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Mama's Breakfasteria is the 14th game and the 6th gameria made by Jyappeul. It is the first Mama's gameria.


Back Story

Rank 1

Galaxico/Mara/Custom Worker goes on a long vacation at Egg City and stays at Sunny Side Hotel. After ending the vacation, they go to pay the nights, but then they discover their wallet was stolen and they can't pay the long vacation they had. Mama comes to them and tells them that they can pay the debts by working at Mama's Breakfasteria and through this, pay the nights they will spend by working every day. They agree and Mama gives them the apron.

Rank 66

Galaxico/Mara/Custom Worker worked at Mama's Breakfasteria for a year and they finally covered the debts. They buy a new ticket back home and then their boss calls and asks them why they didn't come for work for over a year. They discover that they lost their job and realize that they can only keep working at Mama's Breakfasteria until they can find a new job where they live.

Rank 126

Galaxico/Mara/Custom Worker worked at Mama's Breakfasteria for another year. They find a new job, but then realize that the journey they experienced at Mama's Breakfasteria was better than any other job they ever had and they keep working at Mama's Breakfasteria.

Game Versions

  • 1.0.0, 7.3.2019 - The Game Is Released
  • 1.0.1, 8.18.2019 - The $ Currency is changed to the Ɋ Sunnyland's Currency for the tips.
  • 1.1.0, 8.19.2019 - The Wall Speaker Music is completely changed to fictional songs (Except for the Christmas exclusive music).
  • 1.2.0, 7.8.2020 - Added order evolution

Order Evolution

Mama's Breakfasteria version 1.2 added the order evolution.

  • On 0 Stars the customer will order 0 sides.
  • On 1 Star (Bronze Customer) the customer will order 1 side.
  • On 2 Star (Silver Customer) the customer will order 2 sides.
  • On 3 Star (Gold Customer) the customer will order 3 sides.

New features

  • The scientist is a closer that orders every holiday ingredient.
  • The goddess likes all holidays but isn't a closer.
  • Cooking Methods.
  • Customers like one Holiday from each year, except for Cupid, who only likes Valentine's Day.


Order Station

The station where the customers order their breakfast and waiting for it.

Cooking Station

The station where the mains are fried/boiled/baked/etc.

Build Station

The station where the salads, breads, and sides are added.

Drink Station

The station where the drink is getting poured into a cup and added to the breakfast.


