know when Lapis will return! How will we know when will be the deadline for the ransom?
Chelsea: Well, if Lapis can get away with such a wicked deed, then WE can't give up.
Opera Troupe Leader: But wait! We have a show in a few days, featuring BELLA! We have no backup singers or anything!
Chelsea: So, what happens?
Opera Troupe Leader: We need to find a replacement! Anyone-
???: No need. I will do it.

All: *gasp*
???: No need. I will do it.

All: *gasp*
Chelsea: Are you sure, Lila? Don't you HATE being up on stage?
Lila: True. But Bella's voice is the BEST! I'd do anything for her to sing again.
Paul: Well, you do you.
Lila: So, what do I have to sing?
Opera Troupe Leader: Here's the score.
Lila: HUH?! THIS?!

Lila: ♪♪♪
Coach: No, no NO! Where's the passion? Where's the ENERGY?! THE EMOTION?! THE FEELING?!
Lila: Grrgh!
Lila: (Man, this is harder than I thought).
Chelsea: Lila, you can sing right?
Lila: Of course I can!
Zhao: Well, keep going! I'm sure everything will be okay.

Coach: This is a TRAGIC performance, not a dull recital of the fundamental theorem of calculus! MORE PASSION!
Lila: Fine. One more time...
Lila: ♪♪♪
Coach: GRRRGH! I am fed up! I can't waste any more time with this! I could be watching TV right now!
Lila: You don't care about Bella?! But we need to save her! I need to save her!
Coach: Well, I can always find a replacement. You better practice and study hard before I see you, or else I will find someone else!
Lila: ...

Chelsea: So, uh...I heard some yelling in the rehearsal room. Is everything all right?
Lila: No...I was incompetent. The coach got so angry that he just stormed out.
Benny: Hey! There you guys are!
Lila: Hi Benny.
Benny: So, how was rehearsals? Doing all right?
Lila: Unfortunately not.
Benny: Well, that's not...good. But anyways, I came because I found an album of Bella's songs in the store!
Lila: Really?! We gotta listen!

Belladonna: Hold my hand and I will feel no fear. ♪
Lila: No way! This is the song I was told to perform!
Jan: Shh! Just listen!
Belladonna: Amid our restless feelings, the future draws near. ♪
Belladonna: Colors intertwine. White petals weep red. ♪
Belladonna: Anticipation covers the world in dread. ♪
Belladonna: I can hear the end! The end! THE EEEEEEEEEEND! ♪♪♪

Chelsea: So, how was that?
Lila: Now I know what to do. I can see myself in the singer's shoes.
Lila: A tragic love story about a prince and princess from rival lands.
Lila: Fate brought them together although they are enemies. The princess has already arranged to get married.
Lila: But then the prince and his fiancé duel, and is laid low by her foe. I fully understand it now...
Zhao: Wait, you understand getting KILLED?!
Lila: Well, i-it's something else! Seriously!

Lila: But either way, I have the confidence to return, and take on the role of Bella!
Lila: So...uh...

Coach: Oh, you've come back. And so quickly too!
Lila: Our past aside, I'm back, ready as ever.
Coach: Huh? But very well, you may begin.

Lila: I ask the mirror for my love fortune ♪
Lila: But the only reply is pain ♪
Coach: !
Lila: I want to disappear ♪

Lila: So...H-how did I go?
Coach: ...!!!
Lila: Ah! Did I not do okay? I'll just l-leave.
Coach: T-t-that was...
Lila: Wait, really?
Coach: Yes! You've crawled into the skin of the princess, your voice is simply SPECTACULAR! I can't WAIT for your performance!
Lila: Oh...that's great. Do I get an outfit to wear?
Coach: Yes! Right this way...

