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Papa's Bookeria is a fanon game by Fanofkinopio where you as a librarian "serve" books to hungry readers! Only custom workers are available for this game.


You're not working at a restaurant here, but at a library instead! Select the correct books, label them correctly with the correct return dates and customer name then deliver the books to the customer!

Seems easy? After a few ranks (and days) the Returning Room will appear. This is where you drop the borrowed books! So you have to now balance between delivering books and returning books.

Having a bit of trouble? Buy pets to massively buff your library! These cuties offer a variety of buffs that will make your library more awesome. But beware! They will go back to their homes after some time.


The custom worker has headed off for work at Papa's Video Game Store. However, the store has been closed for renovation. Happy that the custom worker doesn't have to work, they go back home, and plays video games for the whole day. The next morning, Papa Lewis arrives at the front door with a new job application for Papa's Curry Mia!. The custom worker agrees, and they head over to Papa's Curry Mia!. Unfortunately, a burglar has stolen all of the cooking materials. Luckily, next door to the restaurant is a library with "Help Wanted" on a window pane. Instantly, the librarian asks the custom worker to work for them while they go on a holiday, much to the custom worker's dismay.


Papa Lewis finally retrieves all of the cooking materials and the custom worker finally stops working at the bookstore.


  • Order Station
  • Book Station
  • Details Station
  • Return Station (Returning Room exclusive only, unlocked at Rank 4)



Bold denotes that they are a local


Bold denotes that they are a closer



Card SystemEdit

Each time a customer is served, there is a chance that they will give a card, which comes in three rarities: Common, Rare or Legendary. Common and rare cards can be used for extra bonuses, while legendary are more powerful.

It is possible to craft several cards of the same rarity to the next. For common to rare it is 3 common cards and from rare to legendary it is 6 rare cards.

Legendary cards can offer Style Bs, clothing, tips and many more. Common and rare offer small buffs such as increased tips, extra points etc.


It is possible to buy pets in this game. Pets offer tremendous buffs, from double tips to guaranteed 100% waiting score. However, these pets cost huge amounts of tips and are only available for a specific period of time before they "leave" the workplace.

Returning RoomEdit

Since this is set in a library, the returning room is a must. Like a server, the returning room needs an employee. The employee will take orders as usual, but it is for a return book order. Only the Return Station will be used for any returning order. When the books are correctly returned, the customer will leave without scoring points or tips (however increased customers per day compensates this).


When a customer reaches a certain amount of points, their Bond level will increase. They will give more tips and score more points by a specific amount. The max Bond level is 10.

Order EvolutionEdit

At first, the customer will order one or two books. When a bronze star customer is awarded, the customer will order three books. When a silver star customer is awarded, the customer will order five books. When a gold star customer is awarded, the customer will order six books.


  • This game does not have holidays, badges, specials, the dining room or stickers.
    • They are replaced by three new features, Card System, Bonding and Returning Room. These were created so the game does not get boring by unlocking only books.
  • Order Evolution is present in this game.
  • Pets are also featured, although reworked.
  • The creator had to check every individual name of the book in case of copyright.
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