Station Upgrade Cost Info
Order Station Door Bell 50Ɋ The Door Bell rings every time a customer enters the restaurant.
Wall Speakers 300Ɋ The Wall Speakers play music to make the customers a bit more patient. The music will replace the game music, but the game music can be the music that is played.
Cooking Station Frying Alarm 100Ɋ The Frying Alarm turns on whenever it's either time for a task or it's time to take the main out of the Pan.
Baking Alarm 100Ɋ The Baking Alarm turns on whenever it's either time for a task or it's time to take the main out of the Brick Oven.
Ironing Alarm 100Ɋ The Ironing Alarm turns on whenever it's either time for a task or it's time to take the main out of the Waffle Iron.
Boiling Alarm 100Ɋ The Boiling Alarm turns on whenever it's either time for a task or it's time to take the main out of the Pot.
Processing Alarm 100Ɋ The Processing Alarm turns on when it's either time for a task or it's time to take the main out of the Food Processors.
Smoking Alarm 100Ɋ The Smoking Alarm turns on whenever it's either time for a task or it's time to take the main out of the smoker.
Frying Booster 100Ɋ The Frying Booster speeds up the cooking process as long as it's pressed.
Baking Booster 100Ɋ The Baking Booster speeds up the cooking process as long as it's pressed.
Ironing Booster 100Ɋ The Ironing Booster speeds up the cooking process as long as it's pressed.
Boiling Booster 100Ɋ The Boiling Booster speeds up the cooking process as long as it's pressed.
Processing Booster 100Ɋ The Processing Booster speeds up the processing process as long as it's pressed.
Smoking Booster 100Ɋ The Smoking Booster speeds up the cooking process as long as it's pressed.
Build Station Side Helper 100Ɋ The Side Helper helps to place the side by a showing circle where the side should be.
Drink Station Automatic Cup Filler 250Ɋ By entering the order ticket into The Automatic Cup Filler's scanner, The Automatic Cup Filler makes the perfect drink with the correct cup size and the correct drink type, although you can still do it manually.
Type Furniture Cost Holiday
Flower Pot 60Ɋ
Maple Plant 60Ɋ
Maple Mornings
Glass Ghost Statue 60Ɋ
Raspberries Baskets 60Ɋ
Jyappeul's Birthday
Christmas Fireplace 60Ɋ
Comic Books 60Ɋ
New Year
Chocolate Vase Of Roses 60Ɋ
Valentine's Day
Pot of Gold 60Ɋ
St. Paddy's Day
Easter Eggs Baskets 60Ɋ
Sakura Bonsai 60Ɋ
Cherry Blossom Festival
Luau Umbrella 60Ɋ
Summer Luau
Firework Crate 60Ɋ
Starlight Jubilee
Telescope 60Ɋ
Space Carnival
Jukebox 60Ɋ
Beer Barrel 60Ɋ
Brick Oven 60Ɋ
Cake Day
Bowl Of Fruit 60Ɋ
Bílcig Neumanč
Box Of Herb Stalks 60Ɋ
Tea Month
Masked Float 60Ɋ
Mardi Gras
Holi Powder 60Ɋ
Globe 60Ɋ
Earth Day
The Great Onion 60Ɋ
Giant Cheese Wheel 60Ɋ
Cheese Breeze
Ice Cream Cone Lamp 60Ɋ
Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep
Confetti Cannon 60Ɋ
FFCW Anniversary
Small Napkin Table 35Ɋ
Medium Napkin Table 55Ɋ
Large Napkin Table 75Ɋ
Small Maple Table 35Ɋ
Maple Mornings
Medium Maple Table 55Ɋ
Large Maple Table 75Ɋ
Small Spiderweb Table 35Ɋ
Medium Spiderweb Table 55Ɋ
Large Spiderweb Table 75Ɋ
Small Birthday Table 35Ɋ
Jyappeul's Birthday
Medium Birthday Table 55Ɋ
Large Birthday Table 75Ɋ
Small Holiday Table 35Ɋ
Medium Holiday Table 55Ɋ
Large Holiday Table 75Ɋ
Small Rainbow Table 35Ɋ
New Year
Medium Rainbow Table 55Ɋ
Large Rainbow Table 75Ɋ
Small Romance Table 35Ɋ
Valentine's Day
Medium Romance Table 55Ɋ
Large Romance Table 75Ɋ
Small Shamrock Table 35Ɋ
St. Paddy's Day
Medium Shamrock Table 55Ɋ
Large Shamrock Table 75Ɋ
Small Spring Table 35Ɋ
Medium Spring Table 55Ɋ
Large Spring Table 75Ɋ
Small Sakura Table 35Ɋ
Cherry Blossom Festival
Medium Sakura Table 55Ɋ
Large Sakura Table 75Ɋ
Small Luau Punch Table 35Ɋ
Summer Luau
Medium Luau Punch Table 55Ɋ
Large Luau Punch Table 75Ɋ
Small Barbecue Table 35Ɋ
Starlight Jubilee
Medium Barbecue Table 55Ɋ
Large Barbecue Table 75Ɋ
Small Exhibition Table 35Ɋ
Space Carnival
Medium Exhibition Table 55Ɋ
Large Exhibition Table 75Ɋ
Small Groove Table 35Ɋ
Medium Groove Table 55Ɋ
Large Groove Table 75Ɋ
Small Root Beer Table 35Ɋ
Medium Root Beer Table 55Ɋ
Large Root Beer Table 75Ɋ
Small Cupcakes Table 35Ɋ
Cake Day
Medium Cupcakes Table 55Ɋ
Large Cupcakes Table 75Ɋ
Small Buffet Table 35Ɋ
Bílcig Neumanč
Medium Buffet Table 55Ɋ
Large Buffet Table 75Ɋ
Small Tea Table 35Ɋ
Tea Month
Medium Tea Table 55Ɋ
Large Tea Table 75Ɋ
Small Cocktail Shrimp Table 35Ɋ
Mardi Gras
Medium Cocktail Shrimp Table 55Ɋ
Large Cocktail Shrimp Table 75Ɋ
Small Pigment Table 35Ɋ
Medium Pigment Table 55Ɋ
Large Pigment Table 75Ɋ
Small Saplings Table 35Ɋ
Earth Day
Medium Saplings Table 55Ɋ
Large Saplings Table 75Ɋ
Small Sarge Merchandise Table 35Ɋ
Medium Sarge Merchandise Table 55Ɋ
Large Sarge Merchandise Table 75Ɋ
Small Cheese Fondue Table 35Ɋ
Cheese Breeze
Medium Cheese Fondue Table 55Ɋ
Large Cheese Fondue Table 75Ɋ
Small Ice Cream Table 35Ɋ
Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep
Medium Ice Cream Table 55Ɋ
Large Ice Cream Table 75Ɋ
Small PC Table 35Ɋ
FFCW Anniversary
Medium PC Table 55Ɋ
Large PC Table 75Ɋ
Cherry Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Planet Bubblegum
Bacon Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Maple Mornings
Licorice Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Raspberry Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Jyappeul's Birthday
Candy Cane Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Tutti Frutti Bubblegum 85Ɋ
New Year
Strawberry Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Valentine's Day
Chocolate Mint Bubblegum 85Ɋ
St. Paddy's Day
Pink Lemonade Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Hakuto Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Cherry Blossom Festival
Passionfruit Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Summer Luau
Powsicle Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Starlight Jubilee
Carambola Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Space Carnival
Fig Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Root Beer Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Jelly Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Cake Day
Papaya Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Bílcig Neumanč
Tea Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Tea Month
King Cake Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Mardi Gras
Jackfruit Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Fudge Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Earth Day
Onion Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Cheese Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Cheese Breeze
Ice Cream Bubblegum 85Ɋ
Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep
Anniversary Cake Bubblegum 85Ɋ
FFCW Anniversary
Type Colors Cost Holiday




Maple Mornings




Jyappeul's Birthday




New Year


Valentine's Day


St. Paddy's Day




Cherry Blossom Festival


Summer Luau


Starlight Jubilee


Space Carnival






Cake Day


Bílcig Neumanč


Tea Month


Mardi Gras




Earth Day




Cheese Breeze


Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep


FFCW Anniversary

Wall Speaker Music

After buying the Wall Speaker, you can choose the music that will be played at the restaurant. Without the Wall Speaker, the game will play the standard Mama's Breakfasteria music. The 2 other standard songs will only be available with the wall speaker but all year long.

All of the songs were real except for the Song 1# in each holiday before version 1.1, where they all but the Christmas songs changed to fictional ones.