Lila: So guys...How do I look?
Chelsea: Wow...that dress looks so stunning on you! I love those clean lines!
Paul: ...
Lila: Are you BLUSHING Paul?!
Paul: Wha-No! I am not ready for the stage of romance in my life! What an absurd thought!
Lila: ...
Opera Troupe Leader: Wow, I just heard some GREAT things about you, Lila! A wonderful voice, you have!
Lila: Well...thanks.
Lila: But...is my voice any match for Bella's? Will we even raise the ten million tips Lapis dares to ask for us?
Benny: Ugh...how dare she...But yes! We've raised a lot of money from the bubble tea store, so it would be quite easy to reach that amount.
Chelsea: I do hope Bella is alright...

Lila: Me too. And that's why I'm going to sing with all my heart - for BELLA!
One week later...

Lila: So nervous...the performance is today...
Chelsea: Don't worry, you've got this! We've successfully raised ten million tips to bring back Bella using the opera troupe and Papa's Bubble Tea Mia!'s funds. So Lapis BETTER give back Bella.
Paul: Anyways, I think you should-
Jan: What was that?! There was a loud crash nearby! It sounded like it came from Papa's Bubble Tea Mia!!

Robber 1: I heard the owner of this stupid place has raised a butload o' money!
Robber 2: Bwaa haa haa! We'll be RICH! We'd be set for life! Now where is the money?!
Bandit Leader: Hurry up, idiots! They could be here any moment!
Robber 2: WHERE IS IT?! Bah, forget it! Just tear up the bubble tea machines and call it a day!
Robber 1: But we've searched everywhere, sir! It's nowhere!
Robber 2: Yes, yes YES!! Here's the money! These stupid fools left all ten million tips in this storage room. What a bunch o' losers.
???: No, this cannot happen.
Bandit Leader: Who's there!? Graaaagh!
Robbers: AAAHHHH!!!
Bandit Leader: RETREAT! RETREAT!!!
???: Over already? What a shame...Come with me.

Chelsea: What happened to this place, everything seems normal-ACK! NO!
Benny: What happened?
Chelsea: The room where our ten million tips were is COMPLETELY EMPTY!!! Who would do such a thing?!
Zhao: Robbers, for sure.
Lila: Now what?! What are we going to do with rescuing Bella?! The WHOLE REASON I agreed to do this stupid thing was to save Bella! And now it's all for no reason because we have NO MONEY!
Coach: Um, Lila? May I speak to you for a moment in private?
Lila: I guess so...

Coach: I just heard that you were about to give up! You can't do that!
Lila: Yeah, but if Bella's not gonna get rescued, I won't feel complete! I wasted HOURS rehearsing for this princess role, only for the reason I wanted to play this part to disappear. I don't know if I can do this anymore.
Coach: But you mustn't! What about our opera troupe?
Lila: Yeah, but without Bella, it's basically dead.
Coach: But what about YOU?! We need to keep this opera troupe running! Without you, we'd be DOOMED!
Lila: I'm sorry, I will have to reject. Good luck with finding a new songstress though.
Coach: ...
Coach: I was so excited to hear you sing. And also, isn't it the experience that is most valuable?
Lila: Huh!?
Coach: You're a wonderful singer. Shouldn't you finish your performance? There's no use in starting something halfway, then giving up.
Lila: I...guess...
Coach: So you should finish your performance! Finish on a high note! After that, you can leave the opera troupe if you want.
Lila: Okay...
Lila: Wait a second...This...This...THIS CANNOT BE!
Lila: You know, you should really stop pretending to be someone else...
Lila: ...LAPIS!

Coach?: Très bien, darling...
Lila: Drop the act, Lapis! I know it's you!

