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Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Easter (Cupcakeria (All Stars), Freezeria 2 Go!)

Earth Day (Breakfasteria)
April Fools (Salad Mia!)
Big Top Carnival (Wingeria V.I.P.)

Summer Luau (Cupcakeria (All Stars), Wingeria V.I.P.)
Cheese Breeze (Breakfasteria)
Cinco de Mayo (Salad Mia!)
Big Top Carnival (Freezeria 2 Go!)
Unlocked With
Dennis (Cupcakeria (All Stars))
Rootolph (Breakfasteria)
Sarge Fan (Freezeria 2 Go!)
BBQ Fan (Wingeria V.I.P.)

OnionFest is a holiday celebrated in Papa's Cupcakeria (All Star) and Mama's Breakfasteria.

Customers who favor OnionFest

Customers who favor Onionfest in multiple games are listed at the bottom of the list.

  • Aggy (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Alden (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Amanda (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Damon (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Danny (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Dennis (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Freddy (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Heather (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • John (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Julia (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Lucinda (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Lynn (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Monika (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Ryan (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Sky (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Sofia (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Stan (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Tommy (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Vianca (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Yuan (Cupcakeria (All Star))


Papa's Cupcakeria (All Star)

Mama's Breakfasteria

Holiday Costumes

Mama's Holiday Exclusive Music

  • OnionZestival
  • OnionTown Anthem
  • Sarge Is Near


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