Standard Music

  • Mama's Breakfasteria Theme
  • Good Morning
  • Honey-Lemon Tea Day

Maple Mornings Exclusive Music

  • Pile O' Pancakes
  • How Sweet
  • Big Big Breakfast

Halloween Exclusive Music

  • Trick Or Trick
  • The Grim Reaper
  • Louie Manor

Jyappeul's Birthday Exclsuive Music

  • Calcium Cyanide
  • The Largest Star Of All
  • Sapphires

Christmas Exclusive Music

  • Gingerbread Kingdom
  • Dance of The Sugar-Plum Fairy
  • Fa La La

New Year Exclusive Music

  • Stratosphere
  • Firework Bomb
  • Celebration Epidemic

Valentine's Day Exclusive Music

  • Deadly Love
  • By My Side
  • Tonight

St. Paddy's Day Exclusive Music

  • Lucky One!
  • Flip-A-Coin
  • Beware Of The Rainbow

Easter Exclusive Music

  • Easter Bunny
  • BoBoPo
  • Easter In A Basket

Cherry Blossom Festival Exclusive Music

  • The Sakura Creature
  • Verry Cherry
  • Sakura Bay

Summer Luau Exclusive Music

  • Beach Party
  • Summertime, Summer Time!
  • Sunscreen Project No. 3

Starlight Jubilee Exclusive Music

  • Jubilee Jammin'
  • The Starshine Above
  • Red, White, & Blue

Space Carnival Exclusive Music

  • The Universe(?)
  • Extra-Terrestrial
  • Beyond The Visibility

Grōōvstock Exclusive Music

  • Jammin'
  • Let's Have a Groovy Night
  • Papa Louie Musikal

Oktoberfest Exclusive Music

  • Let's Get The Beer
  • Cheers!
  • Free Spirits

Cake Day Exclusive Music

  • Sweeten Your Day
  • Baked Fun
  • Piece of Cake

Bílcig Neumanč Exclusive Music

  • Hyper Punch
  • Winter Mind Blower
  • ZimZamZapZoot 5 Part 12

Tea Month Exclusive Music

  • Herbal Stream
  • Storm in a Teacup
  • Sip Your Life Away

Mardi Gras Exclusive Music

  • Cocktail Dance
  • Fatty Parade
  • Epiphany - Final Stage

Holi Exclusive Music

  • Powder Fight!
  • Holi Moli
  • Festival of Colors

Earth Day Exclusive Music

  • Keep Our Planet Clean
  • Dirty Talk
  • Subterranean Civilization

OnionFest Exclusive Music

  • OnionZestival
  • OnionTown Anthem
  • Sarge Is Near

Cheese Breeze Exclusive Music

  • Let's Get Cheesy!
  • Papa's Cheesy Music Mix
  • House of Gouda

Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep Exclusive Music

  • Banana Split
  • 1 Scoop, 2 Scoops, 3 Scoops
  • Candyland Part 2#: The Golden Waffle Cone

FFCW Anniversary Exclusive Music

  • Happy Anniversary!
  • FFCW Musical: How It All Began
  • FFCW Musical: Lucky Edit!

Mini Games

Fashion Flambѐ (Sunday)

Possible Prizes:

  • Striped Wall (Standard)
  • Fedora (Maple Mornings)
  • Halloween Poster (Halloween)
  • Fingerless Gloves (Jyappeul's Birthday)
  • Santa Hat (Christmas)
  • Tutti Frutti Bubblegum (New Year)
  • Heart Cap (Valentine's Day)
  • Chocolate Mint Poster (St. Paddy's Day)
  • Easter Eggs Basket (Easter)
  • Sakura Wall (Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Sand Floor (Summer Luau)
  • Flame Tank (Starlight Jubilee)
  • Star Shoes (Space Carnival)
  • Music Note Cookie Poster (Grōōvstock)
  • Fizzy Wall (Oktoberfest)
  • Plaid Pants (Cake Day)
  • Fruit Hat (Bílcig Neumanč)
  • Medium Tea Table (Tea Month)
  • Three Tone Shirt (Mardi Gras)
  • Checkered Bow (Holi)
  • Round Buckled Belt (Earth Day)
  • Sarge Shirt (Onionfest)
  • Letter Jacket (Cheese Breeze)
  • Thick Striped Pants (Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep)
  • Butterfly Sunglasses (FFCW Anniversary)

Rare Prizes:

  • Awesome Saucer (1 Star)
  • Raised Sunglasses (2 Stars)
  • Long Sleeves (3 Stars)

Syrup Shot (Monday)

Possible Prizes:

  • Plain Shirt (Standard)
  • Maple Syrup Cap (Maple Mornings)
  • Licorice Bubblegum (Halloween)
  • Raspberries Basket (Jyappeul's Birthday)
  • Peppermint Floor (Christmas)
  • Swirl Shirt (New Year)
  • Valentine's Day Poster (Valentine's Day)
  • Medium Shamrock Table (St. Paddy's Day)
  • Bunny Ears (Easter)
  • Cherry Blossom Flower Hair Pin (Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Medium Luau Punch Table (Summer Luau)
  • Powsicle Bubblegum (Starlight Jubilee)
  • Space Helmet (Space Carnival)
  • Open Round Belt (Grōōvstock)
  • Burple Shirt (Oktoberfest)
  • Strawberry Shirt (Cake Day)
  • Starfruit Poster (Bílcig Neumanč)
  • Striped Shirt (Tea Month)
  • Rough Carpet (Mardi Gras)
  • Holi Powder (Holi)
  • Globe (Earth Day)
  • Onion Bubblegum (Onionfest)
  • Cheesewheel Hair Pin (Cheese Breeze)
  • Scooperia Wall (Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep)
  • Celebration Wall (FFCW Anniversary)

Rare Prizes:

  • Jeans (1 Star)
  • Enigma Bubblegum (2 Stars)
  • Jyappeul Studios Poster (3 Stars)

Home Run Derby (Tuesday)

Possible Prizes:

  • Dr. Cherry Poster (Standard)
  • Medium Maple Table (Maple Mornings)
  • Halloween Poster (Halloween)
  • Raspberry Bubblegum (Jyappeul's Birthday)
  • Christmas Fireplace (Christmas)
  • Rainbow Striped Tank (New Year)
  • Hearts Wall (Valentine's Day)
  • Clover Belt (St. Paddy's Day)
  • Easter Vest (Easter)
  • Cherry Blossom Festival Poster (Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Passionfruit Bubblegum (Summer Luau)
  • Firework Crate (Starlight Jubilee)
  • Mars Floor (Space Carnival)
  • Turbulent Wall (Grōōvstock)
  • Oktoberfest Poster (Oktoberfest)
  • Medium Cupcakes Table (Cake Day)
  • Bead Bracelets (Bílcig Neumanč)
  • Polka Dot Pants (Tea Month)
  • Fleur De Lis Wall (Mardi Gras)
  • Curtained Wall (Holi)
  • Grass Carpet (Earth Day)
  • Sarge Helmet (Onionfest)
  • Cheese Bubblegum (Cheese Breeze)
  • Ice Cream Pendant (Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep)
  • FFCW Anniversary Balloons (FFCW Anniversary)

Rare Prizes:

  • VIP Pass (1 Star)
  • Headphones (2 Stars)
  • Warped Wall (3 Stars)

Slider Escape (Wednesday)

