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Oliver is a male customer created by Cure Kohaku. He is the male worker in Papa's Theateria.


Papa's Cookieria

  • Yum n M Batter
  • Rainbow Frosting (Chocolate Frosting in other holidays)
  • White Chocolate Bits
  • Creameos

Papa's Magicalria

  • Male Pellet
  • Medium Bottle
  • Blue Tear Solvent 
  • Swirl Powder
  • Hedgehog Style
  • Gold Color
  • Silver Watch Sprinkle 

Holiday (New Year):

  • Male Pellet
  • Medium Bottle
  • Rainbow Solvent 
  • Streamers Powder
  • Hedgehog Style
  • Gold Color
  • Colorful Wristband

Items unlocked with him


Oliver is a character in Spy. At the end of the story, he and Olympia start dating.

Other Outfits


Papa's Cakeria

Sticker Number Name Achievement Sticker Earned
50 Recipe Master Master a special recipe by earning 5 special stars
19 Preferential Treatment Have Purp's order ready when he arrives and serve immediately 19.png
40 Go Yoshi! Serve all of the Cure Kohaku Customers
040 - Scarlett and the Shakers.png

Get all of the 3 stickers to earned this outfit:


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