Coach?: How did you come to that conclusion?
Lila: You literally said one minute ago that you didn't want me to leave, and then the next minute you said "you" were okay with leaving the opera troupe. Something didn't add up.
Lila: And secondly, why are you wearing a blue rose shirt pin?
Lapis: Splendidly done, Lila. You saw right through me.
Lila: I won't ask this one more time - WHERE IS BELLA?!
Chelsea: Lila, are you- IT'S LAPIS!
Lapis: Of course it's me. The Blue Rose! No more, and certainly no less.
Chelsea: Look, what do you even want from us?
Lapis: You know those bandits who just robbed your place? They were sent to pose as me, Lapis, to kidnap Bella, the songstress of flowers.
Lapis: How dare they would sully my good name! Using MY name for such a plan is unspeakably rude.
Lapis: So I stole the songstress myself before they could—and even sent my card in advance to show them how a true phantom thief operates.
Lapis: But of course, these bandits' depravity knows no limit; they simply responded by sending a ransom note in my name.
Lapis: Of course, I could not abide THAT, so I helped ensure your opera went off without a hitch.
Lapis: If you were able to get the ransom money together, I knew the bandits were certain to show themselves eventually.
Lapis: And it turns out I had to dirty my hands after all. Stopped the bandits and took all the ten million tips before anyone else could.
Lapis: You think I would tell you?
Lila: Oh yes you SHOULD! Or else I'll squeeze every last drop of your body that blood oozes out of your-
Lapis: Very well! Let us pen a little epilogue.
Lapis: The curtain ascends to reveal a duel between phantom thief and the new songstress!
Lapis: It will be just like in the opera... a duel for the princess!

Lila: I've got you now, Lapis!
Lapis: Heh. Well done. But do you even really WANT to catch me?
Lapis: Would things not be better for you if dear Bella never returned?
Lapis: I mean, if she came back, you'd be forced to abandon the stage! You sing beautifully, why not share that gift to the world?
Lapis: And all of that work you did to make the role your own? All of that rehearsing? It will now be for nothing.
Lila: !
Lila: Yeah...no. Nothing you say will make me abandon Bella to you!
Lapis: Oh, what a shame! If only I could have seen you reach your full potential!
Chelsea: Hey, isn't that Lapis? Quick, nab her!
Lapis: Sacrebleu! Am I surrounded?
Chelsea: Oh yes you are. Escape is impossible for you. Quick, grab her!
Lapis: Do you know who I am? I am the phantom thief, she who makes the impossible possible!
Lapis: Au revoir, children!
Chelsea: Another smokescre-*cough*- ACK!
Lila: Man, got away, AGAIN! AND NOW WHAT?! Bella's never coming back, even though she stole all the ten million tips we raised! Despicable!
Paul: Hey wait, isn't that a card with a blue rose on it?
Chelsea: Let's read it!

"Lila, be a good girl and get back on that stage. Afterwards, I have one more request. After THAT, I will deliver the Noble Flower back to you. - Lapis"

Chelsea: How do we know she's not lying?
Jan: Something does not seem right. She is most likely lying.
Lila: Well, I had another think. Unfortunately for us, she was right.
Benny: What do you mean?
Lila: I should finish my performance. I've started now, it's best to finish.
Chelsea: Well, we support your decision. Let's escort you onstage.

Lila: (Let's do this...)

Lila: ♪♪♪
Chelsea: (Wow, such an amazing voice...)
Zhao: (Such a voice cannot be rivalled!)
Jan: (Her voice...)
Benny: (Incredible!)
Paul: (Urrgh!)
Lila: ♪♪♪

Lila: So, that was the end of the performance. Better head backstage and meet up with the others down in the crowd.
???: Well done, well done indeed.
???: For a truly transcendent performance, one must make the role their own— and you have crawled into the skin of this princess for true.
???: And the group's fighting skills are incredible! I must ask them for their service. They are clever, after all.
Lila: Who's there?!
???: !
Lapis: Bonjour, Lila.
Lila: Lapis?! Wha-why are you here?
Lapis: To hear you sing, of course! And what a marvellous performance, that was!
Lila: Okay, I did the song as you asked! Now give Bella back to us!
Lapis: Well, I did say I needed one more thing from you.
Lila: Grrgh!
Lila: But very well. What do you want?

Lapis: Well, you see...