  • Striped Tank (Standard)
  • Maple Leaf Shirt (Maple Mornings)
  • Jolly Roger Shirt (Halloween)
  • Roller Skates (Jyappeul's Birthday)
  • Snowy Floor (Christmas)
  • New Year Poster (New Year)
  • Lollipop Carpet (Valentine's Day)
  • Golden Bracelet (St. Paddy's Day)
  • Moon Mist Wall (Easter)
  • Hakuto Bubblegum (Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Sunset Wall (Summer Luau)
  • Flame Shoes (Starlight Jubilee)
  • Space Carnival Poster (Space Carnival)
  • Mission Figs Poster (Grōōvstock)
  • Medium Root Beer Table (Oktoberfest)
  • Slit Top Shirt (Cake Day)
  • Pinstriped Pants (Bílcig Neumanč)
  • Tea Flowers Floor (Tea Month)
  • Medium Cocktail Shrimp Table (Mardi Gras)
  • Multicolored Carpet (Holi)
  • Camouflage Pants (Earth Day)
  • OnionFest Poster (Onionfest)
  • Medium Cheese Fondue Table (Cheese Breeze)
  • Ice Cream Bubblegum (Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep)
  • JK Shirt (FFCW Anniversary)

Rare Prizes:

  • Smart Watch (1 Star)
  • Flipflops (2 Stars)
  • Tattoo (3 Stars)

Hallway Hunt (Thursday)

  • Diamond Wall (Standard)
  • Bacon Bubblegum (Maple Mornings)
  • Glass Ghost Statue (Halloween)
  • White Chocolate Poster (Jyappeul's Birthday)
  • Candy Cane Bubblegum (Christmas)
  • Holographic Striped Wall (New Year)
  • Candy Hearts Poster - Be Mine (Valentine's Day)
  • Rainbow Wall (St. Paddy's Day)
  • Pink Lemonade Bubblegum (Easter)
  • Blossom Wall (Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Laced Shoes (Summer Luau)
  • Starlight Jubilee Poster (Starlight Jubilee)
  • Carambola Poster (Space Carnival)
  • Medium Groove Table (Grōōvstock)
  • Striped Vest (Oktoberfest)
  • Bakery Apron (Cake Day)
  • Banana Leaves Floor (Bílcig Neumanč)
  • Tea Month Poster (Tea Month)
  • Mardi Gras Mask (Mardi Gras)
  • Splashes Pants (Holi)
  • Earth Day Poster (Earth Day)
  • Medium Sarge Merchandise Table (Onionfest)
  • Panel Shirt (Cheese Breeze)
  • Freezeria Worker Shirt (Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep)
  • Medium PC Table (FFCW Anniversary)

Rare Prizes:

  • Pyramid Belt (1 Star)
  • Denim Vest (2 Stars)
  • Royal Crown (3 Stars)

Mama's Raceway (Friday)

  • Turned Cap (Standard)
  • Maple Plant (Maple Mornings)
  • Witch's Brew Poster (Halloween)
  • Aviators (Jyappeul's Birthday)
  • Snowflake Wall (Christmas)
  • Tutti Frutti Poster (New Year)
  • Chocolate Drip Wall (Valentine's Day)
  • Chocolate Mint Bubblegum (St. Paddy's Day)
  • Candy Egg Pattern Wall (Easter)
  • Striped Shoes (Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Summer Luau Poster (Summer Luau)
  • Powsicle Poster (Starlight Jubilee)
  • Telescope (Space Carnival)
  • Denim Vest (Grōōvstock)
  • Beer Barrel (Oktoberfest)
  • Meringue Floor (Cake Day)
  • Bílcig Neumanč Poster (Bílcig Neumanč)
  • Pearl Necklace (Tea Month)
  • Side Striped Pants (Mardi Gras)
  • Holi Poster (Holi)
  • Medium Saplings Table (Earth Day)
  • Onion Bubblegum (Onionfest)
  • Polo Shirt (Cheese Breeze)
  • Medium Ice Cream Table (Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep)
  • Anniversary Cake Bubblegum (FFCW Anniversary)

Rare Prizes:

  • Corduroy Pants (1 Star)
  • Plus Window (2 Stars)
  • Blooming Cacti Bed (3 Stars)

Too Many Presents! (Saturday)

  • Flower Pot (Standard)
  • Maple Mornings Poster (Maple Mornings)
  • Robber Mask (Halloween)
  • Geometric Wall (Jyappeul's Birthday)
  • Christmas Poster (Christmas)
  • Holographic Spirals Wall (New Year)
  • Strawberry Bubblegum (Valentine's Day)
  • Golden Metallic Wall (St. Paddy's Day)
  • Stitched Mocassins (Easter)
  • Hakuto Poster (Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Maui Meringue Poster (Summer Luau)
  • Medium Barbecue Table (Starlight Jubilee)
  • Antenna Eyes (Space Carnival)
  • Jukebox (Grōōvstock)
  • Frothy Floor (Oktoberfest)
  • Cake Day Poster (Cake Day)
  • Stripe Scarf (Bílcig Neumanč)
  • Khaki Pants (Tea Month)
  • Mardi Gras Poster (Mardi Gras)
  • Medium Pigment Table (Holi)
  • Fudge Bubblegum (Earth Day)
  • The Great Onion Statue (Onionfest)
  • Striped Belt (Cheese Breeze)
  • Color Block Tank (Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep)
  • Backwards Cap (FFCW Anniversary)

Rare Prizes:

  • Planet Bubblegum (1 Star)
  • Cannon (2 Stars)
  • Electric Bass (3 Stars)


