New Year is a holiday in all of the gamerias.

Customers who like this Holiday Edit

  • CoolProDude10986 (Magicalria, Waffle Mia!)
  • Oliver (Cakeria HD, Magicalria, Waffle Mia!, Curry Mia!, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined)
  • Christian II (Magicalria, Hamburgeria)
  • Jeff (Magicalria, Curry Mia!)
  • Robin (Magicalria)
  • Ruby (Magicalria)
  • Sam (Magicalria)
  • Wacky (Magicalria)
  • Cheddy (Waffle Mia!)
  • Passac Pol (Waffle Mia!)
  • Zira (Waffle Mia!)
  • Kristin (Waffle Mia!)
  • Charlie (Waffle Mia!, Curry Mia!, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined)
  • Amber (Waffle Mia!)
  • Lizzy (Cakeria HD, Curry Mia!, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined)
  • Oggy (Cakeria HD)
  • Mishee (Cakeria HD)
  • BBQ Fan! (Cakeria HD)
  • Papa Lucci (Cakeria HD)
  • Savannah (Cakeria HD)
  • Claudia (Hamburgeria)
  • Dennis (Hamburgeria)
  • Danny (Hamburgeria)
  • Rob D. (Hamburgeria)
  • Trinity (Hamburgeria)
  • Zoei (Hamburgeria)
  • Rafael (Pancakeria to Go!)
  • Jyappeul (Parkeria)
  • Nathan (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Owen (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Peach (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Quinn (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Ikebana (Sushiria Deluxe)
  • Actor (Sushiria Deluxe, Pizzeria Deluxe, Scooperia Refined)
  • Mary (Sushiria Deluxe, Curry Mia!)
  • Lucio (Curry Mia!)
  • Aubrey (Curry Mia!)
  • Lucius (Curry Mia!)
  • Xazzmine (Curry Mia!)
  • Sparkle (Pizzeria Deluxe)
  • Donix (Pizzeria Deluxe)
  • Maria (Pizzeria Deluxe)
  • Tori (Pizzeria Deluxe)
  • Erika (Scooperia Refined)
  • Olive (Scooperia Refined)
  • Isla (Scooperia Refined)
  • Sonya (Frogurteria)

Ingredients Edit

Papa's Parkeria Edit

Papa's Falafelia Edit

Papa's Boutiqueria Edit

  • Blurring T-shirt (Rank 46)
  • Blurred Colors Mixing T-shirt (Rank 46)
  • Rainbow Bottom T-shirt (Rank 47)
  • Rainbow Stripes Tank (Rank 48)
  • Swirl T-shirt (Rank 49)
  • Rainbow Stripes Hat (Rank 50)

Papa's Cheeseria 2 Edit

  • Midnight Ham (unlocked at Rank 26 with Laura)
  • Midnight Bread (unlocked on the 2nd day of New Year)
  • Rainbow Cheese (unlocked at Rank 27 with Zack)
  • Rainbow Sauce (unlocked on the day after reaching Rank 27)

Papa's Squeezeria Edit

Papa's Cookieria Edit

  • Rainbow Sprinkles (Rank 6 with Lizzy)
  • Rainbow Batter (Day 2 of New Year)
  • Rainbow Chocolate Chips (Rank 7 with Leo)
  • Rainbow Frosting (Day after reaching Rank 7)

Papa's Theateria Edit

Papa's Cakeria Edit

  • Tutti Frutti Cake Batter (Unlocked with Lizzy at Rank 26)
  • Rainbow Meringue Dollops (Unlocked with Lizzy at Rank 26)
  • Espresso Drizzle (Unlocked on the second day of New Year)
  • Rainbow Frosting (Unlocked with Brittany at Rank 27)
  • Candle (Unlocked on the fourth day of New Year)
  • Countdown Candies (Unlocked with Chris at Rank 28)

Papa's Popsicleria Edit

  • Tutti Frutti Mix (Unlocked with Lizzy)
  • Flavor 'X' Drizzle (Unlocked on the 2nd day of the fest)
  • Yum N M Bits (Unlocked with Walter)
  • Toffee Bits (Unlocked with Walter)
  • Colorful Icing (Unlocked with Wacky)

Papa's Magicalria Edit

  • Primary Colors (Unlocked with Ruby on Rank 16)
  • Streamers Powder (Day 2 of New Year)
  • Rainbow Solvent (Unlocked with Christian II on Rank 17)
  • Colorful Wristband (Day 4 of New Year)
  • Explosion hairstyle (Unlocked with Oliver on Rank 18)
  • Candle Style Bottle (Day 6 of New Year)

Papa's Brownie Mia! Edit

Papa's Cakeria HD Edit

Papa's Nachoria Edit

Papa's Waffle Mia! Edit

  • Gooey Rainbow Grilled Cheese Ball (Unlocked with Oliver on Rank 26)
  • Cream Cheese Syrup (Day 2 of New Year)
  • Mango Cheese Cup (Unlocked with Cheddy on Rank 27)
  • Slice Cheese Cake (Day 4 of New Year)

Papa's RoasteriaEdit

  • Rainbow Peppercorn (Unlocked with CoolProDude at Rank 26)
  • Chorizo Sausage (Unlocked on Day 2 of New Year)
  • Mac N Cheese (Unlocked with Nina at Rank 27)
  • Sparkling Grape Juice (Unlocked with Ida at Rank 28)

Papa's Pancakeria To Go! Edit

  • Confetti Pie-Tarts
  • Flavor X Drizzel
  • Countdown Crunch
  • Sparkling Grape Juice

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe Edit

Papa's Curry Mia!Edit

Papa's Pizzeria Deluxe Edit

Papa's Scooperia Refined Edit

Papa's Stirfryeria Edit

Holiday Costumes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the games, this holiday is usually celebrated by unlocking rainbow ingredients, but in Papa's Waffle Mia!, they celebrate by unlocking cheese.
  • In Papa's Stirfryeria, this holiday is celebrated by unlocking ingredients from past Gamerias.

Gallery Edit