  • Order Station: Receive customers' orders here. The Lobby can be decorated with furniture, posters, wallpaper and flooring.
  • Tea Station: Prepare the teas here. Choose cup size, tea, flavours, and if wanted, milk and also the temperature of the drink.
  • Build Station: Add additional toppings to the tea, and a lid and straw here.
  • Fry Station: Fry and top popcorn chicken here.





Cup Sizes

Sample order ticket for Papa's Bubble Tea Mia! Deluxe

Tea Types


  • Whole Milk (Start)
  • No Milk (Start)

Ice Levels

  • Heated (0%)
  • 0%
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%

Sugar Levels

  • 0%
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%

Tea Flavours

Tea Extras

Popcorn Chicken Bag Sizes

  • Small Bag (Start)
  • Regular Bag (Start)
  • Large Bag (Start)
  • X-Large Bag (Unlocked at Rank 71 with Jamieson)

Popcorn Chicken Toppings


Holidays in bold indicate that it is a new holiday. After reaching Rank 126, holidays can be freely switched.

Holiday Ingredients

Each holiday features three tea flavours, two tea extras and one popcorn chicken topping.

Holiday Rank/Day Ingredient Unlocked with
New year logo.png Rank 6
Day 2
Rank 7
Day 4
Rank 8
Day 6
Tutti Frutti Tea
Rainbow Fruit Jelly
Vanilla Tea
Lemon Juice
Sparkling Apple Tea
Mango Bursting Bubbles
Valentine's Day Updated Logo.png Rank 11
Day 2
Rank 12
Day 4
Rank 13
Day 6
Strawberry Cheesecake Tea
Mini Candy Hearts
Rose Tea
Beetroot Dip
Rhubarb Tea
Raspberry Pearls
St. Paddy's Day PP.png Rank 16
Day 2
Rank 17
Day 4
Rank 18
Day 6
Chocomint Tea
Mint Leaves
Irish Cream Tea
Parsley Sauce
Thai Green Tea
Lime Sugar Pearls
Fanofkinopio's Birthday Version 3 No Background.png Rank 21
Day 2
Rank 22
Day 4
Rank 23
Day 6
Hibiscus Tea
Coconut Lychee Jelly
Raspberry Tea
Satay Sauce
Green Mango Peach Tea
Jackfruit Pearls
Cinco de Mayo PP.png Rank 26
Day 2
Rank 27
Day 4
Rank 28
Day 6
Grapefruit Tea
Cinco Swirls
Horchata Tea
Mole Poblano Sauce
Chamoyada Tea
Maraschino Cherries
Summer Luau PP.png Rank 31
Day 2
Rank 32
Day 4
Rank 33
Day 6
Piña Coolada Tea
Pink Lemonade Pearls
Papaya Tea
Breadfruit Tea
Hibiscus Pearls
Starlight Jubilee Updated Logo.png Rank 36
Day 2
Rank 37
Day 4
Rank 38
Day 6
Blueberry Cheesecake Tea
Starfruit Pearls
Cherry Cordial Tea
Lone Star Pit Sauce
White Chocolate Tea
Tricolour Pearls
Icy Island's Fruit Festival Transparent.png Rank 41
Day 2
Rank 42
Day 4
Rank 43
Day 6
Feijoa Tea
Diced Fruit
Gooseberry Tea
Lemon Zest
Mangosteen Tea
Fruity Bursting Bubbles
FFCW Anniversary Logo (Fanofkinopio) No Background.png Rank 46
Day 2
Rank 47
Day 4
Rank 48
Day 6
Citrus Peach Tea
Edible Confetti
Ginger Ale Tea
Truffle Sauce
Cherry Cola Tea