Rank Number Rank Name Total XP Total XP (+1,800 per Rank after Rank 11, +2,600 per Rank after Rank 76) Payday Increase (+Ɋ5 each Rank, +Ɋ10 after Rank 66) Unlocked With
1 Newbie Start +Ɋ100 -
2 Omelet Master 300 +Ɋ105 Fizzo
3 Fizzo Fan 750 +Ɋ110 Baguette
4 Baguette Expert 1,350 +Ɋ115 Coleslaw, Dining Room
5 Coleslaw Buddy 2,100 +Ɋ120 French Omelet
6 French Omelet Pro 3,000 +Ɋ125 Maple Mabel, Autumn, Maple Mornings, Cinnamon Roll, Baking
7 Cinnamon Roll Server 4,050 +Ɋ130 French Toast, Folding (Frying)
8 French Toast Fan 5,250 +Ɋ135 English Breakfast Tea
9 English Hero 6,600 +Ɋ140 Waffle, Ironing
10 Waffle Fan 8,100 +Ɋ145 Guacamole
11 Guacamole Master 9,750 +Ɋ150 Dakota, Halloween, Mummy Dogs
12 Mummy Dog Hero 11,550 +Ɋ155 Potato Salad, Ecto Bread
13 Potato Specialist 13,350 +Ɋ160 Witch's Brew
14 Witch's Brew Master 15,150 +Ɋ165 Diet Fizzo
15 Diet Fizzo Buddy 16,950 +Ɋ170 Strawberry Jelly
16 Strawberry Lover 18,750 +Ɋ175 Jyappeul, Egg Salad, Jyappeul's Birthday, Raspberry and White Chocolate Crêpe
17 Egg Master 20,550 +Ɋ180 Spelled Bread
18 Spelled Guru 22,350 +Ɋ185 Vanilla Milkshake
19 Vanilla Server 24,150 +Ɋ190 Rye Bread
20 Rye Lover 25,950 +Ɋ195 Tempura Chicken
21 Tempura Lover 27,750 +Ɋ200 Santa Claus Jr., Winter, Christmas, Eggnog Pie
22 Eggnog Pie Pro 29,550 +Ɋ205 Fruit Cake
23 Fruit Cake Whiz 31,350 +Ɋ210 Eggnog
24 Eggnog Pro 33,150 +Ɋ215 Hot Chocolate
25 Hot Chocolate Server 34,950 +Ɋ220 Lasagna
26 Lasagna Lover 36,750 +Ɋ225 Sonya, New Year, Mac N' Cheese, Boiling (+Adding Table Salt and Mixing)
27 Macaroni Pal 38,550 +Ɋ230 Rainbow Swirl Bread
28 Swirl Bread Crumbler 40,350 +Ɋ235 Sparkling Grape Juice
29 Sparkler 42,150 +Ɋ240 Pickled Vegetables, Cheese Buns
30 Pickle Lover 43,950 +Ɋ245 Mustard
31 Mustard Buddy 45,750 +Ɋ250 Cupid, Valentine's Day, Red Rice
32 Red Rice Champion 47,550 +Ɋ255 Beetbread
33 Beetbread Master 49,350 +Ɋ260 Cranberry Juice
34 Cranberry Lover 51,150 +Ɋ265 Cherry Pie
35 Cherry Pie Slicer 52,950 +Ɋ270 Dr. Cherry
36 Dr. Cherry Specialist 54,750 +Ɋ275 Kegan, Spring, St. Paddy's Day, Key Lime Pie
37 Key Lime Pie Fan 56,550 +Ɋ280 Barmbrack
38 Barmbrack Hero 58,350 +Ɋ285 Irish Cream Coffee
39 Irish Creamer 60,150 +Ɋ290 Cucumber Dill
40 Cucumber Expert 61,950 +Ɋ295 Broccoli Muffin
41 Broccoli Master 63,750 +Ɋ300 Eggy Azalea, Easter, Hard Boiled Easter Eggs
42 Easter Eggs Hider 65,550 +Ɋ305 Paska
43 Paska Buddy 67,350 +Ɋ310 Wildberry Shake
44 Wildberry Shaker 69,150 +Ɋ315 Mayonnaise
45 Mayologic 70,950 +Ɋ320 Hard Boiled Eggs
46 Eggs Boiler 72,750 +Ɋ325 Michiko, Cherry Blossom Festival, Narutomaki, Processing (+Rolling Mat)
47 Narutomaki Roller 74,550 +Ɋ330 Melonpan
48 Melonpan Fan 76,350 +Ɋ335 Matcha Tea
49 Matcha Wizard 78,150 +Ɋ340 Lichee Vera
50 Lichee Vera Champion 79,950 +Ɋ345 Dango, Shokupan
51 Dango Professional 81,750 +Ɋ350 Deniecent, Summer, Summer Luau, Smoked Oysters, Smoking (+Cutting Open)
52 Oysters Fan 83,550 +Ɋ355 Hawaiian Roll
53 Hawaiian Roller 85,350 +Ɋ360 Luau Punch
54 Luau Punch Lover 87,150 +Ɋ365 Fruit Salad
55 Fruit Salad Pro 88,950 +Ɋ370 Passionfruit
56 Passionfruit Buddy 90,750 +Ɋ375 Daniel, Starlight Jubilee, Burnt Ends, Slicing (Smoking)
57 Burnt Ends Expert 92,550 +Ɋ380 Texas Toast
58 Texas Toast Server 94,350 +Ɋ385 Powsicle Punch
59 Powsicle Punch Master 96,150 +Ɋ390 Soda Water
60 Soda Wizard 97,950 +Ɋ395 Hot Dogs, Putting In a Bun (Frying)
