Papa's Boutiqueria HD is a game made by ColinGIBAO. It's a HD version of Papa's Boutiqueria by Jyappeul.

What is different

  • Old style customers section unlocked.
  • Both Satan and Female Satan are closers. They are no longer unlocked in rank.
  • Anime con replaces September Fest.
  • With customers updated.
  • With Flipline Studios Customers.
  • With ColinLolLuser's Customers.
  • Satan is redesigned.


  • 23/08/2019: Papa's Boutiqueria HD is annouced.
  • 23/08/2019: Rob C. is redesigned!
  • 24/08/2019: Female Satan will enter this game as local!

New Items

  • Papa Louie Neckerchief
  • Bakeria Apron
  • Hokage Cloak (Anime Con)
  • Akatsuki Cloak (Anime Con)
  • Saiyan Clothes (Anime Con)
  • Shikikami Kimono (Anime Con)
  • Ninja Shoes (Anime Con)
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