Blueberry Pearls
Cure Kohaku
Halloween logo.png Rank 51
Day 2
Rank 52
Day 4
Rank 53
Day 6
Witch's Brew
Tiger Tail Tea
Muenster Sauce
Black Sesame Tea
Liquorice Pearls
Thanksgiving Logo.png Rank 56
Day 2
Rank 57
Day 4
Rank 58
Day 6
Pumpkin Spice Tea
Wojapi Tea
Cranberry Sauce
Crème Brûlée Tea
Honey Strawberry Pearls
ChristmasPP.png Rank 61
Day 2
Rank 62
Day 4
Rank 63
Day 6
Fruitcake Tea
Candy Cane Bits
Eggnog Tea
Casserole Sauce
Sponge Cake Tea
Minty Fresh Pearls
Lunar New Year Logo.png Rank 66
Day 2
Rank 67
Day 4
Rank 68
Day 6
Dragonfruit Tea
Peach Blossoms
Pomelo Tea
Oyster Sauce
Soursop Tea
Roasted Watermelon Seeds
Mardi Gras Logo.PNG-0.png Rank 71
Day 2
Rank 72
Day 4
Rank 73
Day 6
King Cake Tea
Creole Cream Cheese
Café au Lait Tea
Creole Mustard
Praline Chai Tea
Blackcurrant Pearls
Jill Smith
Azura's Birthday No Background.png Rank 76
Day 2
Rank 77
Day 4
Rank 78
Day 6
Sky Blue Tea
Gray Waves Tea
Fajita Veggies
Blackberry Strawberry Tea
Jelly Pendants
Cherry Blossom Festival New Logo.png Rank 81
Day 2
Rank 82
Day 4
Rank 83
Day 6
Red Bean Tea
Kuromitsu Tea
Nitsume Sauce
Shiruko Tea
Lili An
Big Top Carnival Logo.png Rank 86
Day 2
Rank 87
Day 4
Rank 88
Day 6
Caramel Apple Tea
100s and 1000s
Fairy Floss Tea
Cheeseburger Sauce
Chocolate Banana Tea
Butterscotch Pearls
Bill Smith
Singer's Festival No background.png Rank 91
Day 2
Rank 92
Day 4
Rank 93
Day 6
Radiant Herbal Tea
Drum Pearls
Ambrosia Tea
Assam Tea
Golden Flakes
Chocofest logo.png Rank 96
Day 2
Rank 97
Day 4
Rank 98
Day 6
Triple Chocolate Tea
Chocolate Pearls
Black Forest Tea
Chocolate Chicken Mole
ChocoMocha Tea
Cookie Bits
Pirate Bash new logo.png Rank 101
Day 2
Rank 102
Day 4
Rank 103
Undersea Tea
Treasure Jelly
Jujube Tea
Anchovy Sauce
Golden Treasure Tea
Cannonball Gum Balls
Comet Con Logo.png Rank 106
Day 2
Rank 107
Day 4
Rank 108
Day 6
Galaxy Grape Tea
Cosmic Coconut
Ethereal Sky Tea
Pulsar Pesto
Aurora Borealis Tea
Planet Pearls
Diwali A.png Rank 111
Day 2
Rank 112
Day 4
Rank 113
Day 6
Masala Chai Tea
Cardamom Seeds
Darjeeling Tea
Tikka Masala Sauce
Gulabi Tea
Saffron Strands
Cup Day No Background.png Rank 116
Day 2
Rank 117
Day 4
Rank 118
Day 6
Lavender Tea
Sweet Leaf
Guava Mango Tea
Mushroom Gravy
Elderflower Tea
Cream Layer
An Evening of Crescendo No Background.png Rank 121
Day 2
Rank 122
Day 4
Rank 123
Day 6
Coconut Lime Tea
Silver Dragée Balls
Mariage Frères Tea
Velouté Sauce
Thé au Lait Froid
Fruit Coulis


Jeanne's Opera Rehearsal (Monday)

A rhythm game where players must align musical notes with panels according to the beat of the song to earn points. The minigame is won if the amount of points the player earned is higher than the target score.