61 Hot Dog Master 99,750 +Ɋ400 Craig, Space Carnival, Planet Rings
62 Cosmologic 101,550 +Ɋ405 Lunar Loaf
63 Lunar Loaf Expert 103,350 +Ɋ410 Mars Hot Chocolate
64 Footprints On Mars 105,150 +Ɋ415 Sun-Dried Tomatoes Bread
65 Tomatoes Sun-Drier 106,950 +Ɋ420 Green Salad
66 Green Salad Slicer 109,550 +Ɋ430 Conny, Grōōvstock, Jamburger
67 Jamburger Master 112,150 +Ɋ440 Campagrain Bun
68 Campagrain Buddy 114,750 +Ɋ450 Chai Reverb Tea
69 Chai Wizard 117,350 +Ɋ460 Blueberry Jelly
70 Blueberry Lover 119,950 +Ɋ470 Ginger Haze
71 Ginger Pro 122,550 +Ɋ480 Kingsburg, Oktoberfest, Bratwurst
72 Bratwurst Expert 125,150 +Ɋ490 Pretzel
73 Pretzel Champion 127,750 +Ɋ500 Root Beer
74 Root Beer Whiz 130,350 +Ɋ510 Weisswursts
75 Weisswurst Wizard 132,950 +Ɋ520 Breze
76 Breze Specialist 135,550 +Ɋ530 Joanna, Cake Day, Strawberry Shortcake
77 Shortcake Expert 138,150 +Ɋ540 Brioche
78 Brioche Fan 140,750 +Ɋ550 Red Velvet Cappuccino
79 Red Velevt Server 143,350 +Ɋ560 Crouton Salad
80 Crouton Lover 145,950 +Ɋ570 Whipped Cream
81 Cream Whipper 148,550 +Ɋ580 Natalie, Bílcig Neumanč, Exotic Fruit Pastry
82 Exotic Master 152,150 +Ɋ590 Quince Bread
83 Quince Whiz 154,750 +Ɋ600 Pitaya Smoothie
84 Pitaya Pro 157,350 +Ɋ610 Fruit Shake
85 Fruit Shaker 159,950 +Ɋ620 Deep Fried Bananas
86 Banana Fryer 152,550 +Ɋ630 Shay, Tea Month, Lemon Chamomile Cookie
87 Lemon Chamomile Wizard 155,150 +Ɋ640 Tea Loaf
88 Tea Loaf Champ 157,750 +Ɋ650 Lemongrass Tea
89 Lemongrass Pal 160,350 +Ɋ660 Herbs Bread
90 Herbs Fan 162,950 +Ɋ670 Tea Mix
91 Tea Mixer 165,550 +Ɋ680 Matthias, Mardi Gras, King Cake
92 King Cake Guru 168,150 +Ɋ690 Muffuletta
93 Muffuletta Master 170,750 +Ɋ700 Cocktail
94 Cocktail Server 173,350 +Ɋ710 Olive Oil
95 Olive Oil Hero 175,950 +Ɋ720 Tangerine Pop
96 Tangerine Popper 178,550 +Ɋ730 Cindy, Holi Pakoras
97 Pakora Pro 181,150 +Ɋ740 Naan Bread
98 Naan Fan 183,750 +Ɋ750 Thandai
99 Thandai Lover 186,350 +Ɋ760 Dumplings
100 Dumpler 188,950 +Ɋ770 Flatbread
101 Flatbread Fan 191,550 +Ɋ780 Zipp, Earth Day, Dirt Cake
102 Dirt Cake Buddy 194,150 +Ɋ790 Monolith
103 Monolith Pal 196,750 +Ɋ800 Ocean Water
104 Ocean Water Specialist 199,350 +Ɋ810 Grasses
105 Grass Whiz 201,950 +Ɋ820 Awesome Sauce
106 Awesome Saucer 204,550 +Ɋ830 Rootolph, Onionfest, Skewer Pearls
107 Pearl Skewerer 207,150 +Ɋ840 Onion Zest Bread
108 Onion Zester 209,750 +Ɋ850 Sarge Soda
109 Sarge Soda Lover 212,350 +Ɋ860 Purple Burple
110 Purple Buddy 214,950 +Ɋ870 Onions
111 Onion Hero 217,550 +Ɋ880 Sheeza, Cheese Breeze, Cheese Cubes
112 Cheese Cube Wizard 220,150 +Ɋ890 Cheesy Bread
113 Cheesy Bread Champion 222,750 +Ɋ900 Greasy Cheesy Fizzo
114 Greasy Cheesy Buddy 225,350 +Ɋ910 Yogurt Bread
115 Yogurt Pro 227,950 +Ɋ920 Blue Cheese
116 Blue Champ 230,550 +Ɋ930 Kacie, Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep, Cookie Sundae
117 Cookie Expert 233,150 +Ɋ940 Cream Puff
118 Cream Puff Specialist 235,750 +Ɋ950 Ice Cream Sundae
119 Ice Cream Server 238,350 +Ɋ960 Frozen Berries
120 Berry Pal 240,950 +Ɋ970 Milk
121 Milk Master 243,550 +Ɋ980 JK55556, FFCW Anniversary, Anniversary Cake, Shot Cup
122 Anniversary Hero 246,150 +Ɋ990 Staffed Bread
123 Staff Champion 248,750 +Ɋ1,000 Funfetti Smoothie
124 Funfetti Fan 251,350 +Ɋ1,010 Chicken Breast
125 Chicken Pro 253,950 +Ɋ1,020 Marble Bread
126 Better Than Mama! 256,150 +Ɋ1,030 Tiny Cup, Shot Cup
+127 Better Than Mama! +2600 Per Rank +Ɋ10 Per Rank -


