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Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year Logo.png
Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Christmas (All except Cheeseria DKE, Crêperia and Cheeseria SE)
New Year (Cheeseria DKE)
Oshogatsu (Crêperia)
Saint Nicholas Day (Cheeseria SE)
Mardi Gras (All except Freezeria DELUXE, Crêperia, Buneria and Potageria)
Valentine's Day (Freezeria DELUXE)
Holi (Crêperia)
Groundhog Day (Buneria)
Pizza Day (Potageria)
Unlocked With
Kaitekai (Freezeria DELUXE, Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
Charlhone (Nachoria HD/To Go!, Wingeria V.I.P.)
Liezel (Buneria)
C.J. Friskins (Cheeseria DKE, Potageria and Cheeseria SE)
Chis (Crêperia)

Lunar New Year is a holiday celebrated in some gamerias. The following characters make their first appearance:

Customers who favour this holiday

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe Refined

Papa's Crêperia


Papa's Freezeria DELUXE

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe Refined

Papa's Cheeseria DKE

  • Rushan Cheese (Unlocked with C.J. Friskins at Rank 51)
  • Giant Shrimps (Unlocked with C.J. Friskins at Rank 51)
  • Rice (Unlocked at Day 2 of Lunar New Year)
  • Noodle Bread (Unlocked with ? at Rank 52)
  • Pomelo Slices (Unlocked at Day 4 of Lunar New Year)
  • XO Sauce (Unlocked with ? at Rank 53)

Papa's Crêperia


Holiday Pictures


  • Lunar New Year was present on the wiki before Flipline Studios officially announced its inclusion in Papa's Pastaria To Go! on 22 June 2020. It first appeared in Papa's Freezeria DELUXE back in July 2017.