Jeanne's Opera Rehearsal Prizes
Format: Prize (Song name by artist(s))

Standard Prizes

  1. Magic Heart (Dream☆Catcher by Inori Minase (as Tsubasa Oribe) and Ayane Sakura (as Eleonora Yumizuru))
  2. Coral Display (Promise of Blue by kurokumo (as Lucretia))
  3. Piñata (Give Me!! by Inori Minase (as Tsubasa Oribe) and Yoshino Nanjo (as Kiria Kurono))
  4. Autumn Tree (Kaede by kurokumo (as Lucretia))
  5. Cello (Maybe in the Next Life by Megumi Toyoguchi (as Karina))
  6. Pot O' Gold (BANG! by DAOKO)
  7. Starfruit Poster (Singing in the Rain by Liyuu (as Siren))
  8. Seabed Stage (Across the World by Liyuu (as Siren))
  9. Kraken's Tail (Stealth Dance by Shiki Aoki)
  10. Blessed Lance (Lost in Thoughts All Alone by Rena Strober (as Azura))
  11. Starry Sky Constellations Poster (Polaris by Liyuu (as Siren))
  12. Dragon's Head (Get Up by MADKID)
  13. Fruit Platter (Hollow Dance by SiN)
  14. Blue Rose's Calling Card (Maybe in the Next Life by Tomoyo Kurosawa (as Belladonna))

Rare Prizes

Ai's Animals (Tuesday)

A game where the player has to click on a spot on the map to ring a bell which will attract animals to the bell. They must lead the specified amount of animals into a pen within a time limit to win the minigame.

Ai's Animals Prizes

Standard Prizes

  1. Sombrero Stand
  2. Candy Corn Gum
  3. Streamers
  4. Phonograph
  5. Sandcastle Sculpture
  6. Dartboard Poster
  7. Fruit Jelly Poster
  8. Torii Gates
  9. Hanging Planets
  10. Stocking Poster
  11. Masks
  12. Lotus Flowers
  13. Trophy
  14. Music Score

Rare Prizes

  • Bronze: Cheese Poster
  • Silver: Ice Cream Freezer
  • Gold: Ai's Animals Arcade Machine

Hallway Hunt (Wednesday)

A game where up to four customers will stand in front of four doors. One customer is selected as the target. The screen will turn black and only the customers' eyes will be seen. The player must track the selected customers' eyes until they enter a door. They must select the correct door to win the minigame.

Hallway Hunt Prizes

Standard Prizes

  1. Mocha Gum
  2. Diya Display
  3. Firework Display
  4. Cherry Blossom Tree
  5. Libretto
  6. Water Fountain
  7. Comic Book Stand
  8. Decorated Mai Tree
  9. Astronaut Suit
  10. Canapé Stand
  11. Hanging Bats
  12. Jukebox
  13. Ai-Yu Jelly Poster
  14. Fleur-de-Lis Poster

Rare Prizes

  • Bronze: King Cake Poster
  • Silver: Lucky Tophats
  • Gold: Cannon

Chai Tea Shot (Thursday)

The player controls a bottle of chai tea syrup. The player must hit a specified amount of targets (enemies) as they appear to win the minigame.

Mex's Mess (Friday)

Identical to Mitch's Mess. However, each time the minigame is played, the items will be shuffled around.

Dizzying Decisions (Saturday)

In this minigame, a customer will be placed on one of four segments of a wheel. The player has 3 seconds to memorise which segment they're on. The wheel will spin and the player must find the segment which the customer was originally standing on to win the minigame.

Pancake Stack (Sunday)

Identical to Burgerzilla, but the player stacks pancakes instead.


Rank Number Total XP (+1800 each Rank after Rank 11) Payday increase (+$5 each Rank) Unlocks
1 Start $100 -
2 300 $105 Laine, Strawberry Pearls
3 750 $110 Dimitry, Chilli Mayo
4 1,350 $115 Lizzy, Lychee Tea
5 2,100 $120 Sophie, Spicy Buffalo Sauce
6 3,000 $125 New Year, Sparkle, Cherry Pearls, Tutti Frutti Tea
7 4,050 $130 Mary, Vanilla Tea
8 5,250 $135 Ash, Sparkling Apple Tea
9 6,600 $140 Ikebana, White Tea
10 8,100 $145 Marianna, Peach Tea
11 9,750 $150 Valentine's Day, Lovie, Sago Pearls, Strawberry Cheesecake Tea
12 11,550 $155 Kerry, Rose Tea
13 13,350 $160 Eleonora, Rhubarb Tea
14 15,150 $165 Kim, Onions
15 16,950 $170 Xane, Taro Tea
16 18,750 $175 St. Paddy's Day, Ricki, Jalapeños, Chocomint Tea
17 20,550 $180 Boey, Irish Cream Tea
18 22,350 $185 Dennis, Thai Green Tea
19 24,150 $190 Dusk, Brown Sugar
20 25,950 $195 Chance, Apple Tea
21 27,750 $200 Fanofkinopio's Birthday, Fanofkinopio, BBQ Seasoning, Hibiscus Tea
22 29,550 $205 Julia, Raspberry Tea
23 31,350 $210 Est, Green Mango Peach Tea
24 33,150 $215 Ophelia, Crushed Oreos
25 34,950 $220 Mitsuba, Gong Bao Sauce
26 36,750 $225 Cinco de Mayo, Antonio, Coconut Jelly, Grapefruit Tea
27 38,550 $230 Moon, Horchata Tea
28 40,350 $235 Star, Chamoyada Tea
29 42,150 $240 Ban, Coconut Tea
30 43,950 $245 Farina, Ribs Sauce
31 45,750 $250 Summer Luau, Sara, Chia Seeds, Piña Coolada Tea
32 47,550 $255 Mae, Papaya Tea
33 49,350 $260 Lachesis, Breadfruit Tea
34 51,150 $265 Beth, Chamomile Tea
35 52,950 $270 Bianca, Red Velvet Tea
36 54,750 $275 Starlight Jubilee, Nei, Green Apple Pearls, Blueberry Cheesecake Tea
37 56,550 $280 Hoshi, Cherry Cordial Tea
38 58,350 $285 Bradley, White Chocolate Tea
39 60,150 $290 Roy, Sweet and Sour Sauce
40 61,950 $295 Ray, Chocolate Shavings
41 63,750 $300 Icy Island's Fruit Festival, Diane, Pineapple Tea, Feijoa Tea
42 65,550 $305 Tess, Gooseberry Tea
43 67,350 $310 Catria, Mangosteen Tea
44 69,150 $315 Camilla, Durian Tea
45 70,950 $320 Taz, Honey Mustard
46 72,750 $325 Flipline Fan Customers Wikia Anniversary, JK55556, Orange Tea, Citrus Peach Tea
47 74,550 $330 Meandcrazy, Ginger Ale Tea
48 76,350 $335 Cure Kohaku, Cherry Cola Tea
49 78,150 $340 Benny, Passionfruit Seeds
50 79,950 $345 JoelPalencia12, Pear Tea
51 81,750 $350 Halloween, Myrrh, Bacon Strips, Witch's Brew
52 83,550 $355 Onna, Tiger Tail Tea
53 85,350 $360 James, Black Sesame Tea
54 87,150 $365 Tammy, Passionfruit Tea
55 88,950 $370 Ilyanna, Salt and Pepper
56 90,750 $375 Thanksgiving, Jett, Red Beans, Pumpkin Spice Tea
57 92,550 $380 Grace, Wojapi Tea
58 94,350 $385 Wario, Crème Brûlée Tea
59 96,150 $390 Cain, Cherry Tea
60 97,950 $395 Erika, Bubblegum Tea
61 99,750 $400 Christmas, Christine, Mixed Berries, Fruitcake Tea
62 101,550 $405 Noelle, Eggnog Tea
63 103,350 $410 Felix, Sponge Cake Tea
64 105,150 $415 Aikila, Atomic Sauce
65 106,950 $420 Mia, Lemon Tea
66 108,750 $425 Lunar New Year, Chis, Kiwi Tea, Dragonfruit Tea
67 110,550 $430 Marilyn, Pomelo Tea
68 112,350 $435 Kaitekai, Soursop Tea
69 114,150 $440 Jade, Ai-Yu Jelly
70 115,950 $445 Mikyu, Five-Spice Powder
71 117,750 $450 Mardi Gras, Jamieson, X-Large Bag, King Cake Tea
72 119,550 $455 Jill Smith, Café au Lait Tea
73 121,350 $460 Eva, Praline Chai Tea
74 123,150 $465 Stacy, Watermelon Pearls
75 124,950 $470 Max, Banana Tea
76 126,750 $475 Azura's Birthday, Azura, Lettuce, Sky Blue Tea
77 128,550 $480 Melody, Gray Waves Tea
78 130,350 $485 Aqua, Blackberry Strawberry Tea
79 132,150 $490 Selena, Cheese Foam
80 133,950 $495 Tsubasa, Kumquat Tea
81 135,750 $500 Cherry Blossom Festival, Lili An, Jasmine Tea, Red Bean Tea
82 137,550 $505 Li, Kuromitsu Tea
83 139,350 $510 Lacey, Shiruko Tea
84 141,150 $515 Lily, Vanilla Ice Cream
85 142,950 $520 Lip, Seaweed
86 144,750 $525 Big Top Carnival, Minnie, Egg Pudding, Caramel Apple Tea
87 146,550 $530 Devin, Fairy Floss Tea
88 148,350 $535 Bill Smith, Chocolate Banana Tea
89 150,150 $540 Alice, Guava Tea
90 151,950 $545 Roberts, Spicy Buffalo Sauce
91 153,750 $550 Singer's Festival, Onyx, Mustard Powder, Radiant Herbal Tea
92 155,550 $555 Ruby, Ambriosa Tea
93 157,350 $560 Amber, Assam Tea
94 159,150 $565 Citrine, Lychee Pearls
95 160,950 $570 Emerald, Starfruit Tea
96 162,750 $575 Chocofest, Barry, Nacho Cheese Sauce, Triple Chocolate Tea
97 164,550 $580 Twilight, Black Forest Tea
98 166,350 $585 Rox, ChocoMocha Tea
99 168,150 $590 Ted, Lemon Herb Sauce
100 169,950 $595 Timothy, Pomegranate Pearls
101 171,750 $600 Pirate Bash, Otoko, Blackberry Tea, Undersea Tea
102 173,550 $605 Axe, Jujube Tea
103 175,350 $610 Greil, Golden Treasure Tea
104 177,150 $615 Tomboy, Grape Tea
105 178,950 $620 Dark, Blueberry Tea
106 180,750 $625 Comet Con, Astra, Grape Pearls, Galaxy Grape Tea
107 182,550 $630 Tracy, Ethereal Sky Tea
108 184,350 $635 Linda, Aurora Borealis Tea
109 186,150 $640 Shelly, Kewpie Mayonnaise
110 187,950 $645 Eric, Honeydew Tea
111 189,750 $650 Diwali, Aditya, Kiwi Pearls, Masala Chai Tea
112 191,550 $655 Jasmine, Darjeeling Tea
113 193,350 $660 Wood, Gulabi Tea
114 195,150 $665 Darwin, Wintermelon Tea
115 196,950 $670 Basil Sauce, Raja
116 198,750 $675 Cup Day, Ai, Coffee Jelly, Lavender Tea
117 200,550 $680 Penny, Guava Mango Tea
118 202,350 $685 Lea, Elderflower Tea
119 204,150 $690 Kris, Huckleberry Pearls
120 205,950 $695 Mandy, Plum Tea
121 207,750 $700 An Evening of Crescendo, Belladonna, Paprika, Coconut Lime Tea
122 209,550 $705 Jeanne, Mariage Frères Tea
123 211,350 $710 Light, Thé au Lait Froid
124 213,150 $715 Palla, Pu-erh Tea
125 214,950 $720 Papa Lewis, Longan Tea
126+ +1,800 per Rank +$5 per Rank Holidays can now be freely switched


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