Sticker Number Sticker Name Achievement Sticker Earned Sticker Image
1 Fall Harvest Reach Autumn Toastwood Turkeys
Reach Autumn.png
2 Winter Wonderland Reach Winter Strawbuzzy
Spring has Sprung.png
3 Spring Has Sprung Reach Spring A Daisy from Papa Louie 2
4 Summer Vacation Reach Summer SundaeSaurus
Reach winter.png
5 Rise and Shine Unlock all Maple Mornings Ingredients Pancakes
058 - Big Dipper.png
6 Trick or Treat Unlock all Halloween Ingredients Skull
7 Happy Birthday! Unlock all Jyappeul's Birthday Ingredients Dill Worm
Dill Worm.png
8 Holiday Breakfast Unlock all Christmas Ingredients Tree Cookie
9 Happy New Year! Unlock all New Year Ingredients The Logo of New Year
Happy new year.png
10 Be My Valentine Unlock all Valentine's Day Ingredients Heart
006 - Playing Cupid.png
11 Go Green Unlock all St. Paddy's Day Ingredients Shamrock
007 - Go Green.png
12 Easter Basket Unlock all Easter Ingredients Easter Egg
008 - Easter Basket.png
13 Blossom Breakfast Unlock all Cherry Blossom Festival Ingredients Cherry Blossom
009 - Springtime Pies.png
14 Summer Fun Unlock all Summer Luau Ingredients Bucket of Sand
010 - Summer Fun.png
15 Patriotic Unlock all Starlight Jubilee Ingredients Candy Rocket
011 - Patriotic.png
16 Cosmic Morning Unlock all Space Carnival Ingredients Awesome Saucer
17 Morning Jam Unlock all Grōōvstock Ingredients Music Note
18 Cheers! Unlock all Oktoberfest Ingredients Root Beer Float
Root Beer Float Slider.png
19 Crumble Unity Unlock all Cake Day Ingredients A Slice of Cherry Pie
Slice of Pie.png
20 Cold-Beach Picnic Unlock all Bílcig Neumanč Ingredients Coolada
Pina Coolada.png
21 Infusion Unlock all Tea Month Ingredients Leaf
22 Masquerade Unlock all Mardi Gras Ingredients Fleur-De-Lis
Mardi Gras logo-0.png
23 Colorful Breakfast Unlock all Holi Ingredients Holi Powder
Holi Powder.png
24 From Head To Toes Unlock all Earth Day Ingredients Honeydoo
25 OnionFest Flavors Unlock all OnionFest Ingredients Sarge
26 Cheesy Morning Unlock all Cheese Breeze Ingredients Cheddar Mack
27 Scoop It All Up Unlock all Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep Ingredients Jil Berry
Jill Berry.png
28 Happy Anniversary! Unlock all FFCW Anniversary Ingredients The Logo of Flipline Studios
Flipline tsudios.png
29 Make 'Em Wait Serve the first customer last Tastyville Tomatoes
Tastyville Tomatoes.png
30 Snappy Breakfast Have Müll's order ready when she arrives and serve immediately Checkpoint in Papa Louie Platformer Games
31 Molecular Culinary Have Alex's order ready when he arrives and serve immediately Grilled Cheese Sandwhich
Grilled cheese Sandwich.png
32 Bronze Beginning Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards Pizza Slice
Pizza Slice.png
33 Repeat Customers Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards Maple Mountain Flapjacks
Maple Mountain Flapjacks.png
34 Silver Medal Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards Burger Slider
Burger Slider.png
35 Restaurant Regulars Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards Buffalo Wing
Buffalo Wing.png
36 Order Expert Get a 100% Waiting Score on 20 orders Pretzel
37 Cooking Specialist Get a 100% Cooking Score on 20 orders Cupcake
38 Build Master Get a 100% Build Score on 20 orders Dill Wheel
Dill wheel.png
39 Drink Wizard Get a 100% Drink Score on 20 orders Peachbuzzy
40 Perfect! Get a Perfect Score on 30 orders Burgerzilla
41 Golden Breakfast Get 5 Golden Stars from Hans the Police Officer Warp Key
Warp Key.png
42 Breakfasteria Salary Receive your wages on four Pay Days Coin
43 Raising Budgets Don't spend any money in the Shop for 7 days Disco Plum
Disco Plum.png
44 Flipping Shopping Buy 50 items from the Shop Party Subs
Party Subs.png
45 Advertisements Buy 8 Posters from the Shop Burgerburgh Sizzlers
Burgerburgh Sizzlers.png
46 Interior Decorator Buy 8 Furniture items from the Shop Blue Barry
Blue Barry.png
47 Updated Wardrobe Buy 8 Clothing items from the Shop Brown Onion
Brown Onion.png
48 A New Coat of Paint Buy any 4 Flooring or Wallpaper from the Shop French Toast
HD French Toast.png
49 Ultimate Upgrader Buy all the Upgrades from the Shop Wildberry Derps
Wildberry derps.png
50 Brand New Threads Change your worker's shirt, pants, jacket, and shoes Spaghetti
51 A Friend of Kingsburg Serve all of the members of the Kingsburg Family Blondie Bop
Blondie Bop.png
52 The Gang's All Here Serve all of the customers! Papa Louie
Papa Louie.png
53 Costumed Closers Serve all of the Costumed Closers during Halloween Radley Madish
Radley madish.png
54 Costumed Customers Serve all of the Costumed Customers during Halloween Maracas
55 Daily Game Show Contestand Earn a Prize in each of the Mini Games Game Ticket
Game Ticket.png
56 Daily Grand Prize Winner Earn 5 Prizes or more in each of the Mini Games Mangoby
57 Rare Reward Win a Rare Bonus Prize in a Mini Game by earning a Star Medal Banana Slice
58 Recipe Collection Earn 15 Special Recipes from customers Sundae
59 The Completed Cookbook Earn All 40 Special Breakfasts from customers Pepperjack
60 Successful Specials Earn 3 Special Stars when serving Today's Special Anchovy
61 Super Special Recipe Master a Special Recipe by earning 5 Special Stars Cheesecake Wheel
Cheesecake Wheel.png
62 Supreme Special Recipes Master 10 Special Recipes by earning 5 Stars on each Lettuce Lark
Lettuce Lark.png
63 Ultra Cookbook of Special Recipes Master 20 Special Recipes by reaching 5 Stars on each Maple Gravy
64 Main Master Unlocked all of the Standard Mains Hot Dog
Hot Dog Sticker.png
65 Salad Expert Unlock all of the Standard Salads Papa's Mustache
Papa's Moustache.png
66 Bread Professional Unlock all of the Standard Breads 2 Spatulas
2 Spatulas.png
67 Side Specialist Unlock all of the Standard Sides Chip McMint
Chip McMint.png
68 Drink Wizard Unlock all of the Standard Drinks Fizzo
69 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Army Onion
Army Onion.png
70 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Chilifeather
71 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Radish
72 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Planet
73 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Tomato
74 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Tacodale Hardshells
Tacodale Hardshells.png
75 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Luau LePunch
Luau LePunch-0.png
76 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Rocky Road
Rocky Road.png
77 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Habandito
78 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? S. S. Louie
S.S Louie.png
79 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Spelled Bread
Sourdough Bread.png
80 TBA Serve a ??? to ??? Nutty Butter
Nutty Butter.png
81 Alice in Wonderland Switch Alice's side with Passionfruit Taco
82 ??? Change Conny's ??? with ??? Cordial Bomb
Cordial Bomb.png
83 ??? Change Craig's ??? with ??? Tastyville Tomatoes
Tastyville Tomatoes.png
84 ??? Change Natalie's ??? with ??? Banana Pants
Banana Pants.png
85 ??? Change Azulai's ??? with ??? Powseeker
86 Spooktacular Serve 20 customers during Halloween wearing any Halloween clothing Buffalo Wing
Buffalo Wing.png
87 Holiday Costume Serve 100 customers while wearing clothing that matches the season Portallini Gondoliers
Portallini Gondoliers.png
88 Santa's Best Helper Serve 20 customers during Christmas wearing a Christmas Hat and Fur Parka Starlight City Buffalos
Starlight City Buffaloes.png
89 Playing Cupid Serve Cupid while wearing the same shirt, pants, and shoes as him Burger
90 Holiday Outfits Wear a shirt, belt, jacket, and hat to match the current holiday Bacobites
91 Color Coordinated Dress your chef and server in the exact same outfit but with different colors Donut
030 - Month's Pay.png
92 Bubble-Gum-Bonanza Have 10 different kinds of bubble gum in the lobby at once Oniontown Crushers
Oniontown crushrs.png
93 Dance Party! Use lots of musical furniture so 3 or more customers are dancing in the lobby Garlic
94 Get The Tables! Fill your lobby with 12 large tables A Cooked Patty
95 Cookie Clickin' Strike out in Too Many Presents! by clicking 3 different cookies Frostfield Batters
079 - Color Coordinated.png
96 Coupon Clipper Send 10 Customer Coupons to your customers Blue Shroom
97 Fire Drill Leave 9 mains in the cooking tools at the end of the day Piña Coolada
Pina Coolada.png
98 Wasteful Workers Throw away 10 raw mains in one day Calypso Island Coconuts
Calypso island coconuts.png
99 Breakfast Sharing When dining in, replace the breakfast's side with their friend's bread Whiskview Black Birds
Whiskview Black Birds.png
100 Drink Swap When dining in, replace the drink and cup size with their friend's favorite drink and cup size Sakura Bay Samurais
Sakura bay Samurais.png


The holiday after the name indicates the favorite holiday


*Bold indicates a customer is a closer


Bold indicates a local


Bold indicates a new holiday

Standard Ingredients






  • Water (Start) (Waterspouse)
  • Orange Juice (Start) (OJ First)
  • Fizzo (Unlocked on Rank 2) (Fizzy Breakfast)
  • Diet Fizzo (Unlocked on Rank 14) (Diet Soda)
  • Hot Chocolate (Unlocked on Rank 24) (Warmness in a Mug)
  • Dr. Cherry (Unlocked on Rank 35) (The Doctor Is In)
  • Lichee Vera (Unlocked on Rank 49) (Alot O' Vera)
  • Soda Water (Unlocked on Rank 59) (Sparklin' Droplets)
  • Ginger Haze (Unlocked on Rank 70) (Spicy Smog)
  • Fruit Shake (Unlocked on Rank 84) (Fruity Fun)
  • Tangerine Pop (Unlocked on Rank 95) (Tangeriffic Tanger)
  • Purple Burple (Unlocked on Rank 109) (Get The Burp)
  • Milk (Unlocked on Rank 120) (The Milky Way)

Cup Sizes

  • Shot Cup (Unlocked on Rank 121 with JK55556) (Take a Shot)
  • Tiny Cup (Unlocked on Rank 126) (Tiny Tot)
  • Small Cup (Unlocked from the Start) (Smaller, Smaller!)
  • Medium Cup (Unlocked from the Start) (In Between)
  • Large Cup (Unlocked from the Start) (Big Bang)
  • Jumbo Cup (Unlocked on Rank 126) (Colossal Container)
  • Mega Cup (Unlocked on Rank 126) (Mega Bite)

Holiday Ingredients

Holiday Ingredients Photo
Maple Mornings Logo.png
Halloween Logo.png
Jyappeul's Birthday SE.png
Christmas logo.png
New year logo.png
Valentinesday logo.png
St. Paddy's Day PP.png
Easter PP.png
Cherry Blossom Fest Logo.png
Summer Luau Logo.png
Starlight Jubilee Logo.png
Bílcig Neumanč.png
Mardi Gras Logo.PNG.png
Holi Logo.png
Onionfest logo.png
Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep.png
FFCW Anniversary Logo.png

Cooking Methods

Cooking Methods are the ways to cook the mains, using a tool in the cooking station. Most of them have tasks to do while cooking.


Unlocked from Start with Omelet and Pancakes. Mains are Fried with a Pan with Oil.

Used in:



Unlocked on Rank 6 with Cinnamon Roll. Mains are Baked with a Brick Oven.

Used in:



Unlocked on Rank 9 with Waffle. Mains are Ironed with a Waffle Iron.

Used in:




Unlocked on Rank 26 with Mac N' Cheese. Mains are Boiled with a Pot with Water.

Used in:


  • Adding Table Salt: All
  • Mixing: All


Unlocked on Rank 46 with Narutomaki. It uses two ingredients (Rice and Salmon). Mains are Processed with Food Processors.

Used in:


  • Mat Rolling: All


Unlocked on Rank 51 with Smoked Oysters. Mains are Smoked with a Smoker with Charcoal.

Used in:


Both tasks are using a knife.


  • All of the sides besides butter are dips.
  • The holiday ingredients have a pattern each holiday:
    • Main (Rank 1)
    • Salad (Day 2)
    • Bread (Rank 2)
    • Side (Day 4)
    • Drink (Rank 3)
    • Side (Day 6)
  • The game features both stickers and badges from serving specific items.
  • As the game doesn't contain Neptune's Feast, Triton will only appear after giving him a Coupon from Rank 52 onwards, when he is "Unlocked".
  • The game uses the national currency of Sunnyland, "Sooni/Sûni" "Ɋ", and the Soonic "Dah" numerals, "Ɒ" and "Ɑ".
  • The last Grōōvstock song, Papa Louie Musikal, also appears in Flipline Dance World 2019 under the name "Papa Louie Musical".
  • This game was the first gameria by Jyappeul to have more than 2 new holidays.
  • This is the second longest gameria on the wiki, the first one being Